Dᴏᴄᴛᴏʀ Sʏʟᴠᴀᴇɴɴᴇ Rᴏᴜꜱꜱᴇᴀᴜ L'ʙʟᴀɴᴄ

        A ponderer of illnesses,

An refuter of conclusions,

       A harbinger of salvation,

An intellectual amongst the ill.


       Thirty-four years of age

Five feet, eight inches

      Emeralds for hues

Neuropsychologist, Ph.D.

"Une monstruosité tordue, méchante et de débauche.

La Mort Intellectuelle."




... History ... 

A Tainted Innocence:

       Born in Paris, France, Sylvaenne was welcomed into a slightly problematic family. Her mother, being a psychiatrist, tried her very best to keep her daughter intact whilst her father served in the French military. At an early age, her mother cared for her and raised her to be a very simple, quiet girl that obeyed anything her mother commanded, never questioning her for anything.

       Eventually, time came to pass and at eight years of age, soon after returning home one day from elementary school, pink backpack in hand, her father returned from service, ill and drunk. This provoked confrontations between her mother and her father. While her father never struck her mother and they did attempt marriage counseling, it all came to an abrupt, nightmarish end when the veteran decided to take away his life by hanging himself in the living room just as Sylvaenne walked passed him. The little girl, eight and a half years of age then, saw the whole act, as the man slipped from a chair to hang from the wall by a belt tied tightly around the neck. She observed as her father, whom she never formed a concrete bond with, trembled suspended in air, oozing drool, turning violet like a flower, with eyes as crimson as rubies, mesmerizing and beautifully brilliant. The little girl did not cry, however. She lingered in awe, quiet to herself, until the piercing scream from her mother overwhelmed her and she was snatched away. Her mother was convinced she was insane so she took in the responsibility of counseling her with trauma therapy in her own home, all while watching that she stayed in school.

      Surprisingly enough, Sylvaenne performed very well in elementary, intermediate and high-school, surpassing all other students and obtaining high-honors. In high-school, the trauma she had experienced at eight years of age began to manifest itself around fifteen years of age, when she began to seek out her friends, male and females, to talk with them about suicide. This gathered the principal's attention immediately and news arrived at her home in no time. Her mother attempted to control her and it was successful for some time. When she graduated, her mother, now fifty, pushed her into studying psychology. This, on the other hand, was not needed because Sylvaenne was already very interested in the subject. She obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a minor in Neuropsychology. For her Master's Degree, she became an expert in Neuropsychology and then proceeded to become a Doctor of Philosophy with her Doctorate, practicing also as a Neurosurgeon as a hobby, not a profession. For her career, she settled on becoming a full-time Psychologist to treat patients suffering mainly from PTSD.

    Currently, she lives in Paris and owns a practice for her counseling, therapy and treatments by the name of Une Caresse du Bonheur near the center of the city.


The Birth of a Monster:

       When her father committed suicide in front of her, a monster was born within Sylvaenne, cementing in her a horrendous necessity and urge.

      To better understand why Sylvaenne is fathomably insane, one must first understand that she suffered an early, traumatizing experience by witnessing the death of her father. This cemented in her a curiosity for death, even at such an early age. She had not been introduced to other children at her age and she did not own toys because her mother believed they were mere distractions. Due to this and the child's engrossment with death, as well as the image of her dangling father, her mind was easily corrupted and thrown into an abyss of silence and comprehension, suppressed only for a few years more until she reached high-school. After earning her degree's in graduate school, she fully understood what she had not for so many years.

      She then developed the urge to see another person die before her. She provoked an automobile accident to satiate this with a motorcyclist. The man died and she witnessed, but the feeling she had expected did not come to her. Instead, she was disappointed. She knew that death came in many forms and flavors. She had to watch voluntary deaths, not accidental ones.

The First Salvation:

       To quench such demanding necessities, through the practice of counseling and psychology, she preyed on the weak-minded to force them into suicide.

       Her first victim was a man by the name of Angelo.

