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Character Appearance

Nickel is a humanoid shaped robot. It’s torso is mostly a hollow frame, save for at the joints, to allow space for mechanics. In the center of the torso is a large, jagged rock of pure elemental nickel, suspended in the air by several rods that stick out from the torso frame into the sample. The limbs are mechanical, with gaps at joints where two limb pieces are only connected by a rod and wires. Each unbending limb segment has a plastic shell to make it more human shaped. The hands are mostly entirely human like, with overlapping shells on each joint creating an overall smooth surface with no gaps, although it only has two fingers and a thumb on both hands. The head is a cube shape, with a screen on the front that displays a simple face, made of just a few lines with an otherwise black background. Where the left eye would be on the screen, there is a camera slightly protruding from the surface of it’s ‘face.’ It is the size of a handheld camera, like from a camcorder or Canon digital camera. On the sides of the cube head, where the ears would be, are stout, cylinders that only barely stick out far enough to have an antenna on both sides stick up out from it.

Character Personality

Following the purpose it was built for, it is very curious. It does not have an encyclopedic knowledge, so frequently will ask questions or try to learn something. It is by default very kind and oblivious, it is impressionable and it’s personality is influenced by who it interacts with.

Character History/Story

Nickel comes from a series of robots similar to it, hence the designation “N1.02.” Other robots have different metals in the torso, and all seem to be made by the same prolific roboticist.

Character Abilites

Radio sending/receiving, seeing infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths, machine interfacing, Modularity: components can be easily added or removed to the robot by a skilled technician and it will intuitively know how to use them.

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All of my characters revolve around the ideas used for Nickel. There is more information about these characters that has been left out to be discovered oneself.

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"Hi! I think this plot is very interesting and I'd love to rp it with you.
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