The character in my profile is intended to be a representative of characters I write. Usually I will have 1 or 2 protagonists with a handful of side characters that are connected in some way. Nearly all these characters will be robots of some kind, but another character that can be included is the roboticist responsible for creating the machines. Their gender is by default undefined and can vary depending on the needs of the story. 

The setting only needs to be one that can conceivably have a robot in it. (e.g. fantasy can be included, maybe saying the robots run off of magic, but a regular medieval setting wouldn't make sense). I am happy with romances or mature content, but it is not required either. All of my characters are wholly original, but I do not mind characters or settings from media or fandom.

The amount I write for any message will vary depending on how much I find necessary to convey what I want to. An introduction scene might be several paragraphs, and simple dialogue might just be a sentence. I might do basic sketches of characters or items to help clarify.

Just reply or send a message to Dust#0456 on Discord if you're interested.


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