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When not worried over the threat of capture or being seen by a stranger outside of his vehicle mode, Unity can be quite the jovial one towards those around him. Despite the occasional sass from him, he holds a surprising amount of selflessness to his allies and will not hesitate to take the heat for someone, whether it be mentally or physically.


At a total height of seventeen feet, Unity like most Transformers holds a bipedal and aerodynamic figure with a snow white paint scheme. There are two wing-like segments behind his shoulders where exterior plates from his vehicle mode fold up, a beak shaped head with a glowing cobalt visor, a pointed chest, and narrowed legs with edges at the front.



In vehicle form, he uses a 2015 Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce as his facade while going out on public roads or settlements. Much like his true form he has a white paint job with secondary black on some details. The interior is mirrored after and feels exactly the same as its authentic counterpart, any occupants inside wouldn't be able to tell the difference. When active, that false V12 engine can still be heard normally at the press of the gas pedal. There are no distinguishable features on his exterior to make him stand out from others on the road.

Being a Transformer, an entirely different vehicle can be scanned at will to change into /it/ instead, usually it'll still appear white unless he chooses to change the color as well. It is unlikely he'll ditch his current disguise any time soon.



Before his arrival came the War.

Long ago on a faraway world existed the Cybertronian race, a civilization of artificial beings with many astonishing technical capabilities and attributes. Before hostilities broke out Unity worked as a researcher for a weapons research facility, developing and assisting with experimental technology mostly. He was credited for aiding in the creation of the Space Bridge, a device capable of creating quantum corridors (portals) that could be used to travel almost anywhere.

Over time, movements for equality were started by a lesser bot who served as a Miner due to being of a lower caste, this individual became known as Megatronus. He later gained supporters and sought to abolish the caste system by force. Cybertron was eventually plagued by a global conflict that lasted for centuries between two factions created in its wake: The Autobots and Decepticons. Their everlasting engages gradually let to the destruction of their own planet beyond any recognition to the point of becoming uninhabitable. Defeat was inevitable for the Autobots, who found themselves terribly outnumbered and outgunned.

When called to serve, Unity was chosen to become a member of the Wreckers, a combat unit of the Autobots consisting of only the most talented bots available. They operated outside the standard chain of command and took high-risk missions that were nearly suicide, their equivalent of Black Ops. He worked as a combat engineer and demolitions expert until the war reached its peak. From there he met several of his closest friends: Bulkhead, Wheeljack, and Seaspray.

Their last mission together was to destroy the Decepticon warship Harbinger, which was rumored to be carrying a shipment of prototype weapons technologies. Several bots named Blackout, Hotshot, and Pyro accompanied him during the operation.The Wreckers were successful in breaking through the Decepticon line to reach the spaceport. By the time they got in, the vessel was already taking off with its high-value cargo on board, forcing them to hitch a ride. After sabotaging the engineering bay, Hotshot was killed attempting to escape the Harbinger. Pyro stole a fighter while Unity rode inside Blackout since he could transform into a light dropship. To their misfortune, Pyro was shot down by fighters as the other two Wreckers fled together.

As if nothing could've escalated their situation, the duo returned to find their stronghold reduced to ashes, turns out the outpost was bombed while they were away. With their superiors dead, he and Blackout fled the planet after receiving news that an Ark carrying Autobot refugees was departing soon, all survivors across the globe were ordered to leave. Both bots headed for interstellar space in hopes of finding a safe haven. Just like their weaker counterparts, all surviving Decepticons left and scattered themselves across the known galaxy.

When it seemed like him and his partner would be scattered to the winds for all of eternity across the cosmos, they stumbled across what was to become their new home.

To their own luck, both Wreckers discovered a habitable world prior to setting a random course. Only moments after they came out of warp, Unity and his much larger ally were intercepted by Decepticon flyers. Blackout sustained critical damage during a skirmish in the planet's orbit and was on the verge of going up in one massive inferno. To spare his comrade, he ejected Unity from his interior while in vehicle mode in the form of a dropship, thus causing him to enter atmosphere like a meteorite. It was unclear whether or not Blackout survived, the last time he saw him was when he darted past a blanket of clouds while one of his thrusters was up in flames.

