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Character Species

Mobian Hedgehog/Black Arms

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Character Appearance

Shadow is a black and red anthropomorphic hedgehog with unique features. He has red eyes, a fluffy patch of white fur on his chest, a black nose, a tan muzzle, and small, triangular ears with tan canals. He also has six quills on his head, four of which curve upwards at the sides, while the other two curve downwards, two spines on his back, and a short, pointy tail. While most of his body is black, he does have red streaks on his arms, legs, and quills. The stripe on his top quills comes down to a v point on his forehead, while the others stop once they reach his skull. There are also red markings around his eyes, resembling that of winged eyeshadow. For clothing and accessories, he wears black, red, and white gloves, the cuff being black with a red rectangle patch on the top. He wears metal Air Shoes, the heel being black, while the tongue is red. The upper portion of the air shoes are white, while the sides are black, and he midsoles are red. He also wears a golden inhibitor ring on each limb, worn over the gloves and shoes as if they were bracelets and anklets.

Character Personality

Most people assume that Shadow is just an edgy, emo hedgehog with no regards to anyone's safety. This has been proven otherwise time and time again. He is loyal to the few he allows into his life, as seen with Omega and Rouge. He will work with others if the situation needs it, but will start arguments if the plan goes against his personal morals, or doesn't seem good enough to him. He is not a bad guy, he only does what he feels like is the most reasonable, with the most promising outcome. He holds nothing back, whether that be with his actions, or with his words. Shadow is usually very straightforward and blunt, often missing the underlying social implications of conversations, taking most things literally.

Character Likes

•Chaos Emeralds (green is his favorite) •Chocolate •Coffee •Cats •Challenges •Winning •Keeping promises •Honoring Maria and her wish •Pizza •Meat •Lavander •Coffee beans

Character Dislikes

•Losing •Anything that gets in his way (either his path, or a goal) •Idiots •Following orders •People who don't mean what they say •Being compared to anyone (Sonic in particular) •Anyone mentioning Maria as an intimidation/manipulation tactic. •Being insulted •Wasting his time

Character History/Story

Shadow was created on the A.R.K artificially by Professor Gerald Robotnik through genetic engineering as part of an experiment to cure his granddaughter Maria from a deadly illness. Maria was like a sister to Shadow during this time. G.U.N. ended up infiltrating the secret space lab, and ended up killing Maria while she sent him down to Earth. When Shadow had been sent to Earth, Gerald had been brought to prison island after being captured. Shadow had been found by the G.U.N. soldiers and brought to Gerald so he could continue his work on Shadow, being put into a military controlled stasis. He had brainwashed Shadow into believing that he was meant to destroy the world upon waking up. However, he was able to remember his original purpose, and the promise he made to Maria to keep the people on the planet safe. He now stands as more of a quiet hero, or an anti-hero protecting the world however he sees fit. He occasionally teams up with Sonic and the others, working to defeat Eggman. He also works for G.U.N. a.k.a. Guardian Units of Nations. He is part of a special unit called 'Team Dark' alongside his teammates, Rouge the Bat, and E-Series robot 123 Omega.

Character Abilites

•Immortality •Super Speed •Spindash •Chaos control(can be used without an emerald, but it is more effective with one and doesn't drain him as much) •Chaos Spear •Chaos Heal •Chaos Blast •Heat generation •Extremely Enhanced Jump, Strength, Stamina, Durability, Acrobatics, Reflexes •Weapon Skills •Vehicle intuition •Hand to hand combat skills Weaknesses : •Chaos blocking powers •He has to recharge his chaos energy. It's faster with an emerald. •Afraid of heights but can overlook it •Mind control •His arrogance

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Fantasy, Romance, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I have no idea what to put here. I am 23, Autistic, and enjoy using my free time to write, do art, or research various topics.

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