Adelaide is a Summer Fae. Her kind values life and she tends to be quite bubbly and cheerful. She enjoys music and loves animals.

She has a unique personality and has hidden aspects that take awhile to catch onto in most cases. She enjoys the warmth and radiates it from her own skin. She likes making new friends.


She doesn't have much of a family to speak of, having decided to go her own way at a somewhat young age to become a guard of the Summer court. She has been around for centuries, meandering about and doing what pleases her. If it doesn't interest her she isn't likely to do it.



Adelaide doesn't have many relationships but there are a few people she considers dear to her and close to her heart.

Roman: A trouble making cambion Adelaide spends most of her time teasing him and trying to keep her head afloat among all the drama he seems to keep bringing with him. Overall she considers him to be very important to her, and would do just about anything for him.

Bolt: Adelaide's best friend, she tends to pester him frequently. Her familiar tends to fill his pool with acorn, which ensues into acorn battles between the two of them. Adelaide confides pretty much everything to Bolt.


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She has long blonde hair, and bright blue eyes (when she has her glamour up). With fair skin she almost has a glow of sunshine around her.

Character Personality

She has a very bubbly personality and cares greatly for those important to her but the last thing you want to do is piss her off.

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I enjoy writing with just about anyone and love the chance for new stories. I'm always open for new ideas. Talking to me OOC will reveal a lot of my interests as well as a fairly interesting personality xD. I love making new friends and talking to people when I can so please, don't be afraid to send me a message.

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  • (Strike me for the late reply. I'm sorry!)

    He's in no need for a change of clothes. The jogging shorts and black shirt will do just fine until he can get a shower in. Roman doesn't feel particularly fussed about how he looks. Once Adelaide is happy, he takes her hand and the world around them contorts. The trees transform into buildings, the dirt into streets and the animals to people. Within a short few seconds, they stand outside of a small, yet busy coffee shop.

    Roman moves first to push the door open and holds it, "After you." Good to know he has some manners.

  • "Okay, fine. Breakfast." It's rare he eats out for breakfast, so the unsure look on his face is justified, "I promise I won't take you to eat the breakfast menu at Maccas." His Australian accent thickens for a second with the slang word. Visiting home for a short while has deepened his roots. Roman smiles brightly and holds out his hand, palm facing up, "Somewhere with good coffee. Coming?"

  • Trust these two to run into each other on pure chance. He never picked up the phone to contact her, nor did she. It would seem that no amount of ignoring one another would do any good when fate continues to have their paths cross like this. Roman searches through his hair with his fingers, finding nothing but silky loose strands and a pain in the base of his neck from stress, "Ah.. want to have lunch?" It's still morning.

  • (( Oh nice :) Glad that all is well with you.))

  • ((How rude of your phone. How is all that going though?))

  • ((Where have ya been?))
  • (( *pokes*))

  • "You don't have a bath?" He questions, slowly taking one shoe off at a time.

  • The actions of the blonde caused our red-head to tilt his head to the left ever so slightly; a single green hue landing on her; the other eye hidden behind a matte eye-patch.  He didn't seem hostile, in fact, quite the opposite. Where were they? The streets of New York city. Sadly, Jett lived around this Hell hole. He had no idea why he hadn't moved back to Florida yet. Perhaps his self-proclaimed sister kept him sticking around. She was technically the only family he had, even if she didn't care much for our Red-head. 

    "Well well." Jett spoke, arms crossing over his chest. Leaning forward every-so-slightly, the red-head finished his sentence, "Not the best thief now are we?" Whether she answered or not, Jett was quick to uncross his arms and fan his hand as if to dismiss the ideas she may have had in her head. "Don't give me that deer in headlights look. I'm not here to steal what you stole.. After all you ran into me." Well that was true. Ducking into an alleyway in New York could only get her into more trouble. She was lucky Jett was one of the more friendly Supernaturals in New York. 

    "Gotta wonder though. What's such an unskilled thief doing trying to steal in such a secure city like New York?"  He questioned, piecing a strand of red hair back into place while awaiting her answer. 

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"She scowls for a moment before relaxing slightly. "I'm unskilled because usually I am the guard." She holds the stolen artifact close to her chest and her eyes look anywhere but him as she mutters. "They weren't taking proper care of it. It doesn't…"
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"She skids around a corner, holding something to her chest as she presses herself as close to the wall of the building as she can, keeping an ear out for running feet passing by. When she heard the offenders go by she let out a sigh of relief, lookin…"
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