Nora is an android created with the intention to protect humans and all living things on Earth. After the death of her creator, Nora was able to open her eyes for the first time inside some crystal tube with her creator's body lying outside of the tube. Once she punched her way out of it she received her creator's last message about her purpose to protect humans and all living creatures and how her image was based on the creator deceased daughter. 

After escaping from the facility Nora found herself lost in the human world. She began to explore learning about human emotions which seemed strange for her and hard to comprehend for her. She about nobility and the desire to help others but at the same time, she learned about rage and fear. With each passing day, Nora continued to learn from a viewers perspective even when she knew what the words of the emotions meant. She didn't really know what they were until one day. She saw some old lady being attacked and she stopped the attackers not because she wanted to be a heroine or because it was the right thing to do just because she was curious. In the end, the old woman still thankful decided to take her home and give her a place to stay. After a few couple of weeks, Nora began to help Sara (the old lady ) with the small jobs around the house. 

Later on, Nora found herself watching a movie with Sara. About this man who dressed in the middle of the night to fight evil and stop crime happening on the streets to protect others. Seeing that Nora decided to try it and Sara aware of her capabilities decided to help Nora with her crusade to save lives. 

To be continued...

single// age: one year // high 5'6// sexuality she doesn't know 


Fast learner: Nora doesn't need to look at something twice she can learn any physical movement just by looking at it also she can learn other tongues in an instant

Grid connection: Nora has the ability to connect herself to a computer and travel through the internet in some physical manner Once Nora is inside the internet the codes and circuits take the form of a huge ever growing city called the Grid. This also left her body to expose to the outside world. 

Super strength: Nora can lift up to 1000 pounds with each hand. 

Auto repair: Inside Nora's bloodstream there are nanobots that slowly repair her damage but it takes the same time that it takes a human to heal.

Resistance: Nora can resist over 1200 pounds of pressure 

Super speed: Nora can run up to 50 miles per hour. 



Nora uses two flying electromagnetic discs. Those two discs are made from a rare metal (just like Nora's bones ) they can resist the same pressure that she can and once she throws them they return back to her. if someone who is not compatible with them tries to grab them. They will auto electroshock that person or creature. They also can get through solid metal and concrete depending on the force that is thrown.





bad joker 






Nora's body is the closest replica of a female human's body. She can do all the same functions as a female human-like. walking, eating, showering swimming and even have sexual encounters. Even when her body is still that close to being a real woman she is still a replica it means that she still has differences. Her bones are made from some odd mental found in a meteorite.

Within her body, there are thousands of nanobots running through her blood's stream. Those nanobots are inch are of repairing any damage caused to her skin or her body. Thanks to those nanobots Nora's skin never gets old or damage in a permanent way neither her bones or organs. 

Both her organs and muscles are made with a special fabric similar to the human's body but this fabric is 10 times stronger giving her the abilities of super strength, Stamina, and speed. 


  • Even when Nora's body is that resistant, a gunshot at close range could penetrate her bones and skin.
  • Due to her metallic bones and some of her organs, Nora can easily be detained by a powerful magnet or if she keeps affected by the magnet for too long it could erase her memory completely. (Nora can still recover her memories back like someone suffering from amnesia )
  • EMP's is the most effective physical against Nora a small EMP could make her dizzy for a few seconds a stronger one could shut her down for a while "with the probability of poisoning her " and even stronger one could end her life completely. 
  • Nora's accessibility to the internet is one of her advantages it lets her track someone through several ways and she has access to almost any type of knowledge but also. that can bring her to her downfall due to the fact that the internet or Grid (how she calls it) it's full of malware's that are able to affect her programming or get hacked if she is not careful enough.



please don't god mod or control my character 

no one-liners at least give me a paragraph

18+ are allowed 



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  • (Up for a thread? =] )

  • (Where is she normally?  My guy is a human turned into a machine. A teenager who is in a gang or was. So thug gangbanger type. Bad boy up to no good. So  he can be on the streets somewhere or they meet someplace. Not sure where. )

  • (I go wild for Olivia. Care to write?)

  • (Lol. Well that is one way.  Begin a story with one and see something new that you want instead. 

    I gotta get the info all together but the two or three characters I will be making. One is a human with a computer chip in their Brain and augmented by the machine network.  That will be my third. 

    Many next two. One will be a dude who is a bank robber and cop killer. One with little regard to human life which ends up getting him targeted

    by the queen and turned into a machine. Someone she can let loose to kill and terrorize the humans whole she mobilized. The other will be a vampire that gets captured by the Machine Queen as part of her new program to robotozize supernatural beings. 

    She will become a vampire machine hybrid creature. One of the first of her kind. She may stay loyal to the queen or join the cyborg resistance. Unsure. Yet. 

  • (I will be making a few more characters but any one of my current three, You wish to write with?)

  • (Hope we may write together)

  • (Thank you for accepting. Love how Olivia Wilde looked in the new trim film)
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