       Angelo Cavani was a man of twenty-years of age, relatively fresh out of college with a degree in engineering. He was of a darkened dermis, of vivid emeralds that shone brightly under the glimmering light of Rousseau's office. He was clean-shaven and have quite the confident look, yet he approached the psychologist to seek shelter, for his adolescence had been one of filled of horror, horrors that were quantified tenfold by a poisonous girlfriend of his that ended up betraying him for another. Rousseau saw in him potential, waiting to be exploited and consumed. Delicately, she treated him, poking at his concerns, at his worries, discovering gold as she found out he suffered from a great, devastating depression that was conducting him on a path of utter doom. The woman hadn't observed a death for months now. Animals, truth be told, would not suffice her anymore. She had trapped so many rodents with hopes of watching them drown in a bucket as they fell for the bait she had placed for them. Never had she forced a death of a human before. For months, she had lingered thirsty for the voluntary fall of a being, one capable of comprehension and intellect.

      It was then that she perceived the opportunity and acted upon it. She had studied hypnosis for quite a while now with hopes of one day persuading a worthless soul such as that of Cavani's.

      "I loved her, Rou," the bawling, cracking voice of Cavani rose amidst difficulty.

      "And I'm sure she loved you as well," the Doctor issued in reply, holding diligently unto her pen and notepad.

      "Why did she go with him instead? I never harmed her and I treated her well!" he exclaimed, furious, drenching his cheeks with the tears of a coward.

      "She knew you deserved better," she concluded, adding upon the thought: "She understood that you were capable of more, of a prosperous life centered around your freedom. She wanted you to be liberated of her torment."

      "You... think so?"

      A smile grew upon Rousseau's complexion, soon turning into a wicked grin that she managed to seclude from him as soon as his gaze rose to meet hers. Instinctively, the woman neared him by leaning forward to place a hand over his right shoulder. 

       "Of course, Mr. Cavani," she assured, releasing his shoulder to stand, turning to round her futon, reaching for a pendelum on a string over a table, returning with it clutched in her frail, cold hands. 

       "What's that?"

       "Votre liberté."

        Instantly, the snap of fingers was conjured and prolongated fingers swung side-to-side the pendelum before the man, hypnotizing him in a matter of seconds as she brushed back on his scalp, tapping nails of crimson upon it to soothe him. Again, she snapped her digits, governing the man and his will, lowering the device, retreating to latch unto a sheath of metal that soon was revealed as a dagger. 

      "Can you hear me?" she inquired, closing the distance with him again.

      "Yes," the robotic response surged automatically.

      "Take this dagger. Jam it into your heart so that you may liberate yourself of this burden that hinders you," she commanded, purring, silencing him right away.

       Effortlessly, the man grasped the knife in both his hands, raising it before her, arousing her immediately as she foresaw the act before her spheres. She was desperate.

      With effort, hands dove like rockets, plummeting steel against skin, bone and organs, rupturing all life within, not an ounce of reaction produced with the fetal blow. At her front, he bled, mouth gaped, eyes hauntingly emotionless, falling at her feet as she trembled in pleasure.

      She had founded her Modus Operandi.

      She had found ecstasy amongst the plains of Hell.




  • Be human.
  • Not a dick.
  • Unless you're a vagina, that's fine.
  • 18+
  • R+



  • I don't know French.
  • If your character is prone to suicide, she will try to exploit that weakness and convince your character to harm yourself. (REFER TO THE NEXT BULLET POINT)
  • I do NOT support suicide and I WILL NEVER BE in favor of it.
  • This character is new and is an experiment.




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  • Had it not been for that damn whistle being blown, she wouldn't have been capture so easily like she did and what was worse, they put her in a cage to keep her under control but being caged up only fuel her anger even more then before. Just what exactly did this woman want with her of all things in the world, rustic brown eyes glared at the woman for a long moment. She kept her eyes glued on the woman, watching her body language and everything, hoping to read her body language to see if she was a good person or a bad person but then again....everyone was evil in her eyes no matter who they were. Anyone who would think to put animals in cages and use them as test subjects have no love for animals, if anything they only see animals as their play things to do as they please. One of the officers was walking towards her cage which made her growl at the man that grabbed her cage and placed her in a police car in the back, shutting the door behind him once he placed her in the car.


    'Oh joy...here we go again...' 


