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 - Character #1 -

Nathaniel Ralphin | 22 | Male

Grimoire, the Elven Hero

“Your kneecaps are revoked. Give it."




General Biography


Origin Story: On an academic field trip to Incan ruins, he found an ancient tome that he stole for himself. After reading its contents, his mind was sent to a mystical world of elves and fairies. There, an elder-looking elf spoke with him. The elf asked, “are you our champion?” Despite his confusion, Nathan looked resolute at the elf. Nathan was determined to go on a perilous journey in a fantasy world, abandoning his boring life. However, Nathan was simply sent back to his own world without another word. Seeing the book again, only a single page could be found between the covers--an illustration of him holding the book, though it portrayed him as a dark elf with black markings and scarlet eyes. Then, he noticed that he looks exactly the same as on the page. Another page sprouted from behind the illustration. He read it, which detailed the events in-depth ever since Nathan began reading the book. Words sprung to life as events played out in his mind. Several more pages grew, explaining further context about where he was and what his responsibilities are. On the last page of the preface was only a single line, “you are our final hope.” Since then–several spell and event-filled chapters later–Nathan took on the name Grimoire, the Elven Hero. Most people, even those he helps, consider him as one of the most boring heroes to ever encounter.

Familial History: Nathan was a typical, mediocre child in a suburban family of six. His sheltered life and erratic siblings kept him from standing out as anything other than just another child in the overpopulated world. The life views he developed since his early childhood were reflected by his reluctance and passive pessimism. His father was a philanthropist until he had a third child, which transformed this almost-millionaire into a drunkard working as a mall cop. His mother was and still is an actuary, specializing in health insurance. Nathan is the youngest out of his siblings–two brothers and one sister. Neither parent were actually good caretakers, so each sibling ended up taking care of each other. As mildly abusive as the father may be, and as neglectful as the mother may be, the family is still in relatively stable condition for the typical American. Throughout his teenage years up to his early adulthood, he managed to remain as a basic and academically-generalized introvert. His only real strength was shown in connecting and memorizing events, which led to his eventual path as an anthropologist.

Current Situation: Nathan is currently in his last semester of college towards a bachelor’s degree in anthropology. Simultaneously, he is indefinitely tasked by the deep elves of a high-fantasy world to serve as a bridge between Earth and their colony. Complex events unfold while Nathan is only given little context at a time through an ancient tome he discovered, functioning as his guide and grimoire. Pages seem to grow from the inner bindings, automatically recording his experiences and feeding him more knowledge. Regardless of the other world’s intentions, Nathan tries to see it as a mutual benefit in order to act as a positive force for the people in his area. Aside from his academic and supernatural life, he lives a pretty lonely and uneventful life with the remainder of his local family.




Idiot Incarnate: Nathan is an underperforming college student with minimal achievements and scarce social skills. He’s in his last semester, many people expect him to fail one way or another. He has no particular disability or psychological inhibitor, yet continues to live on as a passive inconvenience to others.

The Hero No One Wants: No matter how dire a situation he may avert, there’s always something he says or does that makes someone regret being saved by him. People are fully expecting him to become a supervillain, but also anticipates his complete failure if he does become one.

The Worst Elf: His magic powers are fairly impractical, including his passive enhancements during his elf form. He has increased athleticism, which is completely undermined by his ungraceful movements. He has outstanding patience and sight, which seems to be countered by his lack of focus or focus on the wrong thing. He has diverse magic spells he can cast, all which requires too much time and energy for him to cast.




Appearance: In his human form, he’s a copy/paste of every other lanky white guy out there. Brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin, typically messy, blue jeans, monochromatic plaid shirts, basic sneakers, etc. No facial hair. In his elf form, he gets longer ears, black symmetrical markings along his face and body, and white hair. Either way, he’s not appealing.




Power Biography


Power Origin: All of his powers are channeled through the grimoire, originating from the world it’s from. He cannot use any powers in his human form, and can only sustain his elf form for at least an hour before needing to rest for a long while. Since he can’t memorize most of the spells in his grimoire, he needs to actively read from it every time he wants to use a spell. Otherwise, he can opt to use his passive supernatural strength.

