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My Own View Of Catwoman!!

With My Own Story.Brought Her To Life With A Twist!!

She Has Been On Going Since 2009 to 2012 on Youtube!! 

ROLEPAGES from 2012 to 2017!! And now Here!!

Inspired By

90'S DC Catwoman COMIC: ❤JIM BALENT❤ 

She Is The CATWOMAN In Purple!!

Catwoman affiliated properties are copyrighted by DC

No profit is being made from use of these properties or cosplayers.




 PuurrFected  Criminal


 Master  Thief!!


Here is a look of some who crawl under her Fur!

 Best Friends, Enemies 


Be'lial Morningstar


And In Gotham

Bruce Wayne



JM Tehrror


What's Your Obsession??

My Story Is...



Selina Kyle was Born on a ElseWorld planet called Gemiriar where it was Ruled Under a Dictatorship Government that her parents were council members of.

A Fallen Seraph Angel named Ska Skinwalker, was instructed by Lucifer Morningstar to Kill Everyone and Bring there Daemons Animal Souls or Otherwise known as Familiars to him. At first she targeted the adults and their Familiars. But then a bargain was made to extend the adults livelihood. And all the children's familiar on Gemiriar were murdered during a Massive Green Storm, except for Kyle, who had escaped that Terrifying Ordeal But not without having some major changes that affected her. Her Daemon or Familiar was Altered and Trapped inside her but in feline form. As she was then brought to Earth, Specifically Gotham City, NJ before her 6TH Birthday. Then in her Adulthood when she met Michael, another Angel, he taught her how to bring her Daemon in or out at will, and learned it could change to any feline form. Also she possesses the gift of Astral projection.

Selina was placed in a Orphanage that was Corrupt and was adopted by a Man named Rex Calabrese.  Rex used to be Known as the Father of the Underground Mafia Prior to adopting Selina. But Falcone had since taken control over Gotham City.  Rex used Selina to Build his Empire back up slowly. he taught her the Ways of Thievery to Help him get back to Owning Gotham City Once More. 

Rex saw her Special Abilities, and made sure that she was Only to use certain aspects of what he saw in her. There under his Control and Guidance, Rex Trained Her To Become A Professional Thief. Home Schooled in the 7 Bells Of Pick Pocketing Education. She was Secluded from Normal Society. She Learned the Arts of Stealing!! And The Ability To Do So! Gymnastics, Parkour, and Street Fighting were some of curricular activities. Along with the Education of Valuable items such as Fine Art, Money, Precious Gems. How to tell the difference between an something that is fake or genuine. Also she learned Computer Hacking, and Classified Document Forgeries, along with Small Electronic Devices! She Became Extremely Talented at this Craft and Enjoyed The High From Stealing! It was as if she was Born To Steal! 

But even though she was Child Laborer/Thief for Him, she still defied him on many occasions which led to many physical and mental scars. Two of which Impacted her Greatly. One being an Underground Russian Roulette Game she Witnessed. And the other was when Rex had set her up to Fall in Falcone's hands around her 17th Birthday to teach her Hard Lesson On Who Was The Better Mafia Father, once his Empire was taking shape again. Rex thought he didn't really need her anymore because she was too much trouble and not worth it! And she was then Forced to Work for Falcone as a Trade Off. But for what type of trade off, she never revealed. 

But by her 20th Birthday things changed again. And she was owned by Rex once more. But not long after that, Selina met a hitman named Chev Chelios who she paid to Kill Rex. And then became Free of Any Man, and changed her name from Selina to Kougar. As she took what she had Learned and Became the Famous Catwoman, Queen of Thieves In Gotham City Today.

She has Stolen Many Valuables throughout her life. She lives on the Edge with an Adrenaline Rush from her Crimes! She is a Deadly Cat-Burglar, Feline Thief in the Night. But she does have a Heart! Some Stolen Items have Helped to Provide Food, and Clothes to the Local Orphanges, and those in need! And she will Help Any Stray Cat, and Take them in! But for certain Men of Power she absolutly Can't stand. She has seen a lot of Corruption with Drugs, Weapons, and Human Trafficking.  So Be Warned.. Don't let this Purple Feline Thief Cross your Mind or set Foot in your Heart.. 


  Her Personality isn't exactly the Warm, Fuzzy Friendly House Cat. She is has Dealt with an Ugly Life. She Trusts a Few And Hates So Many. But to those she does open up to and does Trust, she can be very loyal, and playful. She used to have a close Friendships with Tony Stark and Nikki Sixx. But sometimes Journeys split and friends go their separate ways. 