    She seized her growling since there was no point in doing so anymore; it wasn't long after that the car started to move as she was headed to god only knows where exactly these people were taking her. The last place she would want to go is to a shelter where the horrors awaited her, she refuse to go back to that hell hole and wait there until someone adopts her but truth be told....who would adopt an animal like her? Well, she wasn't exactly an animal as one may think she is, she was more then just a dog after all, she was half cyborg after all so it was only fair that others would fear her because of it but not many people knew of this about her except for the ones that created her back in that facility that she was trapped in for so long. Once the car ride was over, she was placed inside what appears to be a home of some sort. Her cage was sat down on the floor and the officer left back out the door, not once did her turn to look back at the dog as he closed the door behind him, leaving Tsunami alone in a quiet house.


    It felt like hours that she was trapped in that cage of hers until her ears flicker, hearing the lock of a door being unlocked and the door opening following by the sounds of high heel shoes against the floor of the home. Tsunami lifted her head up as she looked over her shoulder to see the woman from before at the crime scene, rustic brown eyes glaring at the woman as she made her way over to her cage. She bared her ivory teeth a bit before she calmed herself, there was something about this woman that Tsunami didn't like...something that screamed 'danger' or something like that. This woman was trouble she knew it but....what did this woman want with her exactly? Just what does Tsunami have to offer this woman? Tsunami snorted softly as she turned her head away from the woman, placing her head on her paws as she closed her eyes, like hell she would eat anything that this woman gave her...

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  • She was startled when the phone rang and fumbled it to the point she nearly dropped it on the floor. She picked up the phone and answered, once she could recall who it was. 

    “Oh hi! Dr. Rou! Thank you for calling me back. Yeah I think that can work. THE 27th, a Wednesday right?  Dr. Cummings has been in a police holding cell since the incident. Waiting for a medical opinion before standing trial. I’ll call Detective Cordero and tell him to have my boss dropped off at your office if that is ok with you? DO you need me to come with? I’m so glad you could fit my boss in. I hope Dr. Quinsell is right and that you can help my boss. She seemed pretty adamant that you could help. Would a police escort be too much? I think I can come alone with my boss so that he won’t be agitated with the police around. Ummmm ummm. Uh wait. What is your address again? Not sure it was printed on this card with your number which I can’t seem to find. Is there anything else we need to discuss. A payment option for this, your fee and all that.  As considering the state my boss is in. I don’t think he can talk finances. Golly why did this have to happen? I don’t know what I’m suppose to do here. Why did this have to happen to me?”

    She would then break down crying on the phone as clearly the young women of 21 was way out of her depth here. This was suppose to be an easy intern type job. Get some expirements in as a “medical assistant” to pad on her resume s bit so that she could go on to bigger and better things. She figured working for a dentist would be easy street and the less stressful compared to working for Doctors in other fields. Medical related anyhow. She wasn’t too sure about head shrinks and the like. 

    There would be an odd clicking sound in between the sobbing fit that poor Amber was having. A voice would come through on the phone that clearly wasn’t Amber who was still crying like a useless teenager. 


    ~” Yes Doctor. You will be able to help him. Just like the last few patients of yours. Tell me. What do you do with the remains? Got a hungry critter to eat the leftovers once you are done or do you just burn burn away or something else? Body disposal is always interesting. To see what methods people will use. Don’t you think? Imagine if there was a sentient zombie that worked as a mortician that ate the Brains of the dead and had visions of their death to help solve murders. But with the visions comes the zombie taking on the personality traits of the brains they eat. Oooohhh. Just imagine the field of study on that! Eating a brain and taking on that person’s behavior. Like is it the memories from the brain or some chemical process that caused it.  Does memories truly make up a person’s soul? Does it govern how we act? If we took the memories away. Is someone the same at the core? Some things for you to think about. Doctor sexy. I hope you like my present.~~””


    Blaire had been binge watching I zombie since it was her mother’s favorite show. One of them, like the Purge was. She knew her mother wish Purge day was real so that she could go to town. Although her mom did act like everyday was Purge day before she started having kids and all that.


    The voice sounded like a creepy ass ten year old girl on a helium high with a background reverb that sounded like a booming dark echo. Clearly something afoul was afoot and of course poor Amber was ignorant of the odd voice that was randomly saying things to Dr. Rou..... or was it not random at all?

