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1 Timothy 6:9

"But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation, into a snare, into many senseless and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction."



The hierarchy of all things operates as such: The Elder Brains reside above all, connecting all Illithid in a psionic web, so that each being is but a finger in a vast organism that stretches the stars. They hold all the knowledge and wisdom of every previous Elder Brain and every being connected to their consciousness. If the colony is prosperous, then beneath them reside the Ulitharids. They will act as the nobility, often allowing for management over specific sections of society so that the Elder Brain can focus on the macro operations. These Ulitharids are created by chance, a mutation found in some tadpoles which goes undetected until ceremorphosis. They are powerful psionic users, capable of asserting dominion over half a colony. When the time comes, they will take their portion of a colony and leave to form a new one. In time, when they have formed their fortress and achieved their material desires, they will crack open their skull and allow their brain to consume their corpse. From this act, they will become a new Elder Brain. The Illithid makes up the bulk of the civilised sector. In most circumstances, an Ulitharid does not exist and as such they will work directly at the whim of the Elder Brain. They are not as powerful as Ulitharid, but they are a force to be reckoned with.  

At the very bottom of this system reside the slaves and the cattle. An evolutionary advantage, Illithids require only one form of nourishment. They need only feast on the mind of an intelligent species, one capable of independent creative thought and as most of the species in this category reproduce, slave and cattle are one and the same. Of course, with this obvious occurance comes an obvious weakness. The people you try to suppress, control and or subjugate, are also the largest base. In other words, the ones you need the most are the ones that hate you the most. Therefor, as every hierarchy does, the population grows the further down you travel and your watchful gaze needs to observe more to maintain order. This is the failing of the old Illithid Empire. Complacent fools. To expand, enslaving all you encounter without ensuring a secure base is to doom yourself to uprising and defeat. And such was the way of things. A revolt led by the Gith, abusing the gifts we granted them, caused the complete and entire collapse of the Illithid Empire. 

The Elder Minds went into hiding, colonies entered into hibernation to try and escape the wrath of the slaves. An empire that had stood for millenia, fell in less than a year. The arrogance to think they were undefeatable, though not entirely undeserved given the immense power of the species. One Elder Brain had fled to the stars, finding a world inhabited almost entirely by humanity. Here, they would sleep and lie dormant until such a time they could rise again, to reclaim their rightful place as keepers of the cosmos. Though fate would have other plans, the birth of an Ullitharid put an end to the hopeful thinking that the Brain would rule alone. Now there was competition, A Wandering Mind.


Our Wandering Mind


Illithid’s are inherently Parasitic and thus require a living host in order to perform ceremorphosis. The memories of the host are preserved and transferred into the new mind but the personality and soul of the host is completely lost. Such was the case with Cullum. A human male from a human village during the Iron-Age. He was no noble, but he did manage a large mine which made him quite important to the ruling monarch at the time. The Elder Brain enthralled him at first, made him divert some of the mined and refined goods to the colony without detection. Though as time would go on, the mine would begin to dry up and he began to lose favour in the court. He had outlived his usefulness to the colony, he had only one purpose now. Rebirth.

The Enthralled walk so willingly into the resting chamber. They need not be restrained as they understand the gift they are about to receive. One Illithid reached into the brine pool, plucked a small purple creature and simply dropped it onto the cheek of the man. The tadpole crawled and climbed above his eyes, four tentacles forcing his eyelids apart before forcing itself into his socket. It slithered behind the eye, breaking through the bone and began the gestation period within the brain. 

Cullum would serve in the colony while the transformation was underway. At first nothing happens, then the mind opens up to the psionic weave. Shortly thereafter they will notice their hair and teeth falling out as they are no longer required, any body hair as well. The second to last phase is the loss of personality and soul. They wander the halls like mindless husks until the final stage begins. In moments, the bones break and snap, the flesh is torn and resculpted as the creature grows taller and thinner. Fingers extend into claws, the jaw is broken apart to allow for the feeding tentacles to be pushed up and out of the throat…. But then they saw. An Illithid has only four tentacles, but here were so many more, perhaps six or eight. Behold the return of the Ulitharid. This specific transformation took two days to gestate and one hour to complete ceremorphosis. Their name, Cul’Turak.




Once the process is complete, the creature is a fully functional member of the colony. Due to having an Elder Mind present, all knowledge is passed down within hours and they fill their space in society. The coming of an Ulitharid happens in precious few circumstances, it’s entirely unpredictable. It happens only  when the colony has grown large enough to divide and form a second, or when the colony is prosperous enough to sustain larger numbers than a single Elder Mind can control, and thus they use Ulitharid to spread the psionic load. Now, the colony was certainly not prospering with only two dozen slaves and perhaps ten Illithids. Therefore Cul assumed it to mean that it was a symbol of his destiny to lead for the Elder Mind had failed. But now was not the time for such rebellion.



