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Character Appearance

Lou's appearance changes depends on how they feel.

Sometimes they have long straight hair, its length stretches for what seems like the whole universe even though it ends at around their feet. The dark colour of black gives the visage of the universe, all painted right in their hair. There is warmth to their appearance in this form. Their eyes are always open; Their skin reflects their surrounding, not transparent, in a colour that always compliments it; Their clothes are either wide with a sense of flow to them, like in their dresses or skirts, but other times they're skinny or tight, encapsulating their petite physique. Their eyes are sharp, yet they're safe and welcoming. They have ellagance in their movements, and they are free.

Sometimes they have short hair which style varies from day to day. However, the clothes that they wear will remain the same; a scarf around their neck, a long sleeved sweather, and one flowy skirt that covers the rest of their body. The colours of the clothes will shift base on their mood, whether it'd be warm, or cold, or neon, it all depends on how they are feeling that day. Their eyes are always closed; Their skin is grey; Their movements stern, cold, distant, yet they invoke the feeling of familiarity or comfortability— like you've known them for all of your live. They are rigid, they are solid, and they are stable ...a safe place to be if you needed something or someone to rely on.

Character Personality

Lou is quiet by nature. 

They will not strike the first conversation. However, if you've opened the floor for them, they'll easily join you in any topic so long it doesn't make them uncomfortable.

They are free-spirited by nature, bounded to nothing and creative in their way of viewing and shaping the world. They are a respectful but curious creature; they love to get their hands on any information, any stories, any knowledge the universe has brought onto existence, however, they know people's boudaries and will not step over them unless needed to. 

They are kind-hearted and understanding, a great person to talk to and to listen to. Though they may be childish at times and can be a bit impudent, that is because they never really had the chance to experience being a child. They grew up too fast, even for their kind. No kid should have gone through what they have gone through.

Their heart is gold and their love pours so much that universe can not contain them. They respect and cherish every single thing the universe has produced, every matter that exists, every matter that transmute, every matter that evolves. We are matter, and it matters.

They have a habit of changing the world order, or orchastrating with their creations, or having biases towards the creatures that suffered, no matter how little or how big, in life by giving them a better chance of healing and experiencing the world for the better. They are easily emotionally influenced when given the right situation, and they have a soft-spot fr chidlren, animals, and adults that cares for children unconditionally.

However, they can be ignorant at time. Not understanding much of human concepts such as "social norms," "emotions," "political rules" and so on, they fail to sometime connect with their creation and/or the creatures that surrounds them in the universe. They have a hard time connecting with people who are much more emotionally driven than they are, and for the case of the short-haired one, even more often they argue with them. They understand the differences in views and perspectives, however, that does not stop them from thinking how illogical those things can be.

They can be forgetful. Things, memories, informations easily slips through their mind with the amount of knowledge and experience they held in their head. Endless they may be, even their memories have a limited space before it inevitably be lost to time.

They are stubborn (and that's what makes them special)

They are so stubborn in fact that most people that argue and/or debate with them ends up ignoring them because there's nothing they can do to fight back. No amount of words can persuade them to think otherwise and no amount of actions can make them view things the same way you do. Unless you somehow touched their heart. 

They may understand you, but they'll never feel the way you feel. They'll never think the way you think. They'll never see the way you see.

They may understand, they may listen, but they'll never truly understand.

Character Likes

Lou loves tea and coffee.

Lou loves the smell of flowers and leafs of spring.

Lou loves the scent of the sea during autumn.

Lou loves watching stories unfold, or hear them from a third-party.

Lou loves expressing and creating art, whether that'd be through words, sounds, or visuals.

Lou loves the Japanese cuisine called "Misou Soup."

Lou loves all of the children of the universe, and that includes the ones that have grown up.

Lou loves collecting things from their travels.

Lou loves learning about the art and culture of places from all over the universe.

Lou loves watching people create things, whether that'd be tech, art, crafts, or so on.

Character Dislikes

Lou hates adults that mistreat their children.

Lou hates people that mistreat others.

Lou hates being a part of busy places.

Lou hates chaotic loud noises.

Lou hates people who thinks that they are above others.

Lou hates a child being abandoned.

Lou hates seeing anyone being abandoned.

Lou hates the vedgetables from planet Earth of the Milky Way Galaxy called beetroot.

Lou dislikes food with high level of capsaicin.

Character Abilites

Lou has the ability to take any form and live longer than most creatures in the universe.

They can create, edit and spectate worlds that exists in the universe. They are a creator of some sort, a God some might say, but they dislike being called that (it makes them less approachable in the way they wanted to be)

They being is not solid nor fixed, so that comes with having a tangible and non-tagible form. Percieveable and non-percieveable form.

Though they do have complete control of the universe and can do whatever they want, they respect the laws that governs the universe and their creatures. They rarely ever change or influence anything in the universe with their ability unless they have the permission of the universe. and even then, that's rare

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Child Friendly, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Delusional, completely DERANGED. Mentally ill 18 years old soon graduation to be a college kid.

LOOK— I know that the character is like, oh I don't know, too OP or a Mary Sue, BUT I DON'T CARE, OKAY???

I'm not here to look for adventure or fantasy or those kinds of themes that needs/has power scaling RPs to cheeze through, I'm here to find someone that's willing to RP with me in a found family and much more domestic setting where they try to be a "caretaker" of this God-like child who doesn't understand the concept of love and stubbornly thinks they don't deserve it. I am here to ROLEPLAY as a CHILD WHOM NEVER GOT THE CHANCE TO BE A CHILD finally finding SOMONE who LETS THEM BE A CHILD. I am here to do my inner-child's bidding, okay? So who's with me >:D

Anyways, I'm not going to always be online so it's not live RP or idk how it works here, I'm new, I just joined on 01/01/2024

New year, new me, am I right? B)

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