Favored Spell: His most common spell is creating a simple barrier. It’s translucent and about as strong as a wall made of dead babies. It takes about three seconds to say the foreign incantation while taking a lot of energy just to produce one, but it can save lives.

Limits: Any duration-based powers may last up to a couple minutes, if not negated or interrupted at any point.




Power List



Amplify: Becomes able to lift 1 more pound.

Athleticism (Passive): Permanently enhanced physical ability. Strength, durability, flexibility, etc. Currently 3x better than his human form.

Barrier: Creates a human-sized, translucent barrier.

Blind: Make one target and himself unable to see anything.

Cure: Heals minor wounds and bruises. But causes headaches with a chance of a sudden fever.

Cure Blindness: Cure non-natural blindness, but induce fatigue.

Deafen: Make one target and himself unable to hear anything.

Delay: Slow one target by 1 mph. Must be visible.


Fatten: Temporarily gain 1 pound.

Freeze: Lower the temperature of one target by about 1 degree.

Genderbend: Become another gender, but retain the same outward appearance.

Heat: Raise the temperature of one target by about 1 degree.

Invisibility: Can turn invisible if no one is looking. Will turn visible again if someone looks in his direction.

Lighten: Temporarily lose 1 pound.


Repulse: Creates a wave of energy for pushing away targets in the path.

Paralysis Heal: Prevent paralysis, but gain temporary blindness.

Perception (Passive and Active): Permanently enhanced visual and auditory ability. Night vision, heat vision, sonar vision (sees sound waves), magnified vision, and spirit vision (sees spirits or energy-based entities). Improved hearing. Can selectively switch between or overlap vision types. 3x better sight and hearing than his human form.

Pet: Make a single animal friendlier toward Nathan, as long as it’s not currently hostile.

Quicken: Make one target faster by 1 mph.


Transform to Bat: Become a bat.

Transform To Rat: Become a rat.

Transform To Object: Turn into a basic, sedimentary object. Usually a ball pen or bandage.

Vines: Creates and controls up to three thin vines.

Zoom: Can run up to mach 2 speeds, but his legs are paralyzed during this activation.

ETC: There are more spells available, most of which are impractical or difficult to pronounce.




Social Biography


Heterosexual | Single


Romantic Life: He has absolutely no romantic intent.

Social Life: He has no talent for making friends or having casual conversations. His vocabulary doesn’t seem to go beyond two syllables or fourth grade expectations.

Academic Life: The best final grade he’s ever received was a B-, which happened to be on his strongest subject. A few times, he only passed courses out of sheer luck or odd situations, such as a retiring professor letting everyone pass no matter how terrible they did.






Alexander Ralphin | 51 | Male

Has-been Father

"If you have time to cry, you have time to do something about it."


Summary: A deadbeat dad who fell from success as he became overwhelmed by family matters. He originally advocated giving each child opportunities at going above and beyond, which caused his implosion as a philanthropist. His job at the time was to speak on a segment on one of the region’s most popular radio stations until his first public incident got featured on local news, where he hit one of his children in front of a bar. While the journalist who wrote the story was fabricating a lot of the details, there was still evidence of Nathan’s oldest brother getting slapped hard. Currently, he is employed as a bitter mall cop.


Hailey Ralphin | 48 | Female

Mildly Neglectful Mother

"Even chaos is calculable."


Description: An overconfident mother who takes pride in the accomplishments of her children, especially when she had nothing to do with it. Most of her time is spent focusing on her job as an actuary–essentially an insurance adjuster with extra steps. She’s a kind and compassionate person as long as she isn’t inconvenienced, so most of the family opts to leave her alone.


Oliver Ralphin | 29 | Male

Gambler Brother

"Opportunities are always out there. I don’t need to take every single one."