In time, after Cul’Turak had left their home colony to form their own, he established the law that the illithid population must not surpass 50% of their food harvesting potential. This was a drastic measure but an essential one, the empire of old discovered very quickly that when they lost control of their slaves they starved. This could not be allowed to happen again. In an ideal world, there would be five Illithids, four to Govern and one to rule over them. The enthralled would take up any other responsibilities that the colony may need. However, this creates a secondary issue. Suddenly, the need for thralls has grown to take up the extra responsibility. The solution was Omega.

Omega was the first of five night clubs all over the United States. It served many purposes, a source of monetary gain through sales and the drug trade, a source of nourishment from the occasional drunkard who goes missing in the night. But it’s most important function was to be a palace of intoxication, for when the mind is weak it is easily manipulated. Humanity pays for this privilege. An almost limitless supply of people to do your bidding and an almost limitless supply of knowledge to be harvested. Omega, being a nightclub, is also incredibly visible. Visibility is defence, for there are precious few supernatural entities that would dare upset the balance. As such, the club acts much like an embassy where parties may come to discuss with the colony and arrange alliances, trade and the like. All are welcome, save for Angels and Demons. Though some exceptions are made.

Omega is the headquarters for Cul’Turak but it is not the home for the colony. Any individual who is permanently moved into the colony is not taken from such simple stock.


Psionic Masters

All Illithids and their creations are Psionically gifted. A power that is derived from the arcane, divine or demonic. Unique to those who were born outside of the cosmos, outside of rhyme or reason in pure organised chaos. Psionic mastery is paradoxical, the more you know the more you realise you don’t know. It is dipping a toe into a puddle, only to fall into the ocean, sinking to the depths and emerging completely dry at the bottom having learned nothing.  

Despite this, few species have managed to gain some control of this unknowable force. Cul’Turak himself exercises several abilities through his connection.


Creature Sense

 Invisible tendrils radiate through brick and mortar and flesh. An Ulitharid can feel the presence of any intelligent creature within two miles by tasting their thoughts. Their distance and direction is known, but more information requires more active hunting.


Detect thoughts & Scrying

To grip a victims mind and at first gently coax information from the fleshy grey-matter container. The current and recent thoughts may present themselves, though the tendrils can dig deeper for specific information. To scry is to reach out across a distance and observe the victim, to acquire and feast upon their location and their intentions.


Telekinesis & Levitation

To pluck at the arteries of the universe and use the energy to move objects to their whim. The applications of such an ability are as infinite as the cosmos, from lifting oneself to crushing one's enemies. 


Feeblemind, Eyebite & other Mental Dominance.

From simple observations of the machinations of the brain, to full control. Enfeebling the mind is to remove all power of cognition making it impossible to operate at a conscious level. Eyebiting is to chew through the optic nerves and fill the mind with fear or sleep, whichever is most desirable. Other such uses consist of entering the mind, shattering any natural defence and bending the will and whim to one’s own. An untrained Illithid can accidentally apply too much pressure, crushing the mind or shattering the soul.

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  • (Uh, sorry no not exactly... We could use one of Huntress's foes, or your character could be an new foe, or wrong place wrong time Huntress steps in? It's all I have right now, I apologise. I'll get to thinking of some more ideas, please I'd love to hear any ideas you have if you can think of something? - @ Helena K)



  • (Your welcome, would you like to plot some time?)

  • He was statuesque, if not for the curling and uncurling of his fingers.  Gazing quietly down the dark, branching tunnel with his eyes narrowed in thought.   Screw this.  What are you standing around acting like a scared little bitch for, anyway? Just as he was about to stalk off down the tunnel, he paused, and tensed.

    And then he swung around to glare at that lone albino rat as it appeared from betwixt the long blades of grass choking the ditch.  But when his deep blue eyes landed on the tiny creature, the glare in his eyes faltered.  One of his brows ticked upwards, perhaps in amusement, as the creature stared back at him.  He wondered, briefly, what the fuck was going on with the glowing hole in it's skull, but he didn't get a good look before--


    The word seemed to float about in his head, sounding as if from a great distance.  Upon hearing it, the Gangrel once more cocked his head to the side, nostrils flaring.  

