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What is immortality? The ages-old question philosophers have pondered for centuries, debating the nature of eternal life. Is it a gift? A curse? A blessing or the doom of one's soul? Can it save mankind, or will it herald the end of us all? In truth, immortality is just another piece to a neverending puzzle, a fragment of a time when magick was wild and untamed. A time of gods, and a time of monsters. Written below is perhaps the most important piece of the Sanguinum Libre, or as it is more widely known by members of the Black Gate...



 In the beginning, mankind had just started to wander the planes on two legs- hunter-gatherers, tribal warriors. They could not comprehend the world around them, let alone understand the forces at play. Their lives were short and fickle- many did not live long, and when they did, they were thrust into a terrible and dangerous land that did not care if they lived or died. But they were not alone in this world. Before them were the Keepers, or as they are now known...witches. Powerful beings who harnessed the power of magick to preserve and balance nature, placed upon the Earth by the Gods themselves. Far more advanced, intelligent, wise, these beings were both worshiped and feared by the tribal hunters. For what is one who wields magick but a god?

As more of humanity was birthed into the world, the Keepers began to retreat from their villages and citadels into the roots and branches of their Great Trees. These ancient, skyward-reaching trees not only shared a singular root system that spanned the whole of the world, but were also joined into a collective consciousness that stored the whole of Keepers' knowledge. The oldest and tallest of these trees would come to be known by the Scandinavian people as the Yggdrasil, the World Tree, for from it all life was birthed. Or so the legends say. Within these trees were burrowed entire villages, wherein the witches thrived and hoarded their power. Some say that if one could find them, they may find cures for every known disease, every spell ever uttered, and the DNA for every being ever born. Mere speculation. 

Centuries after their retreat from the world at large, the Keepers would bear witness to the advancement of society. Once merely apes that picked up stones and spears, sparked fires with flint and stone, they had grown into capable hunters who built nomadic tribal civilizations of tents and mud huts. Some would burrow into caves, hunting in the evening under the ever-watchful moon. They grew smarter, faster, stronger. But still so uncivilized. Or at least, that was what the mystics believed, until the fruit from their trees began to disappear. 













January 12

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About the Writer (OOC)

To those of you curious about the writer behind this profile, here's a little bit of information about me. Anyone can refer to me as Q or Magick, as those are the two names I generally use online for my own security. Magick is from my upcoming streaming channel, Magick Rambles- which is currently in the works. I am a writer whose been in the roleplaying community as a whole for about eight years now (since I was 13 and just getting into writing). I've mainly run my stories through online forums similar to this one, Facebook, and occasionally Twitter, as well as a few ERP forums in the last few years. I mainly write characters into modern fantasy, grim dark, horror and gore themed worlds. The kind of worlds based on the ideas present in World of Darkness, Call of Cthulu, Dungeons and Dragons, Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire, and even The Originals. Most of my characters are non-human, in the sense of being paranatural entities, whether occultists and witches, or vampyres, daemons, werewolves, and eldritch terrors. My central character is Dorian Marrik, who many of you may have seen a profile for before. I took him down last year due to a lack of time or availability. This year he's making a come back, with some major changes to his persona and backstory. I will also have my alt, Desmond, reloaded here soon, as the occultist known as the Black Hat Hacker. If you're interested in starting up a thread with any of these characters, please feel free to give me a poke in my email, via message, or on any of my off-site socials included below. Snapchat @magickalrambles Twitter @magick_rambles Discord @MagickRambles#2498

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