"We are all lonely. I sometimes think that is all life is, we're just... we're just fighting not to be alone."
―Karen Page to Frank Castle

Karen Page is the former office manager for Nelson and Murdock and, along with Foggy NelsonMatt Murdock and Ben Urich, was instrumental in the effort to bring Wilson Fisk to justice. While working for Nelson and Murdock, Page came into contact with Frank Castle, who she helped defend in court. When Nelson and Murdock fell apart, Page joined the New York Bulletin with the intention of writing Castle's true story; however, during her investigation, she was kidnapped by Ray Schoonover and saved by Castle. Later, the Hand also kidnapped Page and she was rescued by Daredevil before Murdock revealed to her that he was Daredevil.

As Nelson and Murdock was shut down, Page was employed into New York Bulletin by Mitchell Ellison. As the Hand returned to New York City, Page and Foggy Nelson were brought to the 29th Precinct Police Station for protection. However, to her horror, Page was informed that Matt Murdock did not survive the final confrontation with the Hand. Later, Page was contacted by Frank Castle who needed information about Micro and got involved into Lewis Wilson's terrorist campaign against Stan Ori.

Refusing to believe that Matt Murdock died, Page continued to investigate the incident, but to her horror, Wilson Fisk was released from Ryker's Island by the FBI. Page started to search for information that could return Fisk behind the bars. Eventually, she was reunited with Murdock who joined forces with her, but she was targeted by Benjamin Poindexter. With Ray Nadeem's help, Page, Murdock, and Foggy Nelson managed to take down Fisk and return him into jail, although Nadeem was killed. Nelson and Murdock decided to start a new law firm, together with Page.


Early Life

Norwegian Neighbor

Karen Page was born in Fagan CornersVermont,[10] as the daughter of Paxton and Penelope Page and the older sister of Kevin Page. In her youth, she was taught by her grandmother how to cook, including a special casserole dish "filled with virtue" which the woman made Page promise to only serve to her future husband.[2] She had a neighbor named Mr. Larssen, who would always support his neighbors. When Larssen's wife died, Page attended her funeral, noting Larssen's behavior during the sermon. When Larssen resumed work on his farm immediately afterward, Page thought that she would try to get him to talk about what happened, and Larssen asked what for.[11] During high school, Page joined the basketball team, being one of its best three-point shooters.[4]

Losing Her Brother

"What's the matter with you? I was gonna fix it! I was gonna fix it! You ruined it! Why? Why would you do that? Huh?"
"Because I already lost Mom... Watch out!"
―Karen Page and Kevin Page[src]

At age nineteen, after her mother died from cancer, Page postponed going to college because she knew that her father and brother would not be able to run their family diner by themselves. Despite this, Page grew bored of her small-town life and started selling drugs to students with her boyfriend, Todd.


Karen after the accident that killed her brother

One day, Kevin revealed to Page that he had re-enrolled her in college, something that Paxton wanted to celebrate with a family dinner. However, this lead to an argument and Page ran off with Todd. After getting drunk and high together, they returned to the travel trailer where Todd lived, only to find Kevin burning it down. Todd attacked Kevin, and Page injured Todd with his own gun to stop him. She quickly drove Kevin away, but crashed, killing him. The local police chief covered up Page's involvement, and Paxton asked her to leave. Page moved away from Vermont and after eleven years, she decided move to and work in New York City.[1]

Meeting Nelson and Murdock

Falsely Accused of Murder

"I didn't do this! I didn't do this!"
―Karen Page[src]

Page worked as the secretary to the chief accountant of Union Allied Construction. One day, she was emailed a file meant for her boss, which contained damning evidence of Union Allied's money laundering schemes. Seeking to tell someone about what she had discovered, Page initially went to McClintock, but he claimed the file was for a company finance model. Not trusting this story, she copied the file on a drive and asked Daniel Fisher, one of her co-workers from the legal department, to join her for drinks at a nearby bar, believing him to be an overall good and nice man whom she could trust.

The two shared a couple of drinks but before long, Page became dizzy and lost sense of where she was during the night. The next thing she knew, Page awakened to find herself in her apartment covered in Fisher's blood, staring at his corpse in front of her as she held a bloody knife in her hand. The police kicked in her apartment door and arrested her as she pleaded that she did not commit the crime.[2]

Good Samaritan Lawyers

"I am telling you we met at the bar, we had a few drinks, and I don't know what happened after that. It wasn't me, please, please you have to believe me. I didn't kill him."
"I believe you, Miss Page."
―Karen Page and Matt Murdock[src]

Page was taken to prison where she was greeted by Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock, who had been informed of her case by Brett Mahoney. They introduced themselves and explained their intentions to assist her; Page became suspicious of their experience and they admitted that they had only officially been operating as their own law firm for seven hours and she would be their first client. When she confessed that she had no money to pay them, Nelson attempted to leave the case, but Murdock convinced him to stay. Page told them her side of the story and Murdock told her that he believed her so they agreed to take on her case.


Page is almost murdered by Clyde Farnum

Later that day, Page slept in her cell as Clyde Farnum snuck up behind her and attempted to murder her by wrapping a bedsheet around her throat, apologizing to her as he strangled her. Refusing to die, Page was able to free herself by scratching Farnum's eye and knocking him back; she then used her only chance to scream at the top of her voice until help arrived. In a direct response to the assassination attempt and the lack of an official accusation against her, Nelson and Murdock were able to get Page released from prison on bail for her own safety.


Page tells her story to Nelson and Murdock

Page was released into the custody of Nelson and Murdock and taken back to their office. Once there and convinced that she was safe with them, Page told the lawyers how she had obtained Union Allied's financial records and her confrontation with her boss, but confessed that she didn’t truly consider the consequences of her actions at the time. Page broke down crying as she began speaking about the death of Daniel Fisher, feeling personally responsible for the murder of such a kind man. Fearing for her life, Page requested to return to her apartment, although Nelson warned her that it was a bad idea. Murdock offered his apartment for Page to spend the night, since she didn't have anywhere else to go.


Page is questioned by Matt Murdock

At Murdock's apartment, Page was given a change of clothes, as hers had gotten wet in a rain storm, and some water. They began discussing Murdock's blindness and Page learned that he had been blind since he was nine and missed his sight. Continuing their earlier questions, Murdock asked Page why she was not killed in her apartment, as the people going after her would have no reason to keep her alive unless she had something of value; in an attempt to keep Nelson and Murdock safe from harm, Page lied, saying that she did not have a copy of the financial report. Murdock seemingly accepted this and they went to bed shortly afterwards.



Ps: There's much more to know about her, if you want you can either ask me oir check this link: More about Karen Page


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