Description: Possibly one of the most responsible gambling addicts out there. He invests a lot of time and money in stocks, putting 10% of his earnings toward his gambling funds. Since he considers gambling as his main source of entertainment, he tends to merge his overall entertainment budget with his gambling reserve. While organized, he manages to fluctuate between gains and losses to wild degrees. As a backup, he works as a manager for a local supermarket to ensure he won’t be entirely helpless if he loses too much money.


Damian Ralphin | 27 | Male

Gamer Brother

"Tune in for my nightly Twitch stream! Please and thank y’all."


Description: Unlike the oldest brother, Damian has zero sense of self-preservation. He lives with his parents as a Twitch streamer, barely making enough money for food. Even when pressured to try to get a job, his go-to response will always be something about not being able to spend time with Mimi-Chan–a random online woman he’s been talking with for over six years. The response makes his father cringe and walk away. His mother would always say “not it,” as though hoping his father will straighten him out. The cycle continues to this day.


Ivy Ralphin | 24 | Male

Last Hope Sister

"I’m going to live my own life. Not mom’s life. Not society’s life."


Description: Since both parents already lost hope on Nathan by the time he was in third grade, all hope of being an ordinary productive citizen went on Ivy. In a practical sense, she ended up fulfilling the parents’ desire by becoming an accountant for a major law firm. She got her Master’s degree at age 23 and is currently earning almost as much money as her mother. The family doesn’t know too much about her current whereabouts aside from this, but Damian suspects she’s in a poly relationship with a female nurse and male photographer after stalking her social media pages.


Edwin Larker | 36 | Male

Nathan’s Favorite Professor

"I don’t teach lessons. I teach perspectives."


Description: Professor Larker is Nathan’s favorite instructor, while Nathan is his least favorite student out of the current roster. Regardless, the professor is fair and stern, providing exceptional feedback to Nathan’s weakly supported assignments beyond objective standards. If no one else, Nathan would consider this professor to be his only friend, which only extends as far as the classroom door.




Tome of the Deep Elves


Simplified Summary of the Preface


The world of Faelfen (Fay-fihn) is a supernatural world from a different reality than Earth. The many tribes between elves and fairies run rampant as they constantly try to spread their own power. The first major war was known as the Fae Skirmish, which ended as a stalemate between those who survived. A couple tribes perished entirely, though inconsequential to the progression of events. One of the results of this war led to the suspicion against dark elves, who were thought to be practicing banished magic arts. In the most recent war, known as Great Fae Cataclysm, many of the major rulers faced their end. The dark elves have been banished from the surface, along with several of the fairy species for false claims of unleashing a ferocious demon. As a desperate choice, the now-called Deep Elves used a ritual to transport a magical book to another world, which would transport the mind of the first person who reads it to this world. Nathaniel was the first person to ever find and read this book within the past 30 years. Unfortunately, the powers received from the book would be considerably weak. However, the powers are supposed to strengthen and expand over time, in order to have Nathan prepare for a war in Faelfen without the enemy tribes knowing about his existence.

All the chapters after the preface describe various powers, events, and characters of interest. Even if Nathan were to do absolutely nothing, he would still be transported to Faelfen as the Deep Elves intended. It’s up to Nathan if he wants to survive there, or be met with a gruesome death. Either way, it’s an ultimate gamble.


Simplified Summary of Chapter 1-4


The first few chapters detail simple defensive spells that young elves are expected to master within a single year. Because the power is being funneled through the tome through dimensions, the powers are greatly weakened and impractical. Also, his transformative elf form grants him limited, temporary reserves of energy to cast spells. At best, an hour can be sustained. Realistically, 20 minutes is to be expected. Powers cannot be used in his human form. High risk, low reward. 

Some racial background is provided about some of the Deep Elves and Deep Fairies.

Deep Elves became the umbrella term for all elves who were banished below the surface. Dark elves are the majority, while blood elves and mist elves make up the rest. Elves are typically the height of an adult human, perhaps taller.

Deep Fairies are similarly an umbrella term for all fairy species who were banished. Abyss fairies are the majority, while lunar fairies, blood fairies, and draconic fairies make up the rest. Fairies are typically the height of an infant human, though special fairies may vary dramatically in size.