After making impact on a California dairy farm, the lone bot immediately got out of his crater in a frantic search for his possibly deceased brother in arms. At the realization, Blackout was nowhere to be seen and nothing on comm chatter, he managed to locate a road before learning that the azure and emerald marble he was on had a civilization living there. In order to keep a low profile, a passing vehicle was scanned by him to take its exact form, this ended up being a Lamborghini Aventador.

Under this facade, the rogue Autobot began studying traffic laws via Internet through his own helm. The next three years consisted of him roaming North America's highways in his new disguise, and without a need for any type of fuel, good luck attempting to stop him if you're a police officer. Despite his kind having the ability to tolerate isolation better than the natives of that planet, the growing solitude combined with the likely loss of his fallen ally began eating away at his core. Unfortunately for him, Unity was required to constantly keep himself concealed in vehicle mode, the only time he could transform without the fear of being discovered was on backwoods roadways or abandoned properties.

Currently, he uses a deserted underground complex located beneath an aircraft graveyard as safe house, where essential supplies, weapons, and personal belongings. Stored therein crates is Energon, a mysterious substance that acts as the fuel and lifeblood for all Cybertronians, without it he'd weather away in due time. Much of his time is often spent seeking out Energon deposits and materials for crafting new equipment or additional weapons should the time ever call for their usage. When not gathering resources, Unity frequently travels to nearby cities just to explore, occasionally he'll venture into other states.



April 18

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  • // Yeah! That sounds so interesting, I like that idea. Would you like to start?

  • // Oh, okay! Hmm. I will have to give it a thought. I really like the idea of Unity and Legion working together for something somehow, even though Unity is more of like a good guy and Legion is more, like, morally gray, since Legion does tend to fall on the good side of things for the most part....

  • // Thank you, I really like your page as well! I'd love to write with you.

  • // Hello, thank you for the add! 

  • “I would be fine, but… if anything were to happen while passing through I couldn’t guarantee your own safety,” Spencer also noted. Phasing though materials took a grand amount of focus even in his old age, let alone with such a large body in tow. His body took care of itself, but getting anyone caught in the in-between was hardly an option. While the mech explained the concept of Energon further, he let his jaw rest atop his palm. The concept of something unknown hidden in the world shouldn’t have surprised him by now.

    “-Can you really?” The mage perked up at the promise of a weapon; at this point, he would take any leg up he could get against the giants he had meddled with thus far. There wasn’t any going back, now. His immediate safety was in the Cybertronian’s hands.

    During the beginning of the weapon-making process, Spencer was glued to the site studying where Unity’s attention went, from the buttons pressed to the contraption that seemed to pull the blueprints from the mechanical being’s mind, or so the ghost theorized. An hour passed and he sat in silent observation before Spencer slipped away and found a place on the floor to settle down and pull the journal back out of his satchel. He had to record what he could while he remembered what he was told. Energon, Cybertronians, galactic wars, and underground bunkers holding portals made of technology mankind had never seen? It was enough to make him appreciate the moment of rest they were given. 

    Did Unity sleep? Did their kind feel their own fatigue? Certainly, they wouldn’t have the headaches he was giving himself in just trying to figure it all out. 

    “-Have you worked with humans before..? Have you really been in hiding, all this time?” Spencer prompted sometime during the printing hours… possibly even twice, remembering to raise his voice for the other to hear.

    . . .

    The last duration of the printing was spent laying down with his head on the satchel he carried. The mage stared upward to the ceiling of the bunker, getting a bit of rest, despite his body not letting him dare think about sleep. When Unity spoke up after quite some time, his head tilted back to look at him. With an exhaled breath, Spencer stood back up and turned toward the much taller being.

