Hi there, I joined this site some while ago and haven't been on here much as life took a weird turn last year that I'm still dealing with.

Anyway, i'm looking to write an RP where my an alternative version of my main character has been sent into a university by her Russian defector foster parents, to find suspected intelligence from a genetics professor about her origins.

I'm aiming for a slice of life thing, something a little toned down from what I usually write. Though expect mature themes and typical 18+ stuff as this will be set in a prestigious university somewhere in the U.S.

Alyssa will be undercover as a different identity and will be tasked with gaining as much influence and information from students as possible throughout her studies. This will be a slow burn, and so gives plenty of time for plot ideas and such.

I'm looking for Alyssa to accidentally fall in love, this will be a centre point of the plot as she has to constantly keep her true identity hidden and keep her foster parents happy, whilst also being loyal to her objective. Alyssa is a Vampiric clone, and her rare mutated variant of the disease allows her to remain undetected by the human population.

She is still the adopted daughter of sleeper agents, so she has to prioritise her mission, and throwing romance into that is going to be an interesting dynamic. Alyssa is quite a bitch, but she's going to be acting as a socialite to get close to people that she can use in the future.


I've rambled on this for a while. It's an idea I'm willing to adapt if anyone has any interest or suggestions.

If you write with me please be patient as I'm almost certain I have ADD and writing although I love it, is a massive pain the ass for me. I bounce from being utterly addicted to it to having no interest the next day. That being said, I do genuinely want to become a regular on this site, but I also have work hours to deal with.

If you can tolerate that, please feel free to message me in pms so we can discuss things. It goes without saying but the minimum age requirement to write with me is 18+

Male or female characters welcome.

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