First name: Sargoth
- Pronunciation: Sar,goth
Surname: Sargoth Zen
Nickname(s): Star
-Why this nickname?: it was given to him by a child he once cared for
Title(s): kingslayer

Sargoth is an old one so to speak, he is truly divine in all that he is. However, not without fault,
he was born of both keduran and maria , His mother and father. at this farthest point in his life, he tends to stay in his land leading the orcs clans in a goal to keep the balance of the world, 

Sargoth was tasked in his life with guiding some of the younger races. More to the point he was to oversee the Elvan queen, lead her people out of the early days of life.
The norm was for a better point the same he would wake to see to the queen and aid her in things that needed to be done. Most days it was nothing major. His teen years were hard seeing as humans first came about and tried to hunt dragons, which were also under Sargoths protection. 

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