    He snapped back awake when he saw the finished product. Dark hues swept from one end of the blade to the other, eyeing the structure of it. It looked like a bottom-heavy thing that wasn’t even meant to be swung. Nonetheless, Spencer picked it up and grasped the hilt in both hands firmly. Despite the size, it was lighter than he expectedstill heavier than the broad sword tucked in his bag, but light enough to give a careful preliminary test spin in his palms. “Thank you, truly…” He looked back up to Unity as he explained further. Listening carefully, Spencer took a few steps back, took a careful back-stance where he stood, and activated the edges of the sword. All weight and balance issues went away with the energy coming off its edges, strangely enough.

    “Dual function? What else could i-”

    The button was pressed, and by some miracle, the old ghost didn’t drop the damned thing. The blade folded into its secondary form and against his wild imagination, no harm came of it. A startled look was cast up to Unity, one part amazed, one part bewildered. “Y-You can’t be serious, can you?”

    He was. The blade’s edges were disarmed and he gave it one last spin before he picked up his bag and slung it over his shoulder. The blade was pinned to his shoulders using the leather strap of the bag for the time being. 

    The portal sprang to life next at Unity’s command and the greenish glow caught Spencer’s eye. He froze for a moment and felt his muscles tense up, not wanting him to take another step forward. This is happening, he reminded himself, trying to convince the rest of his body of the matter. Deep breaths.

    The mage walked toward the bridge, lingering just behind Unity’s flank, staring into the pool of energy he was expected to waltz on through. “No,” He answered honestly. “-but we’d better go.”

  • What was a long time to a cybertronian? They weren’t limited to flesh and bone as the creatures of the earth were. Maybe they had their own limitations all the same, but the mage couldn’t help but wonder. 

    Spencer pondered the next question for a long moment after speaking. That was right. He wasn’t going in alone, now was he? The mage wasn’t sure he would want to. He had to plan for them both to infiltrate. He bit the inside of his cheek and finally spoke. “When I phase I can take one person with me. Two at most, but it becomes tricky. Two human-sized beings… but for someone like you?” The notion was followed with a slow shake of his head. “For anything short of brute force, we will need a diversion.”

    His attention soon flickered to the screen when the image was displayed. He watched as the figures on-screen worked in the quarry-like setting, taking in their differences and capabilities as they went about. “You have surveillance…” He commented aloud. His gaze landed on the glowing objects and Spencer hummed in thought. Alchemic studies were among his distant past, but what was this? The answer came soon enough. He looked up to Unity for the explanation, tossing a glance back to the screen on occasion. “So it’s your lifeforce, weapons, everything?” He could fill a journal page on the concept of Energon alone.  “I’ve never seen it before. Frankly, I’ve never heard of it… has it always been present on Earth?” So there was their target. Their meeting point, should the time come. Then what? There was planning to be done. This wasn’t a war of beasts or a battle from his past.

    “Evading I can do with ease, but killing…” His voice trailed off thoughtfully. Spencer didn’t rightfully know what killed Unity’s kind. He couldn’t rely on the landscape alone, and the trial and error needed for spellcasting could be treacherous to rely on solely. It was a monumental task even with an upper hand. A frown crossed his lips while he stared at the screen and thought. When the offer came, his brow knit together. “I don’t suppose there is any blade that would work against your kind? Although beggars can’t be choosers in a time like this.”

    . . .

    Marius watched the bot’s expression change much to his advantage. Surely the other had pondered such a thing, but how well did these ‘Decepticons’ understand human behavior? The sorcerer knew every aspect of it. Every inch, every tick ripe to be exploited. Humans had a will that was bendable when pressures were applied in just the right places. 

    As they began to walk down the corridors, long strides left him behind, but never too far off from the bot leading the way. He made note of the directions they took while his focus tried to take in every inch of the hallways, peeking down the corridors they would ignore on their way. When they reached the intended room, the glow of the screens caught Marius’ eye and caused a raising of his brow. It was more than he could have expected from the ‘quiet space’ he had requested.

