Last look.

'I've lost count of the days it's been since I watched the family home burn, I can still hear the mumbling screams of my idiot brothers as they realised they were trapped below ground and about to face their death. I wonder how many times they saw my face, the face they betrayed, the face they knew was going to be responsible for their miserable death', she thought to herself. 

It had been several weeks since Freya had gone freaky on her family and finally took her revenge for the fucked up life they'd inflicted upon her. She blamed them heavily for her relationship with Negan falling apart, and not to mention the carnage after her kidnapping, her brother Justins torturous murder, and the walker attacks she'd somehow survived. When she planned their end, she'd enlisted the help of a two close allies, Kimmy, a dumb ass blond that Justin had dated, and a dealer that seemed to sniff more of his junk than he shifted. With life in society becoming increasingly more dangerous, this would be her final goodbye to her family and privileged life before she waved it goodbye and took her chances. She could go it alone, or take up the offer to leave town with the dealer and run with his pack. Given her previous experience with Mexican dealers it wasn't a pretty option, but utilising Kimmy as part of her deal, she could perhaps make it work. Kimmy still didn't know about Justin's death, and Freya knew all too well that the girl was secretly hoping Freya would arrange some kind of reunion. 'Poor little stripper', Freya raised an eyebrow, she literally has no clue. 

The day had been set, and Freya dressed in her best hunting attire, well if you were going to live in the apocalyse you must dress appropriately, the dealer had already taken a few of her cases and belongings before the torch was fired on her family. So she had what little luxury was left in her life, and with her weaponry strapped to her body, a lipstick in her pocket, she walked through the woods beyond the family estate to find Kimmy and the dealer and take the journey into the industrial district to meet her new landlord and his fine abode. 


It was a warm day and the air was dry, the ground was hard like it too was parched having not drunk in nearly 24 hours. Freya had been walking for hours, her feet ached, and she'd already passed several lone walkers. A few she'd passed with little trouble, but one had caught her by the arm and she'd had to put her boot through it's skull. She felt nothing killing these things, they weren't human in her mind, but it pissed her off that she had walker debris on her boots. She found their stench revolting, and in this heat, it lingered like bad aftershave. She curled her lip, wrinkling her nose as she wiped her boots on the ground attempting to rid them of any excess waste. According to Kimmy, the meeting place was just beyond these woods, the trees and already begun thinning, and when she spotted the blond in the distance, she raised an eyebrow. Damn, couldn't be calling her dumb blond anymore. In the few week's it had been since they last met, Kimmy's natural colour was coming through. "Guess I'll be calling you Red", she sniggered. Kimmy scowled, obviously not in love with her new look. Kimmy handed her an eye mask, she had to wear it because the dealer boss didn't know Freya or trust her with his location it seemed. That was the last look she got of home. 

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Another puzzle piece of Freya's life.

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