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Character Age

Thirty Two (DOB: 8th August, 1886)

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Single (Asexual)

Character Appearance


(Photo of Raymond after his enlistment; October of 1916)

12438078459?profile=RESIZE_710x(Raymond's Current Canonical Design, 1918)

Character Personality

 Despite his introverted nature and underlying trauma, Raymond is friendly and welcoming, never daring to turn down a potential friend or someone who needs help. Ever since the war had ended, he suffers from shell shock, hallucinations, tremors, and damaged lungs from the gas attack, causing uncontrollable wheezing. His emotional trauma makes him prone to outbursts that are either emotional, violent or, even worse, both.  Yet in spite of this, he does his best to avoid confrontation and fighting whenever possible.

Character Likes

  1. Peaceful environments:  Raymond appreciates tranquility and moments of calm after the chaos of war.
  2. Nature:  He finds solace in the beauty of nature and enjoys spending time outdoors.
  3. Reading:  Raymond finds comfort in reading books, particularly historical accounts and war memoirs.
  4. Music:  He enjoys listening to music, especially classical compositions, as it helps him relax and reflect.
  5. Honesty:  Raymond values honesty and straightforwardness in people and appreciates those who speak their mind.

Character Dislikes

  1. Violence and conflict:  Due to his traumatic experiences, Raymond dislikes any form of violence or confrontation.
  2. Crowded places:  He feels overwhelmed in crowded areas and prefers more open spaces.
  3. Injustice:  Raymond has a strong sense of justice and dislikes witnessing unfairness or the mistreatment of others.
  4. Loud noises:  Sudden loud noises can trigger his shell shock and cause distress.
  5. Dishonesty and deception:  He has little patience for deception and values sincerity in others.

Character History/Story

Johnathan Raymond was born in California in 1886 and enlisted in the U.S. Marines during World War 1. He fought in the Battle of Belleau Wood in 1918 as a sergeant, where he led a detachment of soldiers in a counterattack against German storm troopers. The battle resulted in heavy casualties from hand-to-hand combat, artillery, and a mustard gas attack, leaving Raymond with physical and mental scars that continue to haunt him.

Character Inventory

  1. M1897 Pump-Action Shotgun:  A reliable and powerful weapon for close-quarter combat.
  2. M1917 Colt Revolver:  A sturdy sidearm for medium-range engagements.
  3. Bolo Knife:  A sharp and durable blade for melee combat.
  4. Bandages:  Used to treat wounds and injuries during battles.
  5. Gas Mask:  A protective gear to defend against toxic gas attacks.
  6. Field Rations:  Portable food supplies to sustain him during long journeys.
  7. Canteen:  A water container to keep him hydrated on his adventures.
  8. Military Uniform:  His trusty olive drab green wool uniform, worn for protection and sentimental value.
  9. War Memoirs:  A collection of personal writings and accounts from his time in the war, providing inspiration and a reminder of his past.

Character Abilites

  1. Combat Expertise:  Raymond is a skilled and experienced combatant, trained in various forms of warfare, including close-quarters combat and marksmanship.
  2. Weapons Mastery:  He is proficient with a variety of weapons, such as shotguns, revolvers, and knives, allowing him to adapt to different combat situations.
  3. Tactical Thinking:  Raymond possesses strategic thinking and can analyze the battlefield, making quick decisions to gain the upper hand against his opponents.
  4. Shell Shock Resistance:  Despite suffering from shell shock, Raymond has developed a level of resilience and mental fortitude, allowing him to push through challenging and stressful situations.
  5. Adaptability:  He is quick to adapt to new environments and circumstances, making the most of the resources available to him.
  6. Stealth and Infiltration:  Raymond has honed his ability to move silently and remain unnoticed when necessary, allowing him to gather information or initiate surprise attacks.
  7. Survival Skills:  Having endured the harsh conditions of war, he has acquired survival skills, including finding shelter, foraging for food, and treating minor injuries.
  8. Intuition:  Raymond has developed a keen sense of intuition, often relying on his gut instincts to guide him through difficult situations.
  9. Resilience:  He possesses a remarkable level of endurance and determination, enabling him to endure physical strain and bounce back from setbacks.
  10. Leadership:  As a former sergeant, Raymond has leadership qualities, capable of organizing and coordinating a group of individuals towards a common goal.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Anime, Child Friendly, 18+, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

My name is Dante Ramirez. I used to have in account from January in 2022 but had deleted it due to pressures that I felt when I was in Church. Now that I have left, I have returned to Writer's Realm in hopes of looking for some roleplay partners.

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  • Finally got around to finishing up Raymond's description, lol.

  • A fascinating backstory, I dig it. Rare to find historically based characters.

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