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"Oh me? I only have one act in the show, other than that, I'm on security detail." 

A clipping of a newspaper qoutes 22 year old Arania saying that when she was asked by the Daily 24 news channel what her role in the russian circus, "Tsir Marvel" is. By the qoute is a photo of her: dark hair, dark eyes, dressed in a bejeweled red costume. The rest of the article goes into detail of the act, describing how she stands on a running horse and plays a game akin to roulette. She fires at her father, strapped to a spinning board, managing to miss him by just a hair every time. Apparently, she used to do other acts but was injured, which explains the limp that she walks with, and retired to this act and security detail.

In an underground, online forumn, a different news outlet advertises this about Arania:

"Hunter for Hire. Half upfront, rest when job is done. " 

 When going into the detail of what sets her apart from the rest of the flock, its clear she's a wolf in sheeps clothing. She's cold, untrusting, and borderline antisocial, but when working is rather polite. She has a more type a personality, needing order and plans. And her negative outputs on life, while rarely voiced, are always plauging her internally, which leads to her planning for the worse. Her background in the circus stems from the fact that her father and mother were spies from a newer kgb branch that ran away and joined the circus. She's always been aware of where her family is from, as from a young age they reflected their ideals onto her. 

The way her family thinks means they always want to be prepared for whatever happens, and that the responsibility of taking care of the family falls on her. That's when she turned to hunting - supernatural and not. Her father had connections to this underground world, and through that she started to network. Yet her mortal skin limits her, as she lacks magic and still does have empathy in her bones. 

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  • (thank you for friending me; accepting the request. I hope to chat and possibly plot. I am truly sorry for not having spoken much earlier..)

  • Fen was markedly bad at hiding his annoyance, he had at least hoped the slightest of hopes he would be dealing with Apollos better half. He preferred the sister to the sun god. But when did he ever get what he wanted. He didn't know the girl, a human by the smell of it. It made him curious what Apollo might possibly want him to do with a human. 

    But all curiosity left him when he sat, ignoring the eyes of the fairies or the human an arm tossed over the back of the chair and an ankle resting on his knee.  

    He sneered at Apollo’s first jab, the scar across his lip making it seem all the more fierce. 

    “Quiet and dark. Just how I like it.” The Opposite of Apollo. His eyes said that as he peered over the rim of his glasses. The brilliant galactic green flecked with amber and gold were narrowed, but he promptly pushed them back up his nose with a sniff.. 

    But as Apollo dug a little deeper the snarl on his lips turned into a low growl, it sounded wrong coming from a human form. His words were twisted with sarcasm, “only the best of friends… make whatever recommendations you feel inclined to.” He growled, but as the sun god stood and continued on to the crux of the mission the snarl and growl fell away into a cocky little smirk. He found it amusing, the petty grievances of the Gods. Even the digs about him being a dog didn't get much of a rise out of him. He was much grander than a dog, and Apollo could pretend all he liked that Fenrir was beneath him but the reality is his help was requested because of his strength. 

    Apollo needed him, even if it was for some silly petty god business. 

    But as his grasped the mortals chin in hand that sneer flickered across his face again. The disgust in his eyes hidden behind emerald lenses. He stifled the distaste quicker this time though,offering a tight lipped smile to Arania. 

    “He just speaks too brightly. But if he has nice things to say you have to be pretty damn good to get him to see another's value.” 

    He sniffed and stood from the chair, making a kissing motion to one of the nymphs who had dared to get close enough, peeking around a hedge. 

    “Fenrir. But if I had friends they would call me Fen.” His mother had. 

    “God of destruction, leashed for your service.” He tugged at his own chain, his crooked smile showing the glint of his canine. 

    So he could joke about it. It seemed he just didn't like when Apollo did. He didn't seem worried about pissing off the Sun god either. 

    Indeed he welcomed it. He knew better than to expect him to go to bat for the wolf, even if he was the bestest boy on his best behavior. 

  • You're welcome. If you'd like to rp let me know 

  • The moment the Summons landed a bell rang, a deep boisterous tone from his desk, the young demi-gods eyes rose from the quill and scroll he was making note of recently acquired relics with and his large dogged ears twitched in recognition.
    He was a few floors below the chime, in the cavernous Archives beneath the Great Library amongst forgotten books and antiques, but the Courts Summons was not a signal one missed- as if to prove this point the bind runes along the embossed gold of his confines glowed in pulsing hums.
    “Wonderful. Just… perfect.” Setting aside the scroll and capping his pen he fell into all fours, his padded paws taking him faster than two feet back towards his desk where the instructions from the High Court’s Council would be. 

