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Character Species

Human (Medium)

Character Gender


Character Personality

ENTP-T Amy is a bit of a wildcard, she's the kind of character who is so fun as a character, but kind of a repulsive toxic human being if she was real. I'd like to imagine her as charismatic but Idk how good at that bit I'll be. Definitely fiery, and impulsive as hell - can get bored really easily. A compulsive liar, she'll lie about anything big or small, from her favourite colour to her nationality, and especially her name. Secret identities are her favourite. Loves to talk just for the sake of it. Hates silence, hates stillness. Very big on jokes, very sarky. Comes off as confident and cocky, but if you break through that outer shell has a very delicate inside. She knows she's a horrible human being and hates herself for it, so acts super egotistic to try and convince herself and everyone else that she doesn't. Swears a decent amount. Smoker. Extrovert, if you hadn't guessed already.

Character Likes

 Looves 2000s pop and 90s hip-hop

Also big on indie rock, her music tastes a bit all over the place

Likes reality tv shows, she's a big brother (UK) addict

Likes hot sunny weather, and deserts, and Cacti! She's a succulent mum.

Pink, orange, and red are her favourite colours.

Loves retro stuff, especially 70s, 90s, & 00s.

Character Dislikes

Stillness, silence.

Hates the colour white, or anything too plain.

England. (Yes, all of it.)

Character History/Story

Amy was born in Liverpool.

Her parents split when she was little, and soon after her mum cut contact so it was just her, her dad, and her much older sister Lauren for most of her life. When she was 5 or 6 her Maternal Grandfather passed away, and as a ghost latched onto her. He was a nasty man, very strict and stern, often treating Amy like she was much older than she actually was. She spent most of her life rebelling against him. When Amy was 9ish her sister moved out for uni and since her dad had to work long hours she became a latchkey kid. She ended up spending most of her time alone, or being bothered by her grandpa. She'd often act up in school, leaving early and showing up late and when she got bored of that not showing up at all, going off on her own little adventures (usually including older kids, and alcohol.) At 17 she ran away from home in her dads old van and all the cash she could find in the house, going around the uk working as a psychic (or, talking to her grandpa, who'd talk to the dead people for her and relying back relevant info), moving whenever she caught to much attention. After a few years she broke down and had to stop, living with her sister for a year or so before again, running off with all her cash. This time into mainland Europe, where she spent another few years hitchhiking around, changing her name wherever she went, doing lots of drugs and having lots of hookups and surviving between some tarot readings for cash and plenty of shoplifting before eventually she got arrested in Paris for trespassing along with a friend she'd made on the road, and spent a year in jail. When she got out she stayed with that friend and their family for a bit while she got her bearings back, soon moving out and opening up one of those witchy crystal candle shops. But she's getting bored of the mundanity of her current life, so who knows what might happen next?

Character Abilites

She can talk to and see dead people 👉😎👉woop woop

The closer she was with/to the person (could be emotionally close, could be close as in her  physical location to them when they died, could be connected by blood. The world is weird like that), the clearer their ghost will look and sound, varying from a vague shimmer in the air and the whisper of an echo right the way to seeming as if the ghost is just another person, apart from the fcat it's a corpse.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Violence, Realistic, Rated R, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I'm not new to roleplaying, but I am new to this site and I'm a few years rusty - plus only ever rp'd with characters from tv shows so I'm functionally pretty new.

I don't know how good the profile is, most of this character is just rehashed elemets of my favourite character in my current writing project. I am willing to change whatever works for the stroy we come up with, or even play a different character entirely. I'm really not fussed I'll play anything, male/female/non-binay + any pairing. I love it all!

rn I'm kinda busy during the day but I'm free most evenings (GMT) and at weekends so expect replies then.

I write a lot but it's all scripts (plays and audiodramas with a few short films here and there) so if my prose is shit that's why.

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