    He didn't view the rats as prey-- and to do so, he'd have to be in bad, bad shape-- so he didn't bother to mask his presence or remain ramrod still as he might have otherwise when the rats scurried towards him.  He casually, calmly lifted his boot-clad foot off the ground, twisting his head downwards to watch them dart by his other foot and flee down the tunnel.  

    Then he turned and followed them, wondering if he might come to regret it as he noticed more and more strange rats appearing from within the tunnel.  He thought not. 

    They're just rats. 

    With built in headlamps.  No big deal.

    Anthony absorbed the images in his head without much reaction, although the Beast within him trembled with fury and Hunger at tangible thoughts floating through his mind--mostly, the raw, bloody meat.  The Beast didn't give a fuck about fine dining, though.  And these images are met with little more than the cold dissatisfaction and disinterest.   The Gangrel thought that was a lot better than the alternative.   

    Especially considering it was taking everything in his power not to give into his more.. base instincts.  Even now, he rubbed his jaw, feeling the familiar burn spreading through his gums, specifically at the fore-front of his eye-teeth.  The burning sensation grew in volumes upon being an issued a threat from the Mischief, until he could take it no longer.  With a deep, almost wolven growl building in his throat, he hunkered forward slightly in the darkness and opened his mouth wide; as his fangs burst from his gums, sliding down into place over his canines.  He rolled his lower jaw as another set of fangs slid free to cover his lower set of canines.  They're not nearly as long as his prime pair, but they more than do the job.

    His eyes took on a burning red glow as he willed his vitae into them; and his pupils elongated into narrow, cat-like slits.  Searing against the darkness, those eyes and his fangs were immediately visible, seeming to cast the rest of his being in darkness as he hunkered low.

    Anthony was a patient being-- but it was asking way too much of any Gangrel to suffer a threat from a bunch of rats and not react the same exact way.  His instincts almost demanded he assert his dominance.

    "Try it, I'll skin every last one of you to make myself a new pair of gloves." With every breath required to speak, he growled from the very depths of his throat.  


  • (Magic. Good old wild card. lol. 
    Yeah that idea works. Not to many space faring creatures out there. I know the Zerg assimilated their own. Since they don't use technology like spaceships. 

    The Changeling would be hitching a ride with one as it is easier then on some human or alien vessel. If you can start us off. That be great.) 

  • The Gangrel pushed his fingers through his hair as a cool breeze snaked out from the night sky and tangled around him, ruffling the loose shirt he wore against his lean and athlethic figure.  He closed his eyes for a moment, enjoying the feeling of the wind stroking his cold, dead flesh.

    He opened them a moment later as a familiar sound touched his eardrums, cocking his head to the right, much like a canine would, in order to hear better.  Almost without conscious thought, his already nominally heightened senses sharpened drastically, allowing him to easily make out a car on the road before he could even see it's headlights slashing through the darkness.  

    The roar of the cars modified engine was deafening.  But he shut his deep blue eyes and willed his senses to dull until the sound of the engine was little more than a distant hum.  Then he cracked open his eyes again, glanced down the road, and headed towards the ditch on his right side--where only moments ago he'd thrown and shattered his cell-phone-- he slid down the gravelly incline on the heel of his boot to gracefully deposit himself into the grassy middle, where he shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans and continued walking, pausing only long enough to kick at the long grass.  It was tall enough to reach his naval, surely full of snakes and ticks-- something that might have made him re-think his decision when he'd been human.  But as Kinded? And a Gangrel on top of that, he was hardly worried.

    A few moments passed before the roaring of that cars modded engine was loud enough to shake the whole ground underneath Anthony's feet, a few more seconds, and headlights flashed over the top ridge of the ditch, illuminating empty space on the other side, and then they were gone, the roaring engine was once more fading.. heading in the direction from which Anthony was coming when the crappy Nissan he was driving had taken it's last breath.

    Tires squealed on the pavement in the distance as the driver with the modded engine slammed on their brakes. 

    Anthony narrowed his eyes, glancing over his shoulder in the direction they had been driving.  He listened, and through the buzzing of insects and other night time critters, the sound of a door opening made him perk his ears.  Seconds later, he heard it slamming shut.

    Fuck. Anthony thought immediately, hoping that whoever was driving that car was just a curious night time driver, and not someone who was actively looking to find him.  He couldn't think of anyone who would be desperate to find him outside of the city, unless it was a hit. 

    Or worse, the SI.   That'd be the last thing anyone needs around here.

    Anthony started moving forward again through the long grass, faster, but not running.  He didn't know for sure who it was, so he wasn't going to overreact.  Still, a sensation like ice was creeping down his spine, making him want to arch his back and bare his fangs, but he settled for simply bunching his hands into fists at his sides, grip tight enough to rend steel.