    Fenrir never looked forward to the arduous tasks assigned to him, he would much prefer to keep and tend to his records and read the boundless books he lived amongst.
    It was often where he vested his time after all.
    Not the New God’s and their councils or the Demi Gods and Other Beings which made the general populous of New Olympus.
    Of course none of them would have come to rule or be without the revolution he had caused so very long ago, overthrowing the Old Gods had been a mission bared on his back and yet they had clapped him back in chains the moment his power was no longer needed.
    At least they had not felt the need to bare his mouth closed as the old gods had… 

    His long forced silence had taken to habit, however, and his jaw shuttered closed as he made it to his desk- shifting to stand and take the official goldens slip. Not a task or a report needed…an actual summons.
    A long slow sigh left the pierced nostrils of his mundane form, his green eyes fluttering in annoyance and desperate search for any excuse to refuse such a summon.
    And yet after only a beat leather boots were walking with brisk clicks through the gloss black marble floor hallways towards the exit.
    The Library was not far from the High Council’s main hall, but the walk was a numb blindness to the chain clad shifter.
    The gold tinkled amongst him as he passed through the crowds and crossed the street to climb the daunting mountainous stairs and through the large archways before finding himself before an angelic being, large wings and many eyes saw more than even the demi-god could.
    “Good, you came quickly… come along, your assignment will be presented to you in Artemis’s gardens. Your partner should already be there.”
    He groaned and the angel gave him a look that might have been incredulous if Fen could discern it. And with a touch of a hand to his forehead the demi-god was standing in the garden, too bright for his liking.
    And before him sat a woman he didn’t recognize, and a god he hated almost more than all the others.
    He hardly contained another groan, moving towards the empty seat as he took a pair of circular gold rimmed glasses with a rich green glass and put them over his emerald eyes of almost the same color.

    “Hope I didn’t keep anyone waiting.” His voice was husky and resonant, like it was carried on smoke and ether. And as he slid into his chair he studied the woman next to him behind the safety of sunglasses. He was undeniably handsome, his thick black hair falling in curls over umber skin, gold piercings matched the gold collar and gauntlets which were all connected with similar glittering chains. His pants were a similar rich emerald green to his eyes and the glasses which hid them, and his canines peaked past pink scarred lips which were set in a thin line. 

  • // Yes of course! we should write!

  • // Thank you!  yes i would love to :)

  • Victor seemed entirely undaunted by the incoming assailants, he didn’t even seem to tense as the hand was raised to let out the war beacon instead his body seemed fluent and majestic, meeting the angel who donned his divine blade with the hissing black ikor of his own. 

    The blades seemed to shriek as they made contact with one another, not the silver ring of metal but instead the insistent low clang of the two base elements meeting, the drone of a tinnitus like sound which lasted until the angel’s blade was perried, sent in an arch toward the ground.

    And for the briefest moment it almost seemed Victor had left Saphir to the mercy of the multifaced bull which rampaged towards her. 

    But in a burst, so starkly different than any of the magic previously felt, the small cabin which had descended into battle seemed to suddenly fall also into the extremes of a tornado, all Saphire would see was the spreading of large white feathered wings reflecting the angelic and green firelight with such a ferocity that it was momentarily blinding. 

    The horns of the incoming beast were taken in long nimble white hands, indeed every part of the new entry was a brilliant white- in fact it looked much more akin to something angelic in modern lore, diverting the force of the old world being into the siding of the car which rocked dangerously with the force. 

    Their skin was porcelain and their hair fell in flickering waves never sitting still in the whipping wind clearly emanated from the being, only more so as they shifted their hands to keep hold of the horns from behind, thrusting the large feathered wings which crowded the cart to pull the angel back from where he had landed against the wall only to drop him, pushing him back into the floor with both feet.

    Past the wings, through the grand ark of them, Saphir would see Victor still locked in battle with the sword wielding angel, the sudden burst of wind and magic so raw and tantalizing it served as enough distraction for the witch to land a devastating blow, thrusting the brutal viking blade through the pit of the beings stomach. It was unlikely such a divine being would be so easily dispatched but Victor kicked him off of the sword and he fell back, the divine light of his being fighting off a creeping necrosis of darkness. 

    With a nimble flick of the blade, twirling it as though it weighed nothings, the green flames created an impressive circle as he stepped towards the Light Bringer. Not taking his eyes off the battle as he growled behind him. 

    "Aether get her out of here!" 

    The angel winged being looked at Saphir now, their eyes a slick bright silver which seemed like the rest of them to capture and reflect every ounce of light. 

    They stepped off of where they were still standing on the chest of the winded angel towards the young nephilim, offering their hand. 

  • "Well fight that urge. You would most assuredly lose even with your raw power, you don't know how to use what you have like he will, and he is a real number. Basically like actually divinely backed Warren Jeffs, sister wives and junk- and don't get me wrong I have nothing against polygamy generally but the groom them early type is real gross. "

    He followed her up to the edge of the train tracks, his eyes less blue in the darkness of the subway, instead glinting mirrored tide pools, greens and blues and silves molten like a creature in the night. 

    And at her wistful dismissal of Vampires he smirked, a playfulness creeping back in as he made peace with the incoming fight, he could sense it in many ways but they all seemed to only ease his uncertainty.

     This was fine. At least down here he was in his element. 

    "Vampires are real in more ways than they have been imagined by humans. But they are real. Indeed. In New York? The Subways, sewers, those belong to Vampires." 

    Of course, constant night was an advantage to those with an inclination to burn as easily as them. 

