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Character Appearance

Peach-ish skin, Pink flats, A pink shirt that stops at her midsection, Pink pants that stop a little after her knees with a short pink skirt, Gray/brown eyes, Pink bands around her wrists, Brown hair with the bangs long and off to both the left and right sides of her head and the rest of her hair in a long braid.

Character Personality

Cheerful, Energetic, and Athletic. Never make Ty Lee sad, or she'll make you pay for it.

Character Likes

Fun, Adventure, and Parties.

Character Dislikes

Being yelled at, Being threatened; because then she's forced to use chi-blocking, Being called a "Circus Freak".

Character History/Story

Ty Lee grew up with 6 identical sisters who all looked exactly like her. She joined the circus because she was scared of spending the rest of her life as part of a matched set, where she improved with her flexibility and learned chi-blocking: an attack she uses where she strikes out at a person's pressure points on their bodies using either her fingers, feet or fists in a series of quick jabs, their limbs numb and they collapse to the ground; unable to move. But that is temporarily, because it wears off in a few hours or so. Ty Lee was voiced by the voice actress Olivia Hack.

Character Abilites

Flexibility, High jumping, Front and back flips, Cartwheel, Jump from object to object, and of course: Chi-blocking.

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Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

23 years old, Female, American, and Currently in college.

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  • [Oh okay, that makes sense.]

  • [Yes it was considered a planet while I was in elementary school for sure. I think they changed it maybe 15 years ago or so? I cannot remember.]

  •  "Attempting to be independent and the first thing you do is walk into a complete stranger? I would argue you are failing. What makes you believe you are not helpless?"

  • "I assumed as much. Where did you come from?" She looked down at Toph with an arched brow and a less than thrilled expression on her face.

  • "She seems helpless to me." The villainess rolled her eyes and looked over at Toph. "Does she speak?" The little girl had yet to say anything to Maleficent at all. She was beginning to wonder if she could at all. There was no need for Ty Lee to speak for her.

    [You can use Toph in this thread if you like? Might make things easier. ^^]

  • Before the villainess could retaliate Ty Lee dragged Toph a few feet away. Was this another one of her "friends"? "Touch me again and I will turn your body to ash." She examined her new acquaintance quickly realizing the child was blind. Where exactly had she come from?

    When Ty Lee explained Maleficent nodded and rolled her eyes. "Is this another friend of yours?" Ty Lee had killed the last friend she introduced the sorceress to.

  • Maleficent's eyes widened as Ty Lee stuck her blade into Azula's heart. She had made the suggestion but did not think she would actually do it. Ty Lee seemed like a sweet and innocent girl. Maybe the acrobat was worth her time after all?

    "Well, well, well, I must say I was not expecting you to follow my suggestion." Watching Ty lee kill her enemy did seem to amuse Maleficent to a certain degree. When the young woman asked her question the villainess thought for a moment.

    "I'd find a way to stand out."

  •   The villainess watched Ty Lee and Azula bicker with an arched brow quickly growing frustrated with the conversation. She was not here to babysit or mediate the conversation. Frankly she would prefer watching the two fight to the death.


    She gestured over to Ty Lee then Azula. "Perhaps you should consider killing this "friend" of yours. She seems to pester you more than anything else.

  • "Same." Toph replied.

  • "So how have you been, Ty Lee?" Toph asked.

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