Jan 2, 2019 to Dec 30, 2019

It’s a new year, new start, new writing, and an all-new event that’s going to be lasting all year long!

Yep, you heard that right!

Starting from January 1st to December 30th, 2019, Writers Realm will be introducing to you a whole new way to write!

The event will take place in 5 parts over the course of the entire year, including micro-events which will happen in between each of the months before the halfway points which will show up as the time comes for them.


Blah blah blah blah... So what is it you’re actually going to be doing? 

I'm glad you asked....

You, yes you, the person sitting at the keyboard right now, will be interviewing one, two, three or all of your characters if you so choose. (Within reason.**)

Have you ever wondered what your character thinks about you? Or what would happen if you admitted that you are the reason for the good/bad things that have happened to your character? Or how they would react to meeting you? Or if you just wanted to give them a big hug? Now is your chance to find that out and to have tons of fun doing it!


Make the scene as you wish, be it in a room to interrogate them, in a group therapy session, or a TV interview! Make it whatever you can to make it pop in your own creative eye. You can do this however you please along with following the prompts that are given per session.  These sessions are to be posted as a blog with the title: Interview followed by whatever session it may be.


Meeting the Cast:
In this beginning portion we'll start out with something easy by meeting you and your character(s): With this, you and your character can sit and get to know each other. Examples could be what is their first impression when they walk in the room? What is yours? How does the initial greeting go between you both? Why are they there? Why did you create them? Ect. 


Lasted: Jan 1st - March 31st

What are some fun times that you had with your character? What are times that your character actually enjoyed themselves? What can you both find that you laugh about? Kick back, relax, and enjoy some comical fun with your character(s).

**Note: This is optional for the giggles of it.**


Lasted: April 1st - May 15th

What are some things the character wishes to ask? Why was one certain thing done? Why all the hardship? Certain loves being lost? Why torment them? How they themselves feel about it.


Lasting: May 16th - Aug 15th

Coming not so soon but soon-ish....



  • To get to a point, this event is in no way shape or form a ploy or reason to exploit the writer themselves. While you may personally interpret yourself in your writing, we do not ask for your name, age, or any other outer writing information in these events.


  • Just because you missed any of the parts does not mean that you cannot jump in at any time. Those sessions/margins are only there for when the next session topic will be posted. Feel free to do them one at a time during these timeframes or all together at the end if you wish.


  • Please keep it a decent rating. People from all over will be reading your posts! It's implored that you keep it clean and comfortable for everyone. (Cuss all you want, just no nasty stuff, please and thanks.)


  • **For the sake of not flooding the blog section, keep your character count to 5 per person. If you do wish to have more combine some into a single blog post per session.)


  • And of course, have fun. If you have any questions please message this account and I will gladly answer them for you.



[This is prone to be cleaned up/added to a bit since it's messy but all the basic info is there, so have at it.]

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