    Blaire couldn’t help herself. She wanted to be sneaky sneaky but couldn’t resist just a little whittle  mind fuckery on the phone or prank calling.  Maybe she wanted to psych up the Doctor for when Blaire would eventually make herself known to her. Messing with people was still knew to her. Well psychological messing. She was all hammers and baseballs bats to the head until now. Now it was time to mess with the mind and not smash body parts. The voice would seem to vanish as the sobbing of Amber returned. 

    “Um. Sorry about that Dr. Rou.  So address and billing information?” Amber asked as she blew her nose loudly on the phone. And sniffles a few more times as she tried to compose herself. 

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  • It was like she would take some down and more would show up in greater numbers than last time, but this wouldn't stop her or anything. Tsunami had fought greater enemies before this so this was nothing new to her, she knew her way around it and how to break out of it if she needed to get away from the commotion and try to take out her enemies one by one. Just when she thought that she had the upper hand in this, they pulled out guns and were aiming at her, guess humans weren't too pleased that she had murdered one of their own in cold blood. Tsunami didn't falter under their weapons nor did she back down, she stood her ground like she was trained to do so, baring her blood stained teeth at them, emerald green eyes glaring at the officers that pointed guns at her, shouting to their commander to give the order to shoot the dog.


    'Like you guys can take me down so easily....get real.' 


    These humans didn't know what they were up against exactly, they had no idea that she part of a secret facility that specialized in training animals like her into super soldiers as most would like to call it. Little did these people know what was the real reason as to why her owner decided to take her in as an emotional support dog, her real motive behind the being a 'pet' as humans would like to call it was to get close to this human and she alone would have killed him eventually. Sounds crazy right? A dog planning to kill a human sounded so....stupid but if one thinks about it, one had to question why a dog would have to murder a human being? Was she taking orders from someone else or what? Was it of her own free will or was it out of a command that was given to her to do when she was given the signal?


    During the mist of all the ruckus, a woman stepped forward from the crowd and warned the officers not to shoot her. Tsunami's emerald green eyes snapped towards the woman's direction, snarling and baring her teeth at the woman as well, was she working with them as well or what? She couldn't be too careful these days, she barked loudly as a warning to stay away from her or else. Her ears flicker when the woman was speaking but she then froze in place when she saw the whistle being pulled out from her pocket. At first, she didn't know what the woman was doing but when she got a better look at that whistle, she now knew what that whistle was. It was a whistle that her owner had and would use every now and then to gain control of Tsunami and god did she hate the high pitch noise that it gave off when someone blew it.


    Due to it being high pitched and all, of course humans wouldn't be able to hear it but since her hearing was enhanced and all, she could hear it loudly and clearly. As soon as she heard the noise, her ears laid flat against her skull as she lowered her body towards the ground, shutting her eyes as she started to back away from the noise, she couldn't stand it when her owner blew that damn whistle. She just wanted to get far away from the sound but she was trapped from all sides so she really didn't have anywhere to run...


    'You twisted, f**ked up bastards...'

  • A burn book. A kill list. A revenge list. A list of sexual conquest. A book of people one wants to have sex with. Little black book. So many books and lists humans had for all kind of things. 

    It was rather amusing when Blaire found a book of her Mother’s that at first read like a  kama sutra , until she did some editing. Blaire found a book belonging to her mother , Zura. About people she wanted to ..... “Toy with. “ Posssibly mean torment or haunt, prank, or general fuck with. This was rather surprising since she thought her mother only cared about grand theft auto, running cars and explosives into buildings and random criminal acts. She didn’t think she be the type to act like a typical evil ghost spirit and go around Haunting people like other demonic spirits do.


    Mother was too busy messing around with the likes of her father, Negan. Or busy with the mother of her half sister. She knew her mother played pranks on this Malory chick but hardly did with her father. She wasn’t sure why that was but didn’t care as she was more concerned about this list of people her mother was looking into. 

    “Hmmm a Dr. Slyva...... Roo..... good lord is this blood? And damn mother.  “

    She read a passage about how this doctor got on her mother’s list because the Dr lady face, was the same as this vampire queen her mother was totally into.  She skipped through the sexual remarks her mother wrote about the vampire and this Neuro Dr and looked into the other notes. Common stuff about the death of the father, talks of suicide s in school, that she got from the principle of the school, what she did for college major and other standard public knowledge and not so public stuff. 