Kougar Kyle's life has been split to lead into two separate world Lives.

Canon 1. Nahar'u Kishori




In Gotham City -Split- Canon 2.

Single- But Possible Interest? 


 Kyle also has a Loving Companion by her side in Gotham City.

A Pet named Charlie! A Florida Red Panther.




  He Is Very Protective Of Kougar!


Catwoman-Aka-Kougar's Kyle's Abilities: Updated 8/9/2018

Kougar's Daemon Animal Soul is named KiTT, and can move in and out of Kougar's body freely. And can communicate with Kougar through telepathy if needed. It also can Change to any type of Feline Big or Small. As well as to giving her the use of its power from the inside, by allowing Kougar to see through its Eyes, use its Claws, Have Heightened Hearing, and Smelling, and have the gift of Speed to be used for her Gain. But the Daemon soul or Familiar when outside of her body cannot go far from her. And she is no longer able to use the extra gifts Heightened Hearing, Smelling, Seeing or Speed with her Familiar separated from her body.  And if Injured her familiar needs to be return back to her body in order to be Healed. If kept away to long while injured Both Her and Animal Soul will die.

Astral Projecting is another gift she somehow obtained. Though it is not sure if it was due to the events of her childhood or was predestined. Astral projection can be done by Sleep or a Meditation state where Kougar can Travel anywhere by using the Daemon soul as a cord to her real body. The Spirit body can Travel to other places on Earth, but she cannot be seen by anyone, except those with supernatural abilities themselves. Vampires, Demons, Angels Etc. But to other realms she can be viewed. Also with Great Control of Low vibrations Kougar gives off she can move objects to some degree only when she puts all of concentrations into it.

Long Raven Hair Blue Gray Eyes that can Change Form Height 5'7 without the Boots And All the Right Curves In All the Right Places!!

Fun loving, and loyal to only a few. And distant, cold, and sarcastic to most. She loves to Flirt with Danger! And Adores All Animals. But Cats are what she is Most Gravitated Too.. I Wonder Why?

The High From Stealing, Coffee. The Smell of Cigarette Smoke, Cologne and Alcohol Breath rolled into one. And Emeralds, Canary Diamonds, & Muscle Cars That PuuuRRR are Her Favorite Things to Steal!!

~Secrets In General~

Her main penthouse is on the Eastside, but she has others. And she has one Bunker.

Men with Power, she says she can't stand, but some Men with Power can be quite an addiction to her, as she Flirts with the Dark Side. Lex Luthor, and Thomas Wayne are the only two who have Manipulated and used Power to Control her. But Generally speaking she is One Who likes to be in Control. In her past Carmine Falcone had Power over her as a Teenager. But she got her Revenge on him since then, and Claimed to of his Fingers.

In Kishori Kougar and John have a little boy named Kyle Skinwalker Tehrror.


Marguerite Tone, Irena Dubrovna-Miss LaPerm, Madame Moderne, K or Kat which is most often used.

Spicy Food, Flying, Guns, Certain People of her Past, Human Trafficking, Drugs, Slave Children Laborers, and Supernatural Wolves.. 


Bullwhip w/Kevlar To Reinforce Strength & Resist Cutting! Throwing Knives, Blinding Light Capsules, Boleadoras, Taser, Wrist Mounted Crossbow, Caltrops, Catarang And Other Devices Such As: Hacking Device, Sunglasses w/Headphone Blocker, Grappling Gun, Holographic Bracelet Device, High Pitch Frequency Device, Lock Pick tools, Sleeping Agent: Halothane. And Her Ride For Getting Around is Victory Hammer 8 Ball Motorcycle and a Purple Dodge Demon Charger. Unless She is Stealing whatever Ride crosses her Path that she Fancies!


Kitty Nights Burlesque - Open-Thursday To Sunday!! Come One, Come All!!

Grand Prospect Hall


Faithful Followers In The Biz To Catwoman! 













Bad Boys!

Dr. Troy Hellyar - {FC-Julian McMahon} Billionaire & Founder of LabCorp. 

Genetic Institute of Bio Science & Engineering.

Specializes In Ancestry DNA - BioMetrics, Methylation, Genomic Imprinting 

And Womanizing! 

Robert Stanton - {FC-Brad Pitt} Democratic Municipal Councilman 

Lee Christmas- {FC-Jason Statham} A Hired gun who carries out his assignments with percision and strict code.