    The neonate ducked into a small drain-pipe and nearly choked on the smell that struck him, so potent it made him wobble on his feet before reaching out with one hand to brace himself on the wall.  The slime that immediately coated his palm and long, thin fingers made him regret it, though.  "Oh, wow.." Quickly withdrawing his hand, he wiped it down his shirt.

    The smell-- the stench--was blood.  Hot and fresh mixing with old, stale, and sour blood, but there was another scent--- almost overpowering.  Almost sickly sweet, Anthony instantly recognized it for what it was.  Rotting flesh and meat.   Not human, though.  Cow.  Something about it made his stomach churn, and he groaned, ducking his head, wishing there was something besides his own precious vitae that he could throw up.  Now it's not like the Gangrel has never drank the blood of an animal, before.  But the only thing that made feasting upon an animal even remotely enjoyable for him was the Hunt. 

    This, though? This turned the male right off.  Kept him hovering by the doorway, his head bowed so that the breeze from just outside the tunnel was blowing through his unkempt black locks.  He knew he should head deeper inside, further away from the highway, away from that shitty Nissan and the driver with the modded car, but as he glanced down the tunnel, he almost wondered if he'd be able to find his way out.

    He thought It was very possible he'd descend into the tunnels, only to lose himself to a frenzy as the Beast was driven mad by the smell of so much blood.  He was pretty sure he wasn't the only Kindred who was unwittingly drawn here this night, either.  Somehow, he doubted they would be the kind to introduce themselves before trying to kill him, for this reason of that or blah blah blah.

    So he hesitated, procrastinated, and waited, although he knew he didn't have all night.  Still a few hours till sun up, but not enough to hang around here all night. 

    He knew he had to make a decision.  "Fuck." he straightened away from the wall.

  • (How come magic Is illegal or whatever for them? 

    Hmm yes I can see thier situation being like a Mexican Stand off. A double K.O. A Stalemate. Neither side gaining or losing ground. A Draw. A tie.  Yeah I like that idea. They encounter the Changeling on the space creature and then the Changeling flees to earth and they run across it and with both not being able to fully affect the other. They come to discuss what to do about their situation while they are on earth. I like that idea. 

    How shall we begin or do we need to discuss more?)

  • (I dunno.  That might serve as a good threat to keep the masses in line.. just food for thought, lmao.  Also, I had a weird childhood, don't judge me.  

    The vampires themselves can barely get along with eachother and they've been trying for the better part of 80 000 years, so that's no surprise.  Anthony's specific clan doesn't have much of an interest in politics, though.  Especially now that they've broken away from the Camarilla in order to pursue other avenues.  They'd probably agree on the Sabbat though, those fuckers make a mess of everything.

    Lol I don't think Anthony would sell out his allies, but there are certainly plenty of vampires who would.  Then again, he's gotten used to not trusting easy.  He's been independent ever since his Sire abandoned him.)

  • (I'm fucking dead. Now you know if the humans ever rebel, that's why.  "They may be stronger! They may be faster! They may have awesome alien powers we cannot comprehend! They are probably smarter and seem to ooze sex charisma.. they can probably wipe us out with a thought! But you know what they can't do!?"...."THEY CANNOT SHIT!! AND SO I SAY FIGHT, BROTHERS AND SISTERS! FIGHT EITH ALL YOUR SHITTY MIGHT!"

    Just like that. Trust me.  It's happened to another race in the past. *Cue shifty eyes.*

    Also, I'm not gonna lie.  I kinda like the thought of that, I'm just wondering whether Anthony will be happy to go along with him.  Or how hell even react to meeting an Illithid in the first place.  But I definitely wanna find out.  I mean.. I'm not fully done with my page yet, but I don't care.  Wanna plot? :D)

  • (Eating things in order to turn them into other things? That's.. almost human.  Although I'm guessing the Illithid makes more than shit.

    And that sounds like it would be a great relationship.  Anthony could become a spoiled fat cat.  That could be his animal form, in fact.  Just a big fat fucking vampire cat. :P)

  • (You know, you're probably right.  And...touche lolol.  I just don't think it's a good story unless someone is getting eaten by SOMETHING. Maybe that says a lot about me, though...>.> 

    No problem.  I couldn't-not add you after reading through your profile. I gotta say I'm pretty intrigued.  A.. Wandering Mind, if you would, might be a little outside of Anthony's radar, but he's a sucker for cosmic mysteries.  The whys and the how's and the men behind the curtains.)

This reply was deleted.

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