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Character Age


Character Species

Fairling (fairy human transformer)

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Single, “when the right one comes, the come”

Character Appearance

~ Human form ~ Short and Chubby for her stature but not plus size. Her hair is brown and long, like to her knees. It is straight with a slight curve at the end. She wears mostly girly clothes, with a mixture of some emo/alt styles. Her normal attire is a dress, leggings, VANS sneakers, or boots, with some accessories to throw it all together. Her eye color is a deep swamp green, with small specks of blue. ~ fairy form ~ Bigger than the other fairy’s by 2 inches, some of them her age make fun of her because she can not fit into some of the buildings the fairies have made. Her clothes as a fairy consists of a blue dress, a crown passed down from her mother, and other accessories, (these are not constant and will change with-in text, this is her signature outfit tho) Her wings are a beautiful blue with silver tips on each end and black speckles through the webbing.

Character Personality

She is thorough and kind jestured but has a firecracker personality, she tend to think she is right and makes that known, but is never rude. She loves her friends greatly and would do anything for them, but she has a very hard time making fairy friends because of her larger size. When she is in human form, she behaves as a normal teenager, but she is not except from the normal teenage responsibility like school and chores. She is enthralled with a girl named Melody that she watched when she was growing up, Melody is a senior in high school and is currently the most popular girl in school. Melody does not care about her at all, just another sophomore trying to steal her boyfriend for all she knows. Amelia is stubborn, not willing to move past something until she is proven correct or shown factual proof otherwise, but that doesn’t make her irritating. She only speaks when she knows something for fact, which isn’t very often. She can not keep her mind organized, it’s like a spinning wheel of knowledge that leads no where, as she puts it. When she loves she loves deep, but has no interest in the people around her, lives by the “if it happens, you’ll know” policy when it comes to partners, but doesn’t care who may stumble into her interest. She has connections to nature that are only explained by her fairy background. Animals flawk to her like a princess in the 30’s, and she is always ready to help someone or something in need, which explains her love of remodeling thrifted items.

Character Likes

She likes Celtic music, the full moon, reading tarot cards, spells, taking care of her garden, climbing trees, being in the forest, animals, and more She has one friend, the neighborhood homeless man who she brings lunch to ever day and eats with him while they listen to the news on his radio. She does go to high school, but skips classes a lot to go hang out in the forest behind the school.

Character Dislikes

Arguing, being in the middle of conflict, looking others in the eye, the social construct of society, summer, the environment that humans have created, cigarette smoke, unnecessary awkwardness, not understanding something, and more.

Character History/Story

she’s 16 and lives in the state of Ohio. She was born as a fairy in Arlopal , fairy kingdom, but turned into a Fairling, human/fairy transformers, at the age of 15. Centuries ago, Arlopal, fairy kingdom, was placed under a curse by the Eiriaf’s that caused 30% of youth to turn into humans. Over time the fairies learned they could control the turning but not stop it, so now Fairy parents all over Arlopal must prepare their children for the possibility of turning into a Fairling. The curse will not be lifted until the current rulers of Arlopal step down as leaders. Amelia lives in the southern portion of our Arlopal, which causes her to have a slight southern dialect. She was raised by her fairy mother and father. She grew up very poor as the fairy government has made it difficult to obtain goods due to rising and prices. Food, medicine, and other simple accommodation are hard to find in the southern portion but wealth is abundant in the North. Arlopal spreads over the state of Ohio, leaving the kingdom is forbidden under Arlopal law. She has a mother and father in human form as well. The human parents are aware that she was a fairy once but are not aware she can still turn into one. They are aware of this because they are a human safe haven for them. They play a big role in the fairy lives (more info coming soon.) Her fairy parents are aware and encourage her to live life as a human due to poor living conditions in the southern region of Arlopal. You have to make a decision by 20 on how you want to continue life, fairy or human. If she chooses fairy, she will live a long life with her family. If she chooses human, she will live until she’s in her 40’s, former faries have a shorter life expectancy. If no decision is made, the fairies connection to their homeland will be lost and they will wake up the next day in human form with no recollection of their life as a fairy. And anyone who knows of the fairy portion of their life will also wake up with no recollection, including other fairies, or so the legend says, this has never happened. She is very torn between this decisions, she loves her family in Arlopal but she also enjoys doing more with her life as a human, because fairies aren’t able to do most things humans can do school, real relationships, and experiences. **Please note that Amelia and the Kingdom of Arlopal both have secrets and deep lore that will be revealed naturally throughout the rp.**

Character Inventory

She usually carries a backpack with her tarot cards, lipstick, a protection jar, a small bottle of lotion, and some sunscreen because Faries burn fast.

Character Abilites

She has an extream connection to the earth, she can communicate with the earth with long concentration, she has spiritual connections she has yet to discover, and more.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Realistic, Anime, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Hi! I’m Val and I have a deep love for this OC. She has been with me from my early writing days and I would love to role play. I’m looking for a best friend/soul mate long term RP, to run until the character turns 20 or longer. (Time skips are acceptable here and there) kept SFW 99.9% of the time, Jokes and innuendos are fine but please keep most conversations friendship appropriate. I am not the best at spelling but I make up for it in intense detail and straightforward sentences. I write in a paragraph styling with details, quotation marks used for speaking, and I keep everything in a first person, currently happening, POV (willing to write in a 3rd person perspective.)

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