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~MORE ABOUT DAEMONS/FAMILIARS~ Kougar's Daemon Animal Soul can move in and out of Kougars body freely. And can give her the use of its power from the inside, by allowing Kougar to see through its Eyes, use its Claws, Have Heightened Hearing, and Smelling, and have the gift of Speed to be used for her Gain. But the Daemon soul or Familiar when outside of her body cannot go far from her. And if Injured it needs to be return back to her body in order to be Healed. If kept away to long while injured Both Her and Animal Soul will die. ~HER OTHER GIFT~ Astral Projecting is another gift she somehow obtained. Though it is not sure if it was due to the events of her childhood or was predestined. Astral projection can be done by Sleep or a Meditation state where Kougar can Travel anywhere by using the Daemon soul as a cord to her real body. The Spirit body can Travel to other places on Earth, but she cannot be seen by anyone. But to other realms she can be viewed. Also with Great Control of Low vibrations Kougar gives off she can move objects to some degree only when she puts all of concentrations into it.

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(((I'm a 10 year Vet Rper.))) Cosplayer Models Currently Are: Kamiko Zero, Jemma Pepper, & Alexikens *Actress Pics Used Are: Katie McGrath, Dita Von Teese* As Kyle Herself! And Various Pics are used in my Rp Stories! **Violence, Sex, Drugs is Acceptable due to Corruption IF the Story Takes That Direction.. But Writer Must Be Over 21. And have a Real Story. No Random Smut.** Don't kill my character. My character has a mate in a world called Kishori.. But She leads Other Lives, some say 9! And MAY choose another Love Interest in her World of Gotham. ~Feel free to Plot Ideas w/me. Past event Youth Rp is Welcomed and so is Script Style Rp,~ !!NOTE!! All Threads Will Be Saved. If the Rper Wishes to read Our Personal Thread and have access to it, please PM me your email address. Your email address will Not be given to anyone. This Character Of Catwoman Is My Take Of Her, Please Respect That.

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  • Down the hallway, heavy boots trudged. With enough happening in the auditorium space, the swaying of the curtains from his passing, nor the sounds of a door being pulled open would be caught, much to his relief.

    …so maybe he left her for dead. Kei was at peace with that. They weren’t friends. They might’ve hardly been allies. Finally, she handled herself well enough with him and he needed a decoy. He wouldn’t know unless he heard something, or had a set of canine jaws going for his throat.

    The wolf’s banter, however, managed to echo down the hall. Fucking dogs. He hated ‘em. He had a list of reasons why that went on longer than his criminal record. Finding one object he was after, tossing it aside onto a dusty box with a heavy thud, he started looking for the next. He had ‘em somewhere, he knew it. None too often used while he was in the city, but he had- there.

    Kei heard the wolf’s sudden yelp of pain, his ears flattening as the sound pierced his eardrums and caused him to nearly jump through the roof. That couldn’tve been good. Then again, a cry of pain could only mean well in his scenario. The rifle’s firing chamber was pulled open, a single shell loaded. Curiosity killed. He’d better get out there.

    Thus out came the cat, skulled presence and all. A shotgun was gripped tightly in his hands, pumped back and ready to fire as he kept it held up near his chest. Remington, Model 870. He had stepped onto the stage to the sight of the wolf writhing in pain while it had the time to do so, its head turning toward Kougar where she was struggling to her own feet in the meanwhile. The scene painted a story he wouldn’t have cared to be a part of, lest he would end up in similar shape as the other two. Now he had two options… reluctantly, the decision was already made in his mind. The first shot held priority above all.


    A single, devastating shot was fired from the rifle, the sound cracking and splitting the air suddenly. The bullet would smash through its target, peppering the flesh upon entry as it buried itself in the werewolf’s shoulder. The wolf would howl- no, SCREAM at the impact- as what was a silver bullet had hit its mark.

    Stay down, or you’re gettin’ another!” The demon barked out. The gun made another telltale ‘ch-chk’ as it was reloaded shortly after. Kei started walking forward slowly, the rifle held up yet again.

  • Kei swore audibly under his breath. Without getting the chance to snap back at the other for the face she gave nor the comments handed over, he was stuck on the final statement she had made. Werewolf? He could have grimaced under that mask of a skull he adorned, ears pinned backward by default… his factions with the species were none too good himself. Past ‘business deals’ and even hunts on record proved it. Scars were left as reminders as to why he tensed when the beast bared its fangs down the theatre seating alley toward the two figures on standby.

    So maybe cat women could manage to stumble their way in on accident. A wolf? He hardly liked the odds that tonight was a coincidence.  