    “You will hear from me if it is needed,” Marius responded, complicit.  The sorcerer watched as the bot made its leave from the room. Only once the footsteps trailed away and left behind silence, did the man relax his shoulders and let out a sigh.

    When the coast was clear, he put his hands together. Wicked words were muttered under the man’s breath one after another, lacing his tongue and leaving in the form of shadows gathering in his palms from the darkest corners of the room. The longer the spell continued, the closer the sorcerer’s hands clasped together, forming what was to be made. By the time they pulled themselves apart again slowly, the dark matter between his fingertips was flowing to the brim with energy. “Be my eyes,” he commanded into the empty room. Marius crouched to the ground and released it toward the doorway. Serpent-like creatures writhed to life and clung to the corners of the corridor. They would stick to the shadows as they disappeared out of sight.

    He had work to do, and alien technology to decipher in a matter of the coming days, if not hours. Marius walked toward the terminal and eyed the two seats present contemplatively. The one on the right was chosen. After a few moments, he climbed atop with relative ease. He took a seat atop the backrest where the screens were closer to eye level. First thing was first; he wanted to see what the robotic beings had to offer him before he sought out after the ghost and his irritable comrade.

  • It took a handful of miles before the mage settled back into his seat and felt some essence of acceptance with Unity’s driving. Seldom did Spencer travel by car, and when he did, it was within the cities he stayed in. Trains were common enough, but a car speeding down the roadways at its own accord? There was no counting how many times his fingers reached for the handle on the driver-side door. The path they took away from the city was pulling Spencer further and further away from what little familiarity he had. His eyes never left the windows all the while. He was on edge from their first encounter and no sound would be overlooked. The trees gave way to the scrapyard, and he knew better than to think it belonged out in the middle of nowhere. Vehicles. Engines. Scraps of metal from who-knows-what. All of which his overactive imagination told him could jump out if he wasn’t careful.

    Spencer stepped out when prompted and re-situated the messenger bag over his shoulder. He followed after a bit aimlessly, wondering what they were looking for until Unity’s hands dug into the earth to pull up the entrance he had no hopes of spotting. Surprise lingered on his face until the welcome was given. Hesitantly he took his first few steps below the ground, memorizing the slope should he need it again.

    “This… is incredible,” The mage uttered, for once speechless. He expected something as dark as a dragon’s den, not the lit corridors that somehow powered themselves in the desolate place. It was sophisticated for what it was— virtually invisible.

    The echo of his footsteps felt like almost nothing in the size of the space. By the time they reached the end of the corridor Spencer’s stride had slowed considerably. The hair on his neck stood on end instinctively at the sight. The monitors that glowed. The lighted tunnel. The projects left on workbenches and the weapons rack that reminded him of the blaster that had once been poised at him before things took a turn in the shipyard. The air underground held a chill to it unlike above, but the Ex-Rider had endured worse. What had he gotten himself into..? 

    He must have been standing for long enough when Unity spoke out. Spencer snapped back to life and looked up to the Autobot. His eyes drifted to the glowing archways in the tunnel ahead of them. “You have a portalling system..?” The man finally breathed out one of many questions. “How long could this have possibly taken you!? How long have you…” His head was spinning again but he couldn’t take his eyes off the sight. Unity was walking before he would get his bearings on any of it. Spencer followed once the monitors were powered on, making his way up to a position where he could see what they had in store.

    “A warship,” Spencer echoed the words in a distant tone. Just when nothing else could be stacked on top of things? Of course. That meant the possibility of leaving the Earth, or at least traveling far enough away from it that even his dragon would have not reached. Heights had never scared the man so long as there was some prospect that he would be caught.

    Speaking of which, the mage moved closer to the edge of the elevated table and slowly sat down with his legs dangling off the ledge. “These… Energon mines, how far away are they? His chin tipped up toward Unity. “Or- would a beacon be found as suspicious?”