    The nervousness seemed suddenly gone from the well groomed witch as the lights flickered and the platform trembled menacingly, even as she warned he was looking for them. 

    A sudden calm seemed to settle him, his eyes turning the platelet mirrored silver green moons in the dark, an animal's eyes, something to match his untenable energy. 

    She was right to be befuddled by Victor, there seemed little warmth left at all in him- least not in a literal sense. He was cool to the touch it seemed, always. 

    Protectively his arms wrapped around her as they were thrust into the darkness their conversation expectedly ended. 

    But Victor was unbothered by the lights leaving them he saw better here, he had the upper hand as a being of darkness himself. 

    Angels needed light. Craved it, sought it, drew power from it. Pulling them down, beneath so much unnatural city, concrete and steel, they would be dulled… and Victor would be exactly where he was most powerful. 

    He had meant what he said, wishing the Vampires had found her first. They were easier on his conscience to kill, ascourge in Victor's mind. But he hated killing divine blood, he hated he couldn't better help the others who had fallen into Gadreel’s grip, or the fallen angel himself if given the chance. But that wasn't the game they were playing, preference or politics. 

    This was life and death. And Victor had his interest to protect, right now that was Saphir. 

    To the confused plea for answers Victor only managed a soft grunt of, "an ambush.", before they were bathed with lights again. 

    But the witch had lost all sense of tact, he didn't bother speaking to the men to ask their intent. 

    He stepped in front of Saphir, putting her behind his lean but firm stance. The air in the compartment seemed to deaden, so unnaturally quiet the skitter of shadows was audible as they left the corners like fleeing rats, scurrying from beneath the plastic seats and gathering about the witch in roiling smokey black mass. In a beat it seemed to coalesce, gathering around his hand to form into an ebony blade to slick it shined like ikor, a german long sword, nearly the length of him. 

    But perhaps most impressive of all was the sickly poison green flames which shone first in the rune cast lettering which circled the hilt in finer carving, and lined the blade in large strokes, growing into a low lying flickering broil.

    "There is time to leave." His voice seemed to be scattered amongst the shadows, as were his eyes, no longer a charming bright blue, now the same inky ikor as the blade in his hand. 

  • "I can have someone go pick him, and your stuff, up. Of course. But I don't quite think it safe for that someone to be you until we find out a means to cloak your power. " His words lacked their earlier sheen, sounding turse despite his better efforts.  

    Victor noticed the eyes. They distracted him greatly from maintaining his more charming suave facade, the gruffer warrior beneath all his finesse peaking through as they made their way down the much more vulnerable city streets. 

    He considered the possibility this was a tactical mistake, but he knew it was better to move than to sit still, letting the energy compound on itself and their enemies sniff them out.

    Getting a car at this hour wasn't fast enough, and a taxi only perpetuated their issues in the busy New York Traffic. As they neared the corner of the first block, Victor having fallen into a pensive and alert silence, a hand ghosting Saphir's back protectively as they made their way through the streets. 

    Saphir would feel, suddenly, a prickle up her spine caused by an unusually warm wind which was seemingly from nowhere, gusting up around them, something clearly Victor felt too because he stopped, his blue eyes fluttering closed before opening wide again- 

    “Saphir meet Aether.” He mumbled, referring to the feeling of warm spring wind, hinting something vaguely floral. 

    “You can meet them more properly later, but they are a Sylph, an air elemental, they don’t have a strictly set physical form, in fact , if we are talking strictly scientific they are pretty close on the scale to your kind, Saphir.” He offered her a smile but the moment his eyes flickered back up to the street in front of them they narrowed in fierce sharpness on a group of men who were across the street, waiting to cross with the light.
    Victor’s eyes met the ones of the man on point, a shorter red-headed gentleman, and Saphir would likely feel it too, the spike in energy, the vague scent of her own kind reverberating back at her before Victor was grabbing her by the arm and dragging her quickly down the steps of a subway entrance. 


    He had hissed, and now mumbled over and over as they descended the long stairway to the underground, 

    “Okay, shit, this is bad. Real bad. That guy is not a guy we want to be contending with.” 

    As soon as they were down the steps he dragged her through the turnstalls, swiping a card to let them through the barrier before moving quickly through the bustling crowds towards more stairs below which there was a platform, trains coming and going and people rotating in and out like a wade pool. 

    “Did your father ever read you the Book of Enoch? Because that guy would maybe be best known to you as Gadreel. He was one of the angels which originally rebelled against your god, which is like a whole thing we could get into, it doesn’t make them inherently bad, but that guy is real bad news. He is a war monger, he loves to make humans fight and he mostly does that by what could best be described as Kingpin gang warfare, he breeds nephilim, has a little gang and infiltrates the government where he can find access.” 

    He stopped on the platform, glancing back the way they had come before continuing, appeased that they had a moment, hardly bothering to speak all that softly - new yorkers knew to mind their own business. 

    “He will want you to join him. Or make you. Honestly I kinda wish the vampires had sniffed you out first.” Their train was a few minutes away. Victor hoped things didn’t go sideways in that time. 

  • (If you would like to plot. Just let me know. Thanks again for the friend invite. )

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