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In her late teens she has a couple of tattoo's - a little addicted to the pain, however each tattoo means something to her and can pinpointed to something pinnacle in her life and transformation from socialite rich kid to something she can't describe (well not just yet -spoilers).

Freya wears money well, and enjoys the finer things, lace, silk and leather. Expensive lingerie, good fabrics and classy yet sexy attire. She doesn't just dress for herself, she dresses for the attention it attracts her, and she manipulates this attention to her will. Often seen in black, grey, white or red. 



Character Personality

On the surface Freya is a rich kid socialite capable of burning through Daddie's money like cotton candy, however she has a deeper desire for success, passion and awareness that by acting dumb and flirting she can gain a lot more information than when she exposes her true manipulative intelligent nature. She craves attention but don't let that make you think she's immature, far from it, she can run rings round most her age. 

In the bedroom she's a little insatiable, always ready and always craving more, her fire is only just getting started, so we'll see how far the smoke will reach. If she doesn't want you to play with her, you'll soon get burnt. 

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Freya was the only female member of the prestigious 'Jenkinson' family, coming from old money, her father had ambitiously continued the family empire, and like any rich family, he didn't get his own hands dirty, he had people for that. Freya's family consisted of three older brothers, the youngest, pretty boy Eric, had his nose so far up his fathers ass that Freya barely had time to consider him a brother let alone develop any kind of meaningful relationship with him, he was harmless however, mostly because most of his brains were lacking and what was left was, well, more than a little brown thanks to it's position. The middle brother Kenneth, known as Kenny, well, he was a whole other story, he'd be dangerous if he had the brains his sister harvested, yet he was dangerously ambitious and viewed his siblings more as competition to the family money than anything he regarded as precious. Finally there was Justin, if it wasn't for Justin, and well, the fact Freya enjoyed nice things, shed' have fled the family years ago, but her brother Justin was her rock growing up. Their mother had died not long after Freya was born, so she'd never known a woman, and as such she preferred the company of men, they were far easier for her to understand. She had girlfriends, but many of them slipped through the net eventually, viewing them not as long friendships but people to pass time with. 



Sometime in the be explained...






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Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Action, Adventure

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Okay here's my rules....

I only write in PM's - sorry not sorry. My wall can be used for chit chat, poking and whatever else but any story will be written in PM's. 

My character is alive and mine to decide her fate, so no godmodding, and death ain't an option. 

Freya lives within the 'Walking Dead Universe', her pre walker world is pretty solid, and she has mate so she's off limits unless you want to pick a fight with the big man. contribute to the story and not be carried, you're on a writing site so use your imagination too. 


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  • "Riptor is my name. I have been toying with a few others. So tell me. What brings you around to these parts? Now that I have fed. I am not so hungry. If you look delicious. If I said I wanted to Eat you. In which manner do you think I might mean. The unnfun way which has you ending up like that poor fellow, screaming in terror. Orrrrr the fun way. Which has you stay alive and screaming in blissful pleasure. Hmmmm 50/50 on that one. Not sure if there is a third variant of the eating. "

    She said as she licked her lips and began to slowly walk around the girl. Leaning in to sniff her and at one moment. She stuck her tongue out to lick the side of Freya's cheek. Just to see her reaction. 



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    "Well hello there. Who comes sniffing around my father's compound? "

    Said one of the Degans. Demonic Negans. As all three of the  triplets was there. A bit of a rare site since Damien usually was off doing his own thing leaving his twin sisters to be attached at the hip. 

    (So if she is going to be around Negan. Blaire is definetly going to want to meet her)

  • If she was in human form. She would raise at eyebrow at the two legger who appeared with another one in tow. She looked at the man and let out a screech before a burst of flame escaped her mouth and set the man on fire. She watched as he flails around and screams from the pain with a sadistic look in her eyes. 

    She then whips him with her tail to throw him on the ground and ends his misery with a sickle claw to the back of the throat. She then proceeded to eat the body until she had her fill. Then she looks to the woman while licking the blood of her muzzle. Ice would begin to cover her form until her body was invaded in it. The ice would later crack and explode. Leaving a young woman with ice blue skin, piercing snow blue eyes, and Snow White hair.  A beauty in her own right.  Her outfit was a perfect mimicry of what the other woman was wearing. 

    "How would you know my human disguise was aesthivslly pleasing? Did my master describe it to you? He always did try to flirt with me in that form, in the beginning. Was a bitz... odd. But then. So is most human behavior. Like your long winded courtship mating rituals. Very inefficient for breeding. Who are you?"


    (thank you. I worked hard on it. Lots of update. Tried to find cute music videos to fit. The right pictures and made blog and links to cute info on how to deal with your own Riptor unit. Rather proud of that. )

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