Character Name:


Alice Yeung


Character Age



Character Species



Character Gender



Character Relationship Status



Character Appearance

Although the character species states that Alice is a werecat, she generally retains a human appearance. She is a Chinese female with a simple hairbun and freckles. For her clothing, she wears a mostly black police uniform with jackboots and tactical gloves. As mentioned in Raymond's description, I'm not good with describing things so here's a picture for visual reference.
In her cat form however, she has cat ears, patches of black fur, and glowing yellow feline eyes. She also has paws with razor sharp claws that tear through wood and help climb up walls. Unfortunately I do not have any concept art whatsoever of her in this form so I can only provide a basic description via words. So sorry about that.


Character Personality


On the outside, Alice is a stern, no-nonsense cop for her age. She prefers keeping to herself unless speaking to her superiors or giving orders, other than that, she absolutely despises being interrupted when she is busy. On the inside however, she can be a mom at times.


Character Likes



This is a list of what Alice likes:

- Rest

- Occasional Seclusion

- Meditation

- Reading

- Dressing up as Ruby Rose {RWBY}


Character Dislikes



This is a list of what Alice dislikes:

- Interruptions

- Being annoyed

- Louds noises

- Surprises

 - Loneliness


Character History/Story

There isn't really much I want to write about as I prefer to keep her as a universal character. That is, she is a character meant to be used more than just for one role. The only info that I really have to provide is that she's heavily influenced off the civil protection Half Life 2 and maybe a little bit of Blake Belladonna. Speaking of the latter, Alice is also cat-human sort of creature whenver she pleases.

P.S. I never watched the show, lol.


Character Inventory



A basic list of Alice's Inventory:

-MP7 (Submachine Gun)


- TT-33 (Handgun)


- Stun Baton


- Manhack


- Walkie-Talkie



July 28

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Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Raymond is a Caucasian male with dark brown hair, a mustache, and hazel eyes. He's about five foot eight. For his clothing, he wears an olive drab tunic with a Montana peak cap. Generally, I am not good at describing the physical appearance of a character, so here's a picture of him for visual reference if needed.


Character Personality

In spite of his outward appearance, Raymond is caring and sympathetic, being grieved seeing other people in pain no matter who they may be. However, he can be cowardly at times, fearing new challenges and things that he is not familiar with. Another thing to make note of is his humility. If, for example, one was to press him for a morsel of food, he would most gladly give it.


MISC. If you ever need a reference as to how he sounds, here is a voice clip.

Raymond's Voice.mp3

Character Likes

This is a list of what Raymond likes:

- Socializing

- Nature

- Meditation

- Cooking

- Reading & Writing (Raymond is curious so delves into both secular literature and religious text such as the Holy Bible.

Character Dislikes

This is a list of what Raymond dislikes:

- Change

- Confrontation 

- Conflict

- Deception

Character History/Story

Raymond is your everyday soldier loosely based off of the first world war. However, he has left the trenches of early 20th-century Europe to going out on adventures of various kinds. Essentially, he's just a character from a specific era going into different experiences.

Character Inventory

A basic list of Raymond's Inventory:

Springfield 1903 {Bolt-Action Rifle}







 KABAR {Combat Knife}















 Canned Goods















The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn



















 The Holy Bible





















Leather Journal

 Colt M1917



Character Abilites

Raymond is just a regular human being armed with a rifle and sharpshooter skills. Other than that, he does not have any supernatural powers.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Child Friendly, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

My name is Dante and I'm 17 years old. I'm just looking to make friends and get back into roleplaying after almost two years of inactivity. I'm willing to do anything but I do have convictions against certain genres such as gore and nsfw. Other than that, if you're looking for an adventure roleplay, here I am!

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