Alexander Barnes

Actor ☆ Model ☆ Original Character
FULL NAME: Alexander Jordan Barnes
AGE: Late Teens
STATUS: Taken By Scarlett Garcia

MOTHER:Allison Barnes
FATHER James Cameron
SIBLINGS: Corey Cameron (Half Brother)

FACE CLAIM: Timothee Chalamet
ee6fd4695d5a2d4ebf6451030e17478d.jpg"I Feel Like My Life Has Had More Ups And Downs Than A Damn Rollercoaster.."So Here's My Story...Alexander is the son of James Cameron and Allison Barnes. He grew up in a suberb area of Los Angeles. His father was a federal agent and his mother is a doctor with her own practice, so it he grew up in a fairly steady environment with two working class parents who always provided for him. Despite their wealth, A.J still went to public schools and was quite popular within his year. He never played any sports although he did love his comic books and video games. For years, he'd had an idea for a video game that he thought would do quite well with gamers and once he graduated high school at the top of his class, he went onto college to work toward getting what he needed to become a games developer, although trying to break into that industry was not easy. However; things soon took a turn for the worse when his father came home one evening and told him and his mother to pack a bag as they were being brought into protective custody.

His father had been working tirelessly to bring down a very powerful gang for well over a year. When the leader of the gang got word that someone was working with the feds against him, he killed the man he believed waKnowing what a ruthless man the leader was, he felt that his family would be in danger if he were to figure out who he was. He saw no other choice but to place them in protective custody although Alexander had argued with him because it meant that he'd have to give up his life for god knows how long and he didn't want to do that. However; he had no choice in the matter, and spent the next six months of his life in protective custody.

During that time, A.J had really struggled with having to have a whole new identity and not being able to see his father. The only contact they were allowed to have with him was through other agents who brought them supplies. A.J had managed to convince one of them to bring him a laptop so that he could continue his studies however; with him being absent for such a long period, he lost his place on the course he was doing at college. To pass the time, and to stop him from going insane, A.J had gotten into an RPG game that allowed him to become his own character and chat with other players. He developed a friendship with a female player called Scarlett Garcia and had spent a few weeks chatting with her and getting to know her and when they finally agreed to meet, things had once again taken a drastic turn for the worse. Of course, A.J knew there would be risks involved with meeting the young female he'd taken quite a liking to, but he didn't think that he would be recognised given that he wasn't the witness.

A.J had been kidnapped and taken back to the leader after being recognised as the kid of the fed who was trying to bring them down. He was held captive for days and tortured for information, used to lure his father to drop the case against them. In a drastic turn of events, A.J had then discovered that Scarlett's father was the leader of the notorious gang that his father was trying to take down. His father had soon been killed shortly after A.J had been rescued and whilst he had been recovering in the hospital. During the funeral, he discovered that his father had had an affair with his mother, and that he had an older half brother. However; despite all of the lies and revelations, he also knew that Scarlett had also been lied to because she didn't know anything about her father's illegal activities. It had taken time, but the two were able to eventually overcome all the hurdles thrown their way and became more than just friends.

After everything that happened, A.J had been working to get back on his feet. He had developed a game that didn't quite work out the way he had hoped so he gave up on the idea and became a model whilst he worked on becoming an actor whilst also working on his relationship with his half brother Corey who had quickly become a Holywood A-Lister. A.J soon had a passion ignite within him for the performing arts and acting, and was working toward a career in that industry.

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  • (oh um that is interesting, do you have anything in mind or somethin' you would to try? what non canon marvel characters do you have?)

  • (thank you. I love the MCU verse as well, let me know if ya up for a plot, I'll try to come up with something myself.)

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