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Character Age

Thirty Two (DOB: Eighth August, 1900)

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance


(Photo of Raymond after his Reenlistment; September of 1929)

Character Personality

Due to the horrors he had seen during the Great War, Raymond is reserved and shy around other people. Not only that, but he was rather untrusting of people he perceives as either sly or dangerous, causing him to often reach for his gun rather than reason. In spite of all this, he is well mannered and does his best to be as civil as possible, even with the people he consideres undesirable.

Character Likes

- Outdoor Cooking

- Hunting

- Travelling

- Hiking

- Exploring

- Chickens

- Coca Cola

Character Dislikes


- Monsters

 - Adultery

 - Loud Noises

 - Explosions (Anything that sounds close to such a noise)

 - Being freightened

 - Fire

 - Small spaces

 - Muddied areas

Character History/Story

Backstory (1918 - 1932)

Raymond was born near the dawn of the then new century in the United States. Growing up in a small ranching community as the youngest of two boys and one girl, his early years were quite peaceful, yet boring. This would soon prove to be too much for the young man so, once he turned eighteen, he enlisted in the military to contribute to his country’s efforts to bring an end to the Great War. Unfortunately, instead of an adventure of a lifetime, he would face the man-made horrors of trench warfare and everything that came with it.


After the war had ended, Raymond had returned home from Europe. For the next four years, he did his best to regain the peace of mind he once had from his quiet farm life, even devoting most of his time in church to soothe his troubled heart. All of this was in vain and soon, tragedy would strike as the town was hit by the Spanish Flu Epidemic, ravaging the local population, including his own family. Though he and his siblings survived, their two, aging parents had not. Still being troubled by what he had seen during his short stint in the army and with his home town now having to recover, Raymond felt that he had no other choice but to return to military service where he currently resides.

Character Inventory

- Bolt Action Rifle

- Revolver

- Bayonet

- Canned Goods

- Haversack

- Canteen

- Grenades

Character Abilites


Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Anime, Child Friendly, 18+, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

My name is Dante Ramirez. I used to have in account from January in 2022 but had deleted it due to pressures that I felt when I was in Church. Now that I have left, I have returned to Writer's Realm in hopes of looking for some roleplay partners.

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  • A fascinating backstory, I dig it. Rare to find historically based characters.

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