Avery was rushing along the deck of the Symphony, moving anything he could into the ship's hold. The winds had been picking up and the brightness of day was dimmed by clouds. The ship rocked and Avery stumbled, moving towards the ladder to the bridge. He vaulted over the railing to get behind the wheel, beginning to steer. A storm was about to strike.

As the winds picked up even more, Avery let go of the wheel, letting it spin as he stepped back, untying some ropes on the railing, beginning to pull the side of the back sail up. Once it was halfway closed, he tied the ropes down before switching to the other side for the other side and doing the same. His goal was to reduce wind so it wouldn’t steal control of the ship. He grabbed the wheel to stop it from spinning and began turning with the waves. The wind caught the sails and scooped the whole ship forwards with a jerk, almost making Avery lose his footing. He pulled a lever that locked the wheel in place and jumped down from the bridge, moving to the front mast to raise its sails as well. After everything was done, He stepped back up to the bridge and pushed the lever to unlock the wheel, taking control again as the ship suddenly jerked from a large wave crashing into it. Distant thunder warned of the coming danger...


...Avery was struggling against nature. Waves were rocking the ship wildly as they tried to push it one way, and the winds were forcing it the other. He knew he had to get rid of the wind and start drifting with the waters to keep from capsizing. Avery pulled the lever back, to lock the wheel in place before running to the railing and untying the ropes. He felt a forceful tug as he struggled to keep grip with the wind trying to push the sails open. Avery managed to pull the ropes taut, slowly raising one side of the sails. He tied it down and moved to the other side, repeating the process. Once the back sails were up, he jumped down from the bridge and began working on the front sails. This time the ropes zipped from his grasp while he was working on the second half and the side of the sails fell completely, forcing the ship to turn with sudden bursts of wind. Avery lost the ropes as they flew wildly, unable to see clearly more than a few meters in the steadily worsening rain. He was threatened by thunder as he tried to climb the mast, finding the rope.

Something cracked and the ship jerked, nearly knocking Avery from the mast. He turned and saw the wheel spinning wildly. Abandoning his search for the loose ropes, he jumped down as the ship tilted, stumbling across the deck and up the ladder. Avery took a beating on his arm to stop the wheel before jerking the lever back again to lock it in place. Something was broken and it continued spinning. Avery had to hold on, trying to turn the ship to go with the waves rather than against them. More thunder roared at him but he stayed determined to keep the ship afloat. Something else cracked and Avery looked up to see the front mast leaning back, towards him...


...Avery woke up to the brightness of day. He was under a canvas and tangled in rope. He felt a numbness in his arm, looking at the bruises on it caused by the wheel. He gripped some of the rope and sat up to untangle himself before yelping in pain and noticing his twisted leg caught under the fallen mast. He pulled some of the canvas off of him, realizing it was a torn sail. Glancing over the edge of the bridge, he could see sand. The ship was beached on an unfamiliar shore. Avery tried a few attempts at rolling the mast off of him, all weakened by exhaustion, hunger, and pain. He laid back, giving up. After a moment, Avery decided to rely on the hope that this shore wasn’t deserted.

"H-hello? Is anyone there? Help!"

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June 10

Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

An anthropomorphic fox with a somewhat basic fur pattern. Avery has orange fur with black ear tips and paws, and cream white fur from his chin, down his chest to his crotch. He has 3 orange tails, 2 with cream white tips and 1 with a black tip. There’s a scar at the base of his tails and a clipped cut on his left ear. He usually hates clothes and just wears black shorts, but sometimes has a vest or basic shirt on.

Character Personality

Avery is adventurous and sometimes playful. He loves learning knew things, even when he doesn’t fully understand the subject.

Character Likes

- Sweets, especially berries

- Nature

- The sea

Character Dislikes

- Shirts or heavy clothes

- Formal events and formal wear

- Others touching his tails without permission

- Dragons (fear)

Character History/Story

Avery is a race of Kitsune that gain tails as they age until they have all 9 around their 30s or 40s. Kitsune’s tails are their source of magic and they get more powerful with each one, but some people hunt them illegally to steal this power.

Avery was found drifting at sea as kit and taken in by Captain Ryn Myrian, a wolf folk(wolf person). He grew up with Ryn on a small seaside town called Rockport and they went out to sea together a few times.

Avery was attacked by poachers and lost one of his tails before he was rescued by Ryn. Ryn was injured in the fight so Avery took on a job at the Fox's Tankard, a local tavern owned by a grey foxfolk(fox person) named Ryke.

Overtime Ryn, never really got better as he was already a little old. He passed away and Avery inherited his ship, a small one with two masts called the Symphony. Avery rarely wears Ryn’s tricorn, which he got with the ship, but keeps it by him at the times. Avery continued working in the tavern for a while before he finally decided to start exploring the world, sailing out to sea on his own.

Small details:

- Ryn raised Avery, but Ryke also acted as a father figure, teaching Avery various basic survival skills

- Avery’s tri-lingual, knowing Common(English) and Sylvan, and Luhn, but he never learned to read or write.

Character Inventory

- short black trousers that end just below the knees

- heel and ankle bandage wraps for some footing coverage

- crossbody satchel bag

- dagger (in satchel)

- Ryn’s tattered tricorn hat (in satchel)

- Forest green gambeson vest

- herbal and medicine kit gifted by Ryke (in satchel)

Character Abilites

Transformation and Shapeshifting:

- Transformation between a feral and anthro form. Avery can’t speak in his feral form.

-Small changes, such as adjusting physical features like size and appearance. Avery can also hide all but one of his tails at a time.

- Large changes. Avery generally identifies as a male, but he can change his own gender. He can also change into another species, but it requires a sample of the other species like essence or dna and takes a lot of energy. Changing species is also usually imperfect and Avery keeps some fox features.

Wild Magic:

- Avery has a strong connection towards nature. He can control plants and communicate with wild animals.

- Avery can control water, shaping it in a form, solidifying it to ice, or dissolving it into mist. This however takes a ton of energy for a small amount.

- Avery make clones using the power from his tails. He has 3 tails so he can only make 2 clones at a time.


- Avery can leave his body as a spirit when meditating, appearing as a ghost of himself or as foxfire spirit. In this form he can’t use his other powers, but he can can possess others if they let him. His body is extremely vulnerable when he’s like this cause he can’t move it until he returns.

Skills and Abilities:

- Keen sense of smell and hearing

- High agility and dexterity

- Retractable claws

- Natural night vision

- Cooking and brewing drinks (tavern experience)

- Basics of sailing a ship

- Basics of medicine and mending wounds

- Basics of hand to hand combat

- Basics of combat with a blade

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, Child Friendly, 18+, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I’ve always been into role play since I was young. I’m known locally for my ability to just write mass lore and create worlds when I’m bored enough to make new characters. My main themes are usually medieval fantasy and magic, or post apocalyptic wastelands. The featured character I'm using here is Avery, a kitsune fox, but most of my OCs are either human, elf, or fox. I can use a different one in a story or rp.

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