Simplified Summary of Chapter 5-8


These next few chapters detail simple support spells, which typically deals with some sort of augmentation, disruption, or transformation.

There are some details regarding a sage named Isthul Kaltali, where he’s renowned as the Father of Magic. Though the origins of magic in their world is unknown, Isthul was one of the first philosophers to create thousands of spells. Few of the spells he created became illegal, purely because of the malicious effects it could have on the entire world.


Simplified Summary of Chapter 9-?


Chapter 9 is currently incomplete. So far, the spells have to do with the manipulation of the environment. 

Just like all the other chapters, the incantations are lengthy and takes a lot of energy to accomplish very little, if anything at all.

Isthul is mentioned once, but the entry begins to talk about his daughter, Cana Kaltali. She was known as the Herbalist Mother, who managed to find many inventive uses for the plants of their world. The chapter stops mid-sentence in her entry.






Character #2

Algoh Ulkar Rhymzky | 479 | Ambiguous Gender

The Tentacled Demon of the Deep

“Your body… it shall suffice."




General Biography


Origin Story: A man named Pilgrim Hathaway once strolled across a cobblestone path, thinking nothing of the darkening weather looming above. Sparkles of rain slithered down in meager curves, splashing faintly onto the lavish fields of corn. Upon reaching near an old barn, the man heard ungodly screeching, as though a banshee were crying out. Pilgrim investigated closely, but not cautious enough. His gaze met a group of robed cultists with strange symbols on their back. Within the center of the barn was a spell circle which emanate a harsh, white light. Crests of water seemed to grow from the dusty sand, concealed within the circle. The man turned away, protesting the violent grips of those in the strange robes, but was inevitably thrown into the mystical ring of glowing light. The next thing he knew, he set down the same people onto the ground. Their faces seemed like they were drowned. Their bodies twisted, as though fighting the grip of a giant. His own arms multiplied into wavy tentacles–white, lustrous. Never again would he be known as a human, no matter how well he could still speak. For the next few centuries, he’d live with the demon who invaded his body during that fateful night. Two inhabitants of the same body and of the same, corrupted mind.




Terror of the Seas: He makes his home on land and in sea, never setting in a single place for too long. Because of this, he’s become the bane of many sailors and land dwellers. None have successfully fended him off, though many have tried.

Longing for Normalcy: Despite the demon fused with the man’s soul, there is still a sense of longing to become mortal again. This subtle desire is often overshadowed by the wicked drive to cause chaos and disorder. No need for sleeping, eating, or drinking as a temporal immortal.

Tentacles Galore: Algoh has upwards 24 tentacles, though he can temporarily create more for nearly a full day. If any tentacles are lost, they simply regenerate within seconds.




Appearance: He looks like a humanoid squid with a lanky body, scaly skin, beady eyes, and many tentacles in place of arms or legs. He wears a robe similar to those who made him this way, though the symbols and design are different. Rather than a symbol which represented demons, this symbol ironically symbolizes peace and repentance. Approximately 8 feet tall with tentacles that can extend up to 30 feet. 4 foot upper body, 4 foot tentacles.




Power Biography


Power Origin: The source of his permanent transformation is due to a ritual that fused him with a demon. Originally, one of the cultists was originally supposed to be the sacrificial human, but was swallowed by the demon before Pilgrim saw what was happening. As the second attempt, right after the demon already consumed someone, the ritual worked as intended. However, the cultists assumed they would be able to control the demon through the use of an artifact which was destroyed in the process. Now, the world has to deal with an immortal demon who lurks on land and sea.

Favored Power: The most common power is simply the use of his tentacles, though there are demonic spells that can be used. His tentacles are fast, strong, sturdy, flexible, and have fast regenerative abilities. Furthermore, Algoh can multiply the amount of tentacles he has by three times for nearly a day. Each tentacle is naturally 4 feet long, but can extend up to 30 feet. The tentacles have great grip, so he can easily traverse most dry and wet surfaces.

