Short background story.

The wizard Falcon Windhake who had attended Hogwarts like all other witches and wizards in Britain, he was put into the house of Ravenclaw when he came to the school and quickly discovered a remarkable talent for magic and a big hunger for learning more about the magical world. During his years at hogwarts he was among the top scores and highest grades each year since he first arrived, and had helped Ravenclaw winning the  house cup each year during his time at the school After he joined the Ravenclaw Quidditch team during his third year, Ravenclaw also started to win the Quidditch cup each year he attended Hogwarts.

After his education at Hogwarts had been completed he was offered several positions and jobs within the ministerium of magic, but after being asked to be drafted to the English international Qudditch team, Falcon followed his passion and love for the Quidditch game and was offered the role of being one of the 3 chasers on the British team. Falcon had become even more famous when he during his first international Quidditch tournaments in his very first match scored 230 points on his own, breaking the world record for most points scored by a single player, which meant the British teams final score of the first match ended on 500 points, 150 for catching the golden snitch, 230 points from Falcon, and 120 points from the combined effort of the two other chasers and Falcon making a couple of shooting assist as well.

After 10 seasons in international Quidditch and winning the 10 championships, Falcon withdrew from the international team setting several world records that has yet to be beaten by anyone. In the years afterwards Falcon used his gifted talents for creating new spells, as well as his study of potions and alchemy to create new ways of using our everyday potions and 5 new ways to use vampire blood, wolfsbane, dragon heart, Unicorn hairs, and Phoenix blood. Later on he published these discoveries along several spells that he had created in his new free time all which can be read in his book, magic is unlimited. 

Falcon has since then used a couple of years traveling all around the magical world learning more about magic and new ways to aid the magical world and its creatures


August 10

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  • Thank you for the add request, an HP verse character interesting. My dragons can fit in that verse 

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