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Character Appearance

Peach-ish skin, Pink flats, A pink shirt that stops at her midsection, Pink pants that stop a little after her knees with a short pink skirt, Gray/brown eyes, Pink bands around her wrists, Brown hair with the bangs long and off to both the left and right sides of her head and the rest of her hair in a long braid.

Character Personality

Cheerful, Energetic, and Athletic.

Character Likes

Fun, Adventure, Parties, and Friends.

Character Dislikes

Being yelled at, Being threatened; because then she's forced to use chi-blocking, Being called a "Circus Freak".

Character History/Story

Ty Lee grew up with 6 identical sisters who all looked exactly like her. She joined the circus because she was scared of spending the rest of her life as part of a matched set, where she improved with her flexibility and learned chi-blocking: an attack she uses where she strikes out at a person's pressure points on their bodies using either her fingers, feet or fists in a series of quick jabs, their limbs numb and they collapse to the ground; unable to move. But that is temporarily, because it wears off in a few hours or so. Ty Lee was voiced by the voice actress Olivia Hack.

Character Abilites

Flexibility, High jumping, Front and back flips, Cartwheel, Jump from object to object, and of course: Chi-blocking.

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Fantasy, Romance, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

22 years old, Female, American, and Currently in college.

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  • The corners of his maw curved upwards to reveal a toothed grin at her reaction to nearly falling over from him interfering. His head would be lowered down to her height afterward until he spoke, having an accent akin to an Australian.

    "How do you stay up like that?..."

  • Grumbling mildly in response, his head tilted as he would be the first thing she'd see upon opening both orbs. Tempest then sat on all fours just a foot away in front of the young woman, only to poke her with a claw out of curiosity.

  • True to what was initially thought of her, she seemed to keep herself up to his own amazement. The corners of his maw curved upwards into a mild grin of astonishment, deciding not to speak another word since she was more occupied with that.

    Not knowing how she might react to the sight of him prior to opening her eyes, Tempest twirled a claw to conjure up natural spring water from where he was just a moment ago. It would soon levitate over to compress itself and reform into what resembled a mini tsunami. His little sculpture was then brought down just a few inches in front of her for when Ty Lee might snap out of her trance.

    Perhaps it shouldn't surprise anyone that he was a Water Bender.

  • A trail of bubbles rippled across the water's surface in a straight pathway, easily trailing towards a certain young woman just a short distance away. What came out first was his head, adorned with a pair of three horns, followed by his azure scaled figure as all fours hauled him onto the shoreline effortlessly. It wouldn't be long until he made way towards the infamous Chi-blocker.

    Should he be allowed to get close, said Sea Drake would bring his snout close to her shoulder for several quick inhales to take in her scent.

    "A performer I see~"

  • "And why do you think I would ever need your help?" Maleficent was far from amused. The girl had bumped into her and now she had the nerve to assume the villainess needed assistance? The so called Mistress of All Evil had never been a patient woman and her patience was getting thinner by the second.

  • The same impact that knocked Ty Lee on the ground managed to throw Maleficent off balance. She took a few steps forward and instinctively pointed her staff at the young woman. Her yellow eyes peered down at the girl and the emotionless expression she previously wore morphed into one of pure disgust. The child needed to watch where she was going.

    Although remaining calm was often a struggle for the villainess, she managed to do so here. She listened as Ty Lee introduced herself knowing reciprocating the introduction was the polite thing to do.

    "My name is Maleficent." She kept her staff pointed at the girl and the green orb at the top began to glow. "I suggest you watch where you are going."

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""Well, I have been flexible for quite a long time; and it improved when I joined the circus. I am able to balance myself in a high position, one such as being upside-down and on my index fingers."  Ty Lee explained."
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"When she was poked, Ty Lee's balance was almost thrown off. She glanced at Tempest with a raised eyebrow."
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"Ty Lee's eyes opened and she lowered one foot to the ground to get off her fingers and to the ground before getting into a flexible pose where she was laying barely on the ground while her legs were pointed up to the sky."
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"Ty Lee was balancing herself upside-down on her index fingers. Her eyes were closed as she inhaled slowly to breathe in the air to help her concentrate. After all, her flexibility and balance requires all her concentration."
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