Limits: As for the demonic magic, he has a renewable supply of dark energy by feeding off of souls. This often means eating humans, or at least absorbing their essence. The regenerative abilities and immortality do not need this same source of energy.




Power List


Black Mist: Can create thick fog that can induce temporary blindness and physical fatigue.

Dark Beam: Fires a dark, laser-like projectile up to 200 feet with tremendous force. Can combust on impact.

Dark Surge: Creates a pulsing field of dark energy that pushes and weakens anything in its 50 foot range.

Devour: He can either eat humans or feed off their souls through the pores of his tentacles.

Extreme Speed: Can swim up to mach 5. Can run (tentacles can fling him to function as running) up to mach 2. When self-powered with dark energy, each speed can triple.

Summon Squidlings: Can summon up to ten, 2-foot versions of himself that can extend their tentacles up to 10 feet. They’re often used to keep targets restrained or distracted.

Whirlpool: When beneath water, he can cause unnatural whirlpools to consume unassuming victims.




Social Biography


Pansexual | (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)


Despite the obviously abnormal circumstances, Algoh can still be polite and sociable in selective situations. He doesn’t consider anyone to be a real threat, so he’s fairly casual and passive when he chooses.


Circa 2012: Algoh is shown a “meme” by a young teen. His insight grew since then.




Character #3

Felix Luvalia


Completely rewritten to be based on Felix Hugo Fraldarius from Fire Emblem Three Houses; not written as a direct clone but may have common traits.


Premodern ambiguous fantasy setting intended. 


Felix Luvalia | Male | 26

Hegemon of the Ashen Sigil

“You're a waste of time. Don't even challenge me."




Relentless Duelist: He has an inflexible combat and survivalist mentality at every moment. His only moments of relaxation are for resting before training or missions. Even then, he's often doing something to improve any sort of relevant skill.

First Son of a Nameless Noble: His nobility is undoubted, though no one knows his father's true name. His father goes by the nickname, "The Iron Guardian." The father is reputable as a hero across three major wars, although the mother is the opposite. The mother, Carlet Luvalia, was branded as a war criminal months after Felix was born.

Mystical Swordsman: Felix is proficient with the use of bladed weapons and destructive magic. His natural gift to channel his own mana into any of his armaments--magically enhancing his weapons and other equipment--allows him to overwhelm most adversaries with significantly reduced effort. Coupled with trained skill and various offensive spells, he's one of the strongest mortal warriors.




Appearance: His outfit and gear can change significantly based on his tasks. Raven black hair and eyes, sandy beige skin, messy manbun/braided hairstyle.




Power Biography



This portion will be adjusted and clarified later on. This is more for personal notes and organization for now.


 The supernatural powers and unordinary abilities are similar to the feats and spells of FE3H, assuming several classes. Mainly Myrmidon, Thief, Swordmaster, Trickster, and Mortal Savant. The main obvious difference is, instead of stats, chances, and "instant death" type abilities, they're modified into fair abilities of a similar theme.


The powers are able to be used because of a magic sigil on his body. He still needs mana to use them. He still needs to practice using magic to use them deliberately and effectively.


FE-Inspired Abilities

Assassin's Facade: Can hide malicious intentions more easily; can deceive others more easily.

Lethal Sight: Can identify and aim for weak spots more easily.

Lockpicker: Can open most non-magic locks.

Lucky Aura: Can influence minor circumstances to lean toward his favor.

Steal: Can seamlessly pickpocket unaware targets much more easily.


FE-Inspired Spells

Lifesteal: Can immediately transfer a slight amount of magic or physical energy from others to himself.

Recover: Can gradually recover mild wounds; some worse wounds can become mild wounds. Self or others, one at a time.

Restore: Can negate the negative effects of most basic magic and mundane influences, such as food poisoning or magical paralysis.

Thunder: Can generate and control his own electricity.


Other Abilities/Spells

Arcane: Can generate and control his own basic mana.

Arcanic Tentacles: Can create and control several translucent tentacle-like strands of mana.

