• Real Name: Lena Oxton, Age: 26
  • Occupation: Adventurer
  • Base of Operations: London, England
  • Affiliation: Overwatch (formerly)
  • relationship: single
  • preference: lesbian

“Cheers, love! The cavalry’s here!”

The former Overwatch agent known as Tracer is a time-jumping adventurer and an irrepressible force for good.

Lena Oxton (call sign: "Tracer") was the youngest person ever inducted into Overwatch's experimental flight program. Known for her fearless piloting skills, she was handpicked to test the prototype of a teleporting fighter, the Slipstream. But during its first flight, the aircraft's teleportation matrix malfunctioned, and it disappeared. Lena was presumed dead.

She reappeared months later, but her ordeal had greatly changed her: her molecules had been desynchronized from the flow of time. Suffering from "chronal disassociation," she was a living ghost, disappearing for hours and days at a time. Even for the brief moments she was present, she was unable to maintain physical form.

Overwatch's doctors and scientists were stumped, and Tracer's case seemed hopeless until a scientist named Winston designed the chronal accelerator, a device capable of keeping Tracer anchored in the present. In addition, it gave Tracer the ability to control her own time, allowing her to speed it up and slow it down at will. With her newfound skills, she became one of Overwatch's most effective agents.

Since Overwatch's dissolution, Tracer has continued to right wrongs and fight the good fight wherever the opportunity presents itself.



Blink IconBlink 

 "Keep calm and Tracer on."
Tracer blinks in the direction she is moving, regardless of which way she is facing. This ability has three charges, each of which is displayed below the crosshair. Each charge takes three seconds to recharge, but they do not recharge simultaneously.

Blink has the same physics as walking - Tracer can blink up or down stairs and even past obstacles that she can otherwise jump over. However, the ability does not affect falling and can be used in midair as a quick dash forward.

Blink's speed and distance are unaffected by abilities that push, pull, or slow. Also if Tracer blinks into a location of an enemy, that enemy will be pushed aside.

Recall IconRecall

  "Ever get that feeling of déjà vu?" Tracer rewinds herself to exactly three seconds before the ability was activated, even through teleporters. Using this ability will shed any debuffs Tracer has, regardless of whether or not she had them three seconds prior. It will not restore any lost Shield or Armor health gained from teammates.

If Tracer's recall point was on a moving platform, she will recall to wherever the platform currently is.

Pulse BombIconPulseBomb

 "Right on target!
Timed bomb ability type
m radius
Lasts 1 second

Tracer lobs a large bomb that adheres to any surface or unfortunate opponent it lands on. After a brief delay, the bomb explodes, dealing high damage to all enemies within its blast rad

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  • Paris, France.

    The sense of dread that Jurgen Steinholtz wakes up with is so intense that the pressure in his chest makes him wonder if even the dead can have a heart attack. He wakes from his deep slumber like a cat who has had its tail slammed in a door, jolting out of bed and using his telekinetic energy to draw his clothes to him, hurrying to make himself presentable. There might as well be a timer in the corner of his vision for the haste he’s moving with.

    He’s out the door in a flash, though it closes lightly behind him, padded by the gentle touch of his psychokinetic energy. Up, up, up he goes, high into the sky, though not into airspace he’d be at risk of meeting with a jet of any time, and down, down, down his gaze travels, trailing through streets like they were veins on an anatomy chart, searching for the source of the cancer.

    Much to his chagrin, it does not stand out.

    Something is wrong this fine day, and if allowed to explode into its full potential, nothing will ever be quite this fine again.

    Something horrible is waking within the bowels of Paris, and for the first time in quite a while, Jurgen Steinholtz is not so sure he can face it alone.

  • (Sure, I"ll send one your way soon!)

  • (My suggestion would be that Geist alerts her of a plot, knowing of her background with Overwatch, because he could use some help that is media-friendly rather than his terrifying self.)

  • (I'd love to!)

  • (Hi! This is a generic message I'm sending to everyone I found on my friends list I'm not actively talking with and can't remember plotting with. Before I clean the list out, I figured I'd send out a signal and ask if you'd like to plot, write, or just hang around to do so in the future. If you get this message late and I've removed you, you are more than welcome to add me again. I'm just cleaning house. Cheers!)

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