    “Undetected, however…” Spencer echoed while he thought aloud. A hand touched his chin while he thought. “Undetected is something I can do.”

    . . .

    A brow rose to the answer, none too surprised that there was one, only that it came as quickly. Marius wouldn’t ask questions beyond it however; their philosophy was far less his concern than the task at hand. On the other hand, he wouldn’t hesitate to spill what he knew about the white mage. The more eyes on his target the better, and if those eyes were weaponized? The only thing left to decipher was what the other side of the deal wanted.

    Marius watched the expression change on the Mech-like creature’s face, surprised to see such recognizable emotion. “A bargaining chip,” the Sorcerer deduced with the raise of a brow. In the least, he knew that was how it would begin. “You would have the attention of every major government of the world. Let alone, if you choose your target city correctly, the initial panic would be immeasurable.” His gaze rose to the Decepticon. There wasn’t an ounce of shock nor objection to their plan. He turned away from the screen. “I can trace them… but I will need a quiet place to work.”

  • “If we go back to your shelter now… do you think we’ll have time?” Spencer questioned. The time to prepare felt precious; he could use one more flip through his spellbook to find what was useful against the beings or to even develop a plan of any kind. He didn’t know what he was getting into, but he knew very well what the ripple effect would be if the weapon was detonated.

    . . .

    Marius watched as the ground below disappeared with the elevator’s closing, and his gaze never stopped moving from there on out. He squinted while his eyes adjusted to the change of light within the dark, encompassing interior of the vessel. He felt a certain sense of silence within The Nemesis that most wouldn’t associate with peacefulness, but he just might with time. 

    Starscream’s prompt once more shook the Sorcerer to action. He began to walk when they were on the move again, hearing the deep, clanking echoes of the bot’s feet in the ship that was meant for so much more than humankind. At times Marius kept up, but as something caught his attention his steps slowed without any concern if it was too slow for the larger being or not. No different than Spencer, he was trying to dissect the space. Make sense of it. He cared far less for the social aspects of these beings; he wanted to hear of what they ruled. Where their capabilities lie. What brought them to a mortal planet that must be despicable compared to their own?

    They were all questions Marius could hold within himself for the time being. If there were any true differences between the two mages, the Sorcerer’s focus was obsessively honed in on what needed to be done.

    They reached their destination after who-knows-how-long of walking. Marius brought up the rear and made haste to close the gap by the time they were to enter the bridge. The space opened up brilliantly to have the Sorcerer once more looking around, catching glimpses of many more of their kind at work, or so it seemed. What should have been fear or even hysteria over his surroundings was a sense of awe instead. Light blues gazed up at the screen momentarily and then fell to the one operating the center console. Marius’ head tilted slightly as he inspected the stranger. He was the smallest fish in the vast ocean that was the ship, but he wouldn’t let himself dwell on it now.

    Marius wouldn’t give so much as a courtesy nod when introduced to the bot, besides the assumed gaze that was met. The mission was understood, and that was all that he needed. His attention went to the screen as the text grew familiar to him, furrowing his brow in thought. As Soundwave moved, he would walk toward the console to get a closer look. 

    “Dangerous..?” Marius spoke out listlessly when the question was posed. He seemed to think it over for a few moments. “He wields magic just as I, but he has no true focus with it. Our trouble will be that he is evasive… but that fool’s life force is so loosely tied to his body. All it would take is the right touch to end it.” Another pause for thought. His gaze left the screen and went to the leader behind him.

    “I don’t suppose your kind has a soul… do you?” 

    The Sorcerer gave a moment for whether there was a different answer to be had or not. “He is capable, yes… but predictable. I have the capability of tracking him, and little doubt that he would still be with who you are after.” Marius’ arms crossed. His shoulders turned from the console and he looked to Starscream directly. “You want your pale being, and I want mine.. and what of the weapon? What are your plans for it?”