Break: Can break objects by touching them, based on mana. Can break objects with other objects if mana is traveling through. 

Enhancement: Can increase the physical properties of himself and the objects he touches; can increase his own magic and mental properties.

Illusion: Can create illusory images, sounds, or slight sensations.

Scan: Can identify various characteristics and conditions more easily.

Silence: Can suppress his own sounds.

Translate: Can understand all languages, but may not be able to form his own sentences without learning first.

Quickstep: Can move a short distance with x3 speed.




Social Biography


Heterosexual | Single


Romantic Life: While he prefers to work alone, he occasionally fantasizes about the idea of a relationship. He's usually only interested in people who are able to keep up in a fight with him otherwise, he will consider someone an unnecessary risk.

Social Life: He is actually fairly charismatic and sociable, leading many people to think he's not the type of person to murder or be malicious. When he encounters someone who seems strong, he will often challenge them. If Felix wins quickly, they will likely lose Felix' respect. If Felix loses quickly, Felix will likely try to learn from them. In his home nation, he and his father are still respected despite his mother's misdeeds.

Academic Life: Felix has been part of a prestigious academy, exclusively for nobles and extremely gifted students. Even within this elitist environment, he became one of the highest-ranking students, tied for valedictorian across several students with near-perfect scores. Beyond graduation, he continues to learn new things and challenge himself toward becoming a better person. As a warrior, assassin, nobleman, and more.





Character #4

Kaori Graines | 19 | Genderfluid (Biologically Male)

The Pondering Daemonologist

“You can do for yourself what you want to do. I will think for myself what I want to do."




General Biography


Origin Story: Kaori is an altruistic person with more aspirations than they can realistically achieve. They were born with powers themed toward apparitions (ghosts/demons). They were born with heterochromatic eyes--azure (blue-right) and vermilion (red-left). Before the powers were controllable, Kaori would passively see faint traces of immaterial energy and hear ethereal tones unheard by most others. Over time, through the use of various mediums such as spell circles and cards. Being in a completely different upbringing than modern Earth, Kaori had a birth mother known as a "Bringer."

Traditionally, men and women are assigned various central roles such as medics, builders, gathers, and more. Bringers are women who were assigned to selectively breed based on the guidance of the village's elder council. Because of this, many children in the village may have the same mother, and each child may be a considerably different age. Kaori respects these traditions but does not want to be a part of them.

From the time Kaori was 11, they felt as though they were not like many of the others. Though protest and complaint are common in pre-determined and gendered roles, Kaori is one of the few to rebel and tried to go between roles restricted by gender. (A lot of context before and after will remain missing for now.)

3 days before their 12th birthday, they were exiled from their village and had to fend for themselves, traveling nearly 50 miles alone with very few supplies. The final major event leading to this was when Kaori sneaked into an ancient burial ground. They were accused of practicing evil witchcraft in secrecy, similar to an incident that involved a sadistic warlord attempting to summon an egregious devil. (Context for this incident will remain missing for now.)




Brave and Bold: Kaori doesn't want to be defined or restricted by others, resulting in years of discrimination. They had to focus on being independent and studious as they prepared to take more risks until becoming exiled. Afterward, they've begun wandering far away on a mystical and spiritual journey.

True Neutral: Kaori doesn't strive to be kind or derogatory. As long as they aren't being provoked, they tend to lean closer toward passive realism and reason. When provoked, however, they may not feel particularly bad about getting even or knocking someone down.

Ocular Anomaly - Necromancy: Heterochromic eyes may not be too uncommon, but their eyes in particular are supplemented by their innate powers. Individually and together, they can be used in various ways to influence their powers such as seeing various energies or seeing a person's emotion take form.




Appearance: They prefer wearing clothes and robes that keep their gender seeingly ambiguous. Naturally azure (blue) hair, azure and vermilion eyes, pasty skin, etc. 




Power Biography


Power Origin: 

Favored Power: 





Power List


Name: Effect




Social Biography


Bisexual | Single


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