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Character Age


Character Species

Angelic hybrid

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Widow (Hetero-Demisexual: A person who feels sexually attached to someone of the opposite gender, but only after they've developed a close emotional bond with them.)

Character Appearance

long dark brown hair with long animal-like ears. Dark brown eyes, semi-dark skin, a sky blue T-shirt or jumper with darker blue shorts or trousers. Blue shoes with a pink stripe in the middle and a sapphire crystal around the. Pail blue angel wings with light blue tips (They come out when her flames activate sometimes)

Character Personality

Semi-social (Introverted most of the time), follows her heart & emotions, empathetic, sympathetic, soft on the outside but a warrior on the inside, mediator, calm, soft-natured, protective & she only fights if she has no other option.

Character Likes

Harmony, nature, animals, helping individuals who want it, drawing, reading and walking/flying.

Character Dislikes

Violence, chaos, evil, lies and corruption.

Character History/Story

A hero that was foretold in a prophecy of her people that were enslaved by a corrupted king on a planet that existed long, long ago. The king hears of the prophecy and was enraged, he went on a killing spree to prevent the prophecy from coming true. However, this only sealed his fate Alana’s parents did their best to protect her before the king came to slaughter them next. Alana’s parents managed to restrain the evil king but as a result, they were both pierced through the chest. With their last strength, Alana’s parents drained the power of the corrupted king and also used their powers to create a sapphire crystal to place on Alana’s neck. Alana’s parents say their last words before then using their powers to teleport her away from the planet and then die from their wounds. The King was infuriated that he had half of his power cut away, and the fact the child escaped. Rumours say the king is still alive, hunting down Alana. Alana was still considered a child and so she was alone for a while until she was adopted by a god of time called Chase. Chase raised her until she was able to take care of herself, however, another tragedy struck Chase was shot in the chest by an unknown entity causing him to supposedly die. This death triggered Alana’s flames in the process as she was overwhelmed with grief. But even with the loss of her adopted father Alana stayed in the light and fought as a heroic warrior. Eventually, she met a man who cloaked himself in the shadows, he called himself Eclipse Lahash. Alana knew he was a man filled with pain and so she tried to help him but Eclipse would hurt her, over and over to make a point that he ‘doesn’t want her help’. But Alana refused to give up on him. Eventually, Eclipse began to trust Alana and the two fell in love and became husband and wife. They also had children in their years of marriage and they were happy it seemed nothing can break them apart. But sadly, once again tragedy strikes. Eclipse dies in Alana’s arms from an illness she couldn’t heal and the children died of unknown causes. But even though Alana lost so much she still to this day gives hope to the broken ones.

Character Inventory

A sword that was forged from the essence of the soul.

Character Abilites

Possesses the eternal blue flames, these flames respond to the emotion of the user who was born with them. But can burn if others try to possess them, and will burn if an individual has corrupted morals. She can summon a blade by its name called Aroura's Edge in her hand if she has no other choice but to fight

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Anime, 18+, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I'm a digital artist who has been in RP for 9+ years I have other characters I can RP so feel free to ask.

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