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Manticore is an organization that creates super soldiers or so to say really. The founder of this organization is named Sandeman. Sandeman created Manticore after having rejected the beliefs that of an ancient breeding cult that he was a long life member of. Very little is known about Manticore's founding really, as most of the information is still top secret. What is known is that Sandeman oversaw Manticore until the government took over the project. He made the transgenic to be immune to the pathogen/virus the cultist were bred to be immune to. 


This group are for those that are somehow apart of the Manticore project, are connected or was once a soldier but was branded as a traitor or somehow escaped from this hell hole. However, a huge break happened in Manticore and there many of us living among you, before an experiment by the name of Pax was the group leader of a group of run away experiments that managed to escaped from their hands but, she fell victim to them and was killed. With no leader to guide the lost souls of the run away experiments, they wander the earth constantly looking over their shoulders in hopes of not being capture but do not fear...


My name is Tsunami '87' I use to help Pax with helping out other experiments and I was once part of Manticore until I was branded as a traitor to them and was exiled from them. Since then I have wander the world and came across the soldiers that were looking for me that had little success in capturing me and bringing me back into Manticore and now...I'm going to finish something that Pax never got the chance to do and that is to help as many experiments that I can!


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