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Character Age

24 years old.

Character Species

Human/Amphiptere hybrid. My character will be able to switch between the two voluntarily.

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Single. No strings attached. Multi roleplay.

Character Appearance

Wren stands at 5’9/175cm and has a seemingly petite physique. However, underneath she is quite strong being a human/dragon hybrid. She has bright red hair and enjoys dressing in business clothing or dark trench coats that cover her body.

Character Personality

Wren at first glance comes off as uninterested and rude. However, after opening up, she is warm underneath. She is very protective of the people she holds dear and will emotionally harden if something happens to those people. As Wren is kind to those she cares about, she has a darker side. It causes her to become distant and easily irritable. This is caused by her dragon half. She only acts this way when in beasts form for too long.

Character Likes

Wren enjoys reading and going for hikes in the Forrest. She enjoys exploring of all kinds, mostly in old ruins and forbidden places. Her excitement and thrill rises from risk and sometimes near death experiences. Her hobbies vary based upon the form she is in. —————————————————————————- Wren enjoys the company of open minded people who are always eager to learn and explore. Wren is often blunt, and hates unnecessary drama. Wren doesn’t have a set personality type she is attracted to when seeking friends or companion ship. She simply asks to not be involved in immense drama.

Character Dislikes

Wren dislikes people who intentionally press her buttons and intend to cause harm to those she holds dear.

Character History/Story

Wren descends from a long line of dragons. Amphiptere to be precise. Her family consisted of Amphiptere that guarded the ancient mountains and ruins of China for centuries. They were powerful and sacred being that most of China wished to protect and to leave them to their duties. However, some had different intentions. A large group of skillful and highly equipped humans and their tamed mythical creatures befriended the Amphiptere. Only to soon stab them in the back, killing off hundreds of Wren’s bloodline. The few that survived went into hiding in the deepest parts of the Chinese ancient ruins; only returning to the surface momentarily to wreak havoc upon any and all of the people they believed caused them harm. And more. The Amphipteres began giving their young the gift of being able to switch between human and dragon. They believed this could help preserve their species and protect their young. Hybrids such as Wren and others still exist throughout Asia.

Character Inventory

Calm/Smart witted/Adventurous/ Irritable/Protective/Short

Character Abilites

Wren has been graced with a form of super strength, causing her to be much stronger than most. She can lift heavy objects and easily pummel her foes in battle. In her dragon form, she is even more so capable of causing harm. Her scaly, smooth body and giant wings allows her to move easily through air and water (to some extent) She does not have the ability to breathe fire or spit poison like other dragons. But do not undermine her, as she is incredibly strong and lightning fast in beast form.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, 18+, Gore, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I am 18 years old ooc and have been in the roleplay community for around five years. I started out on KIK and moved to Instagram. After a short hiatus, I am ready to jump back into roleplay. I enjoy reading, writing and playing video games. I also love being outside and listening to music. Rock, preferably. My roleplay style is literate and I am aiming to advance. I am also incredibly open to making new friends and roleplay partners! 🤍

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  • Hello and welcome aboard! Just wanted to pop in and say I love your character so far. I'm unfortunately at my max capacity for threads right now, but don't hesitate to reach out if you need help navigating the site ~

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