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Character Appearance

Long straight dyed blonde hair, usually she wears it wavy Original hair color is brown Bluish greenish eyes Tan complexion/warmer skin tone

Character Personality

Bailey is someone who is very funny and uses a lot of sarcasm to help with her humor, she is the type of person you either hate or love. She is kind and will bend over backwards to help people she cares for out but if she is hurt in any way or disrespected she will turn into someone you wish you have never met. Bailey is very good at helping people out and understanding people but is very bad at helping herself when she needs it.

Character Likes

Bailey loves singing and music in general. Ever since she was little she had grown up loving to sing and play. Bailey knows how to play one instrument and it’s the ukulele she doesn’t play much of it anymore but she used to a lot when she was still in highschool. Cooking is something that Bailey is very good at if she sees something she wants to make you best believe she’s gunna whip it up out of nowhere. Party nights is something Bailey likes to do occasionally while she knows she still can. She likes to hang out with her friends and go out and have a good time at a party and not being legal won’t stop her from having drinks. Rosie is baileys dog. Her name is sweet and everyone thinks she is a little dog but Rosie is a Doberman baileys favorite breed of dogs and the dog she said she would get when she had grown up.

Character Dislikes

Mushrooms Bailey hates everything about them. Being put on the spot Bailey doesn’t like it and will call you out if you do it.

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Romance, Realistic, 18+

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