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  • (Trying to think.  Maybe her ship or whatever could have crash landed on earth at some point in time and after Clark and the rest arrive. Maybe one of the 100 could come across it and accidentaly open it or could be a Grounder.  I guess first I should ask. I never read the book the show is based on. Just saw the show. Was there a certain time period we wanted to use. Like season one kr another? 

    That might help me figure out how to begin. Given how she is not solid in nature. She would be one of the only "people " on the planet that that AI chick wouldn't be able to shove a chip down her mouth and control her. Or those people who was using chips with consciousness stored on it, taking over the bodies of people with black blood. 

    Likely at some point. My character could have seen inage or yours or just created it at some point and get mistaken for Clark. Especially with using the same name. Could be some case of mistaken identity or her assuming Clark life when Clark goes missing?  I am trying to think of something good.)

  • (Well it fits her. She is an alien from the deepest reaches of outer space in another galaxy. Can't get more Sky then that. I did play a Changeling as Princess of the Dominion. So space people are sky people. The prisoner thing well that is when I play her as a baby captured by humans. As humans are always capturing aliens and keeping them locked up as prisoners. 

    Hah and commander of death. Well her people did start a massive interstellar war and had a massive high death count. Casualties galore and left several factions utterly decimated. 

    Plus her people had engineered an incurable disease that got worse whereever exposed to technology. A vaccine was later discovered years years later but they did that to a planet full of people. Just to prove a point about defiance. As a Changeling. Enigma could impersonate the leader of some tribe and manipulate them into war. As her people had done. 

    So it works as a title for her. Just like what Clarke did to the people of Mount Weather. Letting in that radiation that killed them all. Plus. Clark is pretty. Since my character is one of the 100 baby Changelings sent out in the cosmos. And Clarke is one of the 100 kids sent to earth to see if it is livable. It had syngery. 100 here. 100 there. ^.^

    The other face is character I liked from Nikita. She is pretty too. I figured a Changeling should have more then one default or primary secondary apperance form. Why limit to one? Especially when their natural state is basically a liquid puddle. 

    Watching the show. I kinda hope there would be aliens on it. We kinda got one or so. Mention of the dead ones and then those energy beings at the season series finale. So I think Enigma could fit into your Clark world. Unless you was playing alex danvers.  Shall we plot?)

  • (Ah. A fellow fan of the 100. Always nice to see. Thank you for the invite. If you wish to plot. Let me know.)

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