    There comes  a time when  a bird has to leave the nest and now was that time for Blaire. She spent a lot of time with dear old dad and enough with mummy but it was time to let Skylar have all of Daddy’s attention while she got out into the world and caused some trouble! The Dr lady seemed a good enough target as anyone for Blaire little pet project she was calling “ The Blaire Demon Projects. “. A F U to that god aweful Blair’s witch crap that she had watch and thought was dumb as hell. She remembering seeing parts of that film and on earth of the sequels and thought about doing her own Project, since her name was Blaire as well. 

    “Dr Roo has been hiding a little secret and I think it may be fun to help with that little death fetish I am witnessing. I should find some way to make myself a patient so I can have anone in one with her and see what foul ideas hit me. .”


    Blaire read that line out loud that her mother wrote and it made her think that this woman would be good practice for  her in tormenting people or just messing with their heads possibly. She needed a way in and thought she would find a Patient for the good ‘head shrink’ lady to do her head psycho babble stuffy thing she did.  The study of the mind  and behavior and all of that. Blaire didn’t think much of it since her and her mother were both batshit insane and so was her twin. Though to be fair, Sky was more sane then she was usually and of course her half sister, Zia, was the most mentally stable out of all of them. No doubt due to her human mother’s genetics. 

    Blaire has to focus here. So get a patient. Where. Oh!  Make one!  Yes. Yes. But what. Mmmm find some man with s boring job. One that wasn’t prone to making someone go coocoo for coco buffs. A dentist! They were boring as fuck. Had no crazy things in their life to cause trauma or bad anger issues. There was no Downsizing of dentist like those working in a factory or corporate office. No annoying kids making a school teacher go postal like a postal man going nuts. No crooked cop work to deal with or being big time surgeon and having some kid did on your operating table to make you guilty as shit. A nice boring old dentist. Perfect target. It didn’t take long before she found some random single , unmarried dentist with no kids or ex wife or anyone to really miss him. A human she can use and discard for her experiment.  It wasn’t long before Blaire did her thing and make Poor mr Dick (Richard ( Cummings, go ape shit and drill a few holes into the mouth of one of his elderly patients. Which resulted in the poor old lady dieing from the shock of it all and the dentist getting arrested. She had visited his office and talked to his assistant, disguised as a woman from the Medical Mental Health board. Some bullshit thing she made up about having shrinks for doctors and nurses to talk to about any traumatic events one my have in the job. No different then what cops and military got. It was all made up Bullshit but she made the assistant buy it and personally recommended that her boss be taken to see one Dr. Sylvaenne Rousseau. Before he got tried in court. It was best to make sure his mental status was in normal parameters for a court hearing and all that blah blah lawyer crap she had shoved down the Assistant’s throat. 

    So after doing a bunch of leg work, a call would be placed to Dr. Sylvaenne office and a message was left. 

    “Um. Hello? Hi. This is Amber Bennet. I’m an assistant to a Dr. Richard Cummings. You may have heard the news of a dentist that went crazy and drilled holes into one of his patients and said the devil made him do it. Umm. Yeah. A lady from Medical Mental health board. She gave me one of your cards and told me that you were the best person to see to get my boss some help. She told me you helped others in cases like this and you could see if my boss is fit for trial or find out what happen. If you can call me back so we can work out a meeting. I’m coordinating with a Detective Micheal Cordero and he can send s police report or more details. Please call me back at  555- xxx-xxx”

    Course Blaire had broken into the Doctor’s office and swiped one of her cards and then took over the body of a cop that she used for credentials but made a fake alias. Watching too much Jane the Virgin. Blaire thought it be funny to use the name of the cop guy as an alias. No doubt she would be taking name of characters from various tv shows and movies for her future endeavors.  Now she has to wait for the Good Doctor lady to call and set up all the boring routine schedules and other stuff before getting Dr. Dick could be admitted as her patient.  Oooooh how Blaire couldn’t want for the show to begin! She felt something was off about her when she spied on her just once to see why her mom had targeted her.  Now it was time for a versus match. To put human insanity against demonic insanity. Let the literal Mind Games, Begin!


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