     “Fucking dogs…” Kei growled loud enough to be audible as it echoed throughout the auditorium space. It joined the wolf’s snarled words not long after it had finished pointing its attention toward him at the threats that were promised as… well, promises. Shit. The demon thought, weighing the knife in his hand against the brute, it left a sour pit in his stomach. He wasn’t in good odds. It didn’t mean a damn. As the strays had vacated the building and hidden where they could, Kei was bitter he hadn’t taken action himself. It was now kill or be killed.

    He was used to that. He was used to having a weapon in his hand when the time arose; tonight he had no such luck. None close enough to reach by the time the wolf’s talons had dug into the carpeted incline and sent it suddenly lurching forward. Shit, shit shit-

    Kei had managed a mere few steps backward upon the stage, that knife held up in front of his throat, chin tipped down so to let scarred bone protect as much as it could. Hollow sockets watched the beast approach with perfect vision but little reaction time to do much of it. He moved anyway.

    Kougar charged ahead. Kei was sprinting backward. At the crack of the whip, the werewolf’s body had twisted to follow the woman as she went over its head, a guttural snarl leaving it’s rippled maw as it bared teeth and went in for the kill.

    As the man sprinted, he heard the higher pitched yelp of the wolf as its throat was rapt by the whip. Just where was he going? Kei’s shadow had disappeared down the back hallway of the theatre, the curtains swaying just a bit as he passed by to where the feline had investigated earlier. Kougar would hear the sound of a door bursting open-

    …he left!? Surely, he did.

    Meanwhile, thud. As Kougar hit the wall from the wolf’s throw of the whip, the sound was heard from… wherever Kei was, whatever he was doing… he didn’t have much time to waste. He knew that.

    The wolf let out a cackle of laughter, a menacing sound from deep in its throat as it drew closer toward her, licking its maw as its talons clicked on the auditorium floor. Click. Click. Click. Closer and closer. “FLESH… and THROAT.” It repeated. Another round of sadistic laughter followed as it raised a claw high in the air, threatening to bring it down on her if she had not moved.

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  • The cat was fuming. It was seen in the man’s eyes which were turned her way sharply, yet. His mind was made up, and it wasn’t happening. The corner of his mouth twitched, daring her to respond to it, daring her to prove him wrong in the matter. The building was abandoned for a reason. One beyond either of their control that had altered him to what he was, and kept him up at night with her incessant wailing… if he couldn’t stop such a plan, he knew a restless spirit that would be trouble for her soon enough. He wouldn’t let it get to that, no.

    “You’d have to kill me first… Even if you manage that, be damned sure you do it good, because when I crawl out of the grave you know where I’ll be headed.” Kei uttered in a matter-of-fact tone. Just as the demon was on edge, he had a way of giving off energy whether he knew it or not. Something hair-raising, mildly stomach dropping.

     The first stray bolted, he paid little notice. To the second, his head turned toward the aisle, over his shoulder. The knife was stuck into the wood grain shortly after, pulled free and holstered once again.  To hell with her, he stood promptly then, aggressively, turning around to eye the source of whatever was sending the felines’ instinct haywire. Shit. The reflectiveness of those eyes was caught... they rested higher up in the dark than the height of any theatre cat. His eyes flickered to a place or two in the auditorium’s emptiness, taking inventory, in a sense. Far-too-many visits in the past leading to mishaps, he kept his weapons around.

     “…Job’s taken.” Kei uttered lowly. Once more the tone was rasped out as he had closed his eyes prior. Letting that skulled appearance of his come forth, hollow sockets peering down the dark center aisle, ears flattening irritably. What was it? He couldn’t quite tell, acute vision defeated. The beast snarled, and deep down he grimaced… something canine. A Black Dog? Hellhound? A werewolf was even possible. He’d done a side job that pissed a small group of ‘em off a while back.

    “Is this a fuckin’ friend of yours, or just something you pulled in off the street?” Kei all but snarled. By now the strays were either absent of hiding. Once more pulling the dagger from his belt, the handle fit into his palm with the blade facing backward. What a night… and it had just gotten one helluva lot more complicated.