  • Spencer studied the ground as he listened to the confirmation, deep enough into thought. His hand swept his hair back once in fatigue with an exhale, as he had a habit of doing when his thoughts were overwhelmed enough. His eyes rose when the ‘However…’ caught his attention. Mercury hues stared up at Unity expectantly. Oddly hopeful, for what little information he knew. 

    “If they passed by, in a modern day city… how would they know it is you? Would you be able to tell, can all of your kind take on alternate forms?” He questioned. It was a needle in a haystack among humankind, if not. Spencer knew he could have passed on at the wrong moment, and been none the wiser. His own hunting endeavors were seemingly put on hold for now.

    With the last details added to Unity’s brief his expression grew pensive. How many would make a ‘small army’ by Cybertronian standards? The scales sounded tipped out of their favor by the sound of it. “And the weapon, back in the shipyard… it would just be the beginning, wouldn’t it? Not to mention they’d be after you, wouldn’t they? Should we be moving?”

    He was heard correctly. We. 

    . . .

    There was no mistaking the way Marius’ brow raised. Of all the impossibilities he had walked into that evening, the idea of what the mech offered was certainly among them. A warship..? His chin tipped to one side by a few degrees. His gaze wavered only at the uttering of the other bot behind their leader.

    Where the man hadn’t let himself feel small in the presence of giants, his eyes went skyward and he took a few steps back at the sight overhead. The hair on Marius’ neck stood on end. For a moment his ever-confident, brooding expression went blank. Not even a smart word went by as he observed what he could see from his own height, trying to take in the magnitude. He had questions of the technology, the grasp these beings must have on it to wield such a craft.

    For a moment, Marius was frozen. He had never stepped off the Earth unless by his own terms; not by plane, nor any other method. “Whatever it takes,” He reminded himself under his breath of the promise once made. When prompted, the now silent sorcerer forced a step forward. Then another. He walked toward the platform and stepped in, eyeing the materials of the ship, studying it even from below.

  • As Spencer listened to the story that was now a decade in the making a frown crossed his lips. It was short-lived when the story turned around just as suddenly. The mage could surely understand the sense of not knowing and what it could do with time. He should have been taking notes; the urge was certainly there but he reminded himself of the oath of silence. They had plenty of time for his questions so long as the sky was clear. His own arms crossed as he listened, picking up keywords left and right including the names that came across in his tales. They were names he couldn’t put a face to if he tried, other than imagining the being standing in front of him and those that were left behind in the ship graveyard site.

    He had the man’s unblinking attention as he tried to imagine a world elsewhere and its politics, which suddenly shrank the universe with the details. As the story went on, he realized he was imagining that new world in the past tense. Dictators, wars, devastated planets, and spaceships. He was trying to keep his head from spinning as he followed along with the bizarre concept.

    “The war… was it truly enough to doom an entire planet? -And for how long? These names- who survived? Are there more of you scattered across the cosmos?” Spencer’s mouth was running a mile a minute as he thought. It sounded like the battle was still on… but what were they fighting for if the planet was lost? His hand swept white locks back with an exhale. The semi-pointed tips of his ears revealed and hid themselves in the process, and he went back to staring up at Unity. “You say you found Earth as an outpost. Had they found it first, did they follow you? The- Cybertronians in the shipyard, who do they side with?”

    . . .  

    Marius was pleased enough that his entrance went noticed but just as on guard toward the giants that towered overhead. Careful hues sifted out who was the leader of the lot before he had started to move. Marius’ brow furrowed as he approached. The man kept still, besides a slight curve in some of his fingertips, threatening a spell that hadn’t yet been conjured. Light blue hues met with the larger being’s and a brow rose.

    A single thought entered his mind when the deal was proposed and left to dangle in front of the sorcerer. These creatures think no differently than humans. It could serve as useful. He could rightfully track down the man in his own time, but the refusal of extra manpower was out of the question. Marius’ own expression failed to change its intensity.

    “He leaves with me in one piece, when you are done. No exceptions.” A grin tugged at one corner of his mouth. “We are wasting time, are we not..?”

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