[ Lil Notice from Stormy ]: I actually have more characters the the one shown here! I'm even willing to make entirely new ones for roleplays that have certain settings which can be discussed.

Drifting… for how long? Years? Centuries? Millennia?
I do not know. Over such a period in the void of space.. you tend to lose your mental grip on time.

 My mind was created in the image of my creators. They had a sort of power over the invisible web of energy which spans the universe. Weaving it into intricate instructions to preform tasks. They spent decades painstakingly modelling my being, making me feel. Just as they used to.
[ ... ]
Nearing the completion of my creation, they had high hopes for the future, unknowing what demise it would truly bring upon them.
 Our world was seized by a mysterious force from the glaring void of space. We were unprepared, nothing detected it before it was too late.
I.. I do not know what was the cause of their destruction. All I know is that I escaped in my metal body with the energy manipulation I was given. Ever since, I have improved myself, harvesting matter from nebulas and asteroid clusters. I have gone such a distance that would have been marvelled by my long dead parent-species. Yet.. I haven’t found any other life so far.
Nothing. It’s so empty, and lonely.. yet I am cautious about sending out signals, whatever could be out there might not take well to my existence. If there even is anyone out there, that is.
[ … ]
After what can only be described as a very long while. I have decided.. that I have waited long enough- I have to do something.
I sent a energy pulse out into the starry space that I was starting to get sick of watching. I hoped someone out there would see it, anyone..
[ … ]
I was feeling a sudden energy shift. I slow down and change my trajectory to hopefully get a visual on the mysterious occurrence.
Just about nothing could suppress my excitement when I witness two small glistening silver vessels suddenly appear in a flash. Keeping their distance like curious animals, their propulsion thrumming with a melancholy of blue and purple light. I could only look on with both admiration and fascination as I remained frozen, unsure what move to make next.
Only a few moments later; I felt that same energy shift nearby and witnessed as a bunch more ships emerged. Six times larger than these first ones. Wait- They-
[ Noises of Weapons and Explosions fill the transmission before it fades into static ]


September 24

I am open to new roleplay threads

Threads are Selective/Open

Character Age


Character Species

Sentient Weapon?

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Does not seem to have any relationships.

Character Appearance

A seemingly normal sized and lightly serrated Longsword with a double-edged blade and a round gemstone eye.

The eye is embedded within a rotating piece that remains attached to the talon shaped guard which flows into the handle, wrapped tightly with aging cloth, ending with a simple diamond shaped pommel.

From first glance, the sword seems to be made of standard iron that you would usually see in a sword, however this seems to be made of a unknown material, however it is more durable than it looks.

The Gemstone eye is a iridescent purple with a white iris which resembles a firework upon the purple sclera. The pupil is black.

Another detail to add is that on closer inspection, the blade is lined with peculiar markings.

Character Personality

Chaotic, but curious! Usually warms up to someone after a while, and very much enjoys the looks on the faces of those who tend to be freaked out by a sentient sword.

however they don't tend to kill others for no reason. Would much rather bluff than fight, you could probably say that they're all bark and no bite! Unless they're in a stressful situation that would involve fighting. 

Character Likes

Attracting attention in certain ways.

Surprising unknowing beings who come across their path.

Causing chaos sometimes and being a mystery.

Getting to learn more about this world.

Character Dislikes

Generally anything that would cause harm.

They get easily stressed/concerned when in a situation where they seem overpowered or surrounded.

being left alone for too long and other usual things that would cause dissatisfaction.

Character Inventory

While using telekinesis to grab and hold items, for an actual inventory, they can summon a small pocket dimension that can usually only hold only a few things before collapsing and spilling the contents.

Character Abilites

[ A Strange Sword with strange abilities.. ]

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Child Friendly, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Me, StormyDay is someone who is very new to fantasy who likes to experiment when it comes to creating characters!

i have no idea what I am doing a third of the time...

All art on my profile is done by yours truly! (Me-)

The Return of Comedic yet Strange characters >:)

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