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Character Appearance

Peach-ish skin, Pink flats, A pink shirt that stops at her midsection, Pink pants that stop a little after her knees with a short pink skirt, Gray/brown eyes, Pink bands around her wrists, Brown hair with the bangs long and off to both the left and right sides of her head and the rest of her hair in a long braid.

Character Personality

Cheerful, Energetic, and Athletic. Never make Ty Lee sad, or she'll make you pay for it.

Character Likes

Fun, Adventure, and Parties.

Character Dislikes

Being yelled at, Being threatened; because then she's forced to use chi-blocking, Being called a "Circus Freak".

Character History/Story

Ty Lee grew up with 6 identical sisters who all looked exactly like her. She joined the circus because she was scared of spending the rest of her life as part of a matched set, where she improved with her flexibility and learned chi-blocking: an attack she uses where she strikes out at a person's pressure points on their bodies using either her fingers, feet or fists in a series of quick jabs, their limbs numb and they collapse to the ground; unable to move. But that is temporarily, because it wears off in a few hours or so. Ty Lee was voiced by the voice actress Olivia Hack.

Character Abilites

Flexibility, High jumping, Front and back flips, Cartwheel, Jump from object to object, and of course: Chi-blocking.

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Fantasy, Romance, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

22 years old, Female, American, and Currently in college.

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  • "Same." Toph replied.

  • "So how have you been, Ty Lee?" Toph asked.

  • Toph felt a familiar presence coming towards her and smiled. She knew this one anywhere!

    "Ty Lee! It is so good to see, or sense for me, you again." She greeted the acrobat girl.

  • After her short-lived amazement, a pause was given while contemplating his reply. Since she didn't feel intimidated by his presence and once roamed with the circus, he made a proposal. "Since you know your way around, why not travel with me?" The azure scaled beast offered, hoping she might agree.

  • "That'd be Gleeon! He's a nice bloke, a very well reserved one. Occasionally he and I see each other. And the guy was raised by a dragon, not the same kind as myself, but the original ones that can fire-bend." He answered, somewhat cheerful in his tone when giving a summary of said individual. The being in question must've been a special one to master two elements at once.

  • "Ohhhh~ Sounds like you're friends with royalty. I have a friend who knows fire AND airbending if you can believe that, and it's not the Avatar."

  • "They call me a Monster, so I know the feeling." As they conversed about each other, one of his nails would lightly poke at one of her arm sleeves in the meantime. He eventually laid on his golden underside in front of the young woman before questioning her about someone she knew.  "Who's Zuko?"

  • "Six sisters?! That's insane! But hey, who doesn't like standing out? I know I do." After admitting this, his head would gaze down at his own enormous figure at the realization, then back to the performer herself. "Even in human form, I stick out like a sore thumb."

  • "That. Sounds. Awesome. I wanna learn how to do it!" With absolutely no experience in such a field, the young drake placed both front talons onto the soil and shifted his entire figure straight up. When it seemed like he might've been successful, said beast collapsed onto his back with a quake. A disappointed huff escaped his nostrils after that embarrassing attempt.

    "On second thought- I don't think I'd be a good performer."

  • The villainess watched with an arched brow as Azula approached clearly not happy with her "friend". Maleficent had no interest in their squabble and was about to turn away when she saw Ty Lee attack demonstrating the move she had just described to Maleficent a few minutes earlier. The young woman was able to paralyze her friend without the use of magic. Although she would never admit it Maleficent was actually a little interested.

    "Hmm...impressive. How long will she remain paralyzed?"

This reply was deleted.

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Ty Lee left a comment for Toph
""Oh. I've been good, Toph. You?""
Dec 7
Ty Lee left a comment for Toph
"Ty Lee gasped before looking at the blind girl.
 "Toph?! Oh yeah! It has!" She was glad to see Toph again."
Dec 7
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Toph and Ty Lee are now friends
Dec 3
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"Ty Lee thought about it for a few minutes before saying, "Okay.""
Nov 26
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"Ty Lee was amazed.
"Wow." was all she could say."
Nov 23
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""If it's not Avatar Aang, who is it?" Ty Lee asked."
Nov 22
Ty Lee left a comment for Tempest
""Zuko was the Prince of the Fire Nation but is now the Fire Lord, his sister Azula is the Princess." Ty Lee replied."
Nov 20
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""I agree." Ty Lee said with a small smile on her face. "People call me a 'Circus Freak', like Zuko and Azula once (I'm making up Azula calling Ty Lee a "Circus Freak") And when Zuko did at Ember Island on the beach, I told them what I told you and t…"
Nov 20
Ty Lee left a comment for Tempest
""Oh, it's okay. Besides, the reason why I joined the circus was because I grew up with 6 sisters who all look exactly like me. It was like I didn't have my own name. So I was scared of spending the rest of my life as part of a matched set, which is…"
Nov 16
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Ty Lee left a comment for Tempest
""Well, I have been flexible for quite a long time; and it improved when I joined the circus. I am able to balance myself in a high position, one such as being upside-down and on my index fingers."  Ty Lee explained."
Oct 10
Ty Lee left a comment for Tempest
"When she was poked, Ty Lee's balance was almost thrown off. She glanced at Tempest with a raised eyebrow."
Oct 7
Ty Lee left a comment for Tempest
"Ty Lee's eyes opened and she lowered one foot to the ground to get off her fingers and to the ground before getting into a flexible pose where she was laying barely on the ground while her legs were pointed up to the sky."
Sep 27