  • (If you would like to write. Just let me know. )

  • hello beautiful, im ok but

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  • (Thank you for the invite. )

  • The silence that surrounded the conflicted priest was deafening. Darkness, emptiness, and loneliness. Everywhere he looked, he was surrounded by a prison of nothingness. The lack of an answer began to knip at the priest’s mind. All of his efforts were in vain. He slammed his fist onto the ground, and cried. “Oh lord.. Why can I not have an answer? What have I done to deserve this alienation? The sins of my ancestors do not affect my actions! Adam and Eve were FOOLS--I, however, am much better. You know this, do you not? Have you not seen all that I have done for you?” On his knees, he raised his upper body, and lifted up his arms towards the cross on the wall of this church. “I have built this church, punished sinners, taken one of your servants into my body, and pledged my life to you. But you haven’t given me your good will. You haven’t opened your doors to welcome me. What will it take? Must I kill myself in your honor? Force myself into your home?” He stood up, fists clenched and and eyes on the cross. The cross was the only light in the room. Two lights from the ceiling shone on the cross, the glistening light in the surrounding darkness.

    “Imagine living a life of regret. A life that of which your past feels unfinished. Unable to live a life with purpose because your of your sins chaining you to your past. An outcast of the world--a stray soul--unable to form some kind of connection with society. Despite everyone around you being mirrors of yourself, being as sinful as you, and being as mortal as you, you cannot form a connection. Constant indifference to the world around you. This is what I struggled with years ago. But, now I will present you a question and an answer. Can a conscious, sentient being find something in nothing? Find purpose beyond survival?” He pauses, and looks to the right. He scowls at something; however, there is nothing there. His eyes are brought back to the cross. “Indeed they can. You are my purpose. Everyday, all I do is for you. Every waking moment I spend thinking of what I can do to please your excellence. Every moment I serve you. And what do I ge-” As if he was interrupted by something. He looks back to his right, and huffts. “You’re an exception, yes. You are an angel; however, the Lord is not recognizing that I wish to be in Heaven prior to my death. I require guaranteed salvation. I will not wait until the day I die to know where my soul will be.” Then, something interrupted him again. The opening of the door.

    He goes completely silent, and merely looks back at the door. His lambent, golden eyes squint at the sight of a woman in purple latex entering his church. “Hmph.” He calmly looks down at his suit and begins to adjust it, pulling down his sleeves and fixing his collar. Afterwards, he teleports to the hallway that Catwoman entered from. When she went up to the balcony floor to look at the inside of the church, Ehud was already about five feet behind her. “I don’t suppose you’re here for a confession.” Ehud was a tall, 6’4” male with blonde hair and blue eyes. Their color had changed from where he was standing prior. His hair was combed perfectly, and a confident smile showed his white teeth. In his hand, he held a large leather bible with golden lettering. “Look, I’ll be frank. Give me one good reason why you’re here, or I’m kicking you out of my church myself. Police don’t do good enough of a job around here.”

    (I again apologize for the wait.)

  • The eerie sensation within the building was never aesthetic alone… although once upon a time it could have raised the hair on the back of his neck, Kei was all too used to it by now. The sensation of eyes watching. The drafts in the building. The miscellaneous sounds at night from the feline inhabitants. If any of the details had once made him jump, it was far too distant for that now. Yet not without choice words to the spirit’s occasional arrival through the walls. His eyes followed the black streak that moved within the theatre- on a mission. He knew it wasn’t an occupant, somehow. While any black cat could be any black cat, he knew not a single stray in the house with a demeanor quite like it.

    His gaze shifted back just as Kougar’s had, once he felt eyes upon him and the cat no longer held interest. “You like that? Got it from the old man.” Kei mused back in a muttered tone. The aggression was lacking where it had been prior, but that tongue of his hadn’t dulled for a second. It was a curse of its own. The concept of a filter was null, and whatever force it took to make him mind his words had to be a strong one. If there were an ounce of himself that wanted to credit the man? He thought it might as well have been just that.

    Oh… He didn’t like it. Not a single bit. It showed by the way piercing blues had shot open incredulously. The stare sobered to a gaze that was the only thing sharper than his tongue.  The moment it was cast toward her, it was evident a fuse had been lit. With each moment that passed, the shadows in the man’s face seemed to deepen. He was gritting his teeth together soon enough. It was a wonder he let her finish. Even as she quieted, he kept the scowl trained on her. Without taking a breath, once silence took over, the fuse reached its end.

    “Yeah… you think so? Why don’t you look around you? Just one more time.” Kei spat. His eyes went to the theatre seats within the audience, most dust covered, several were left in disrepair. “We’ll start here. There’s near forty strays that live in this building. They’ve either grown up here or they’ve made their own way in, but they were here well before either of us, and they’ll be here when you’re dead.” His head turned sharply back to the woman. His jawline tipped just a few degrees further to one side. “You know what ranks right next to demons on the list? Humans. They’re just as piss poor as the first in their own special way, I promise you. So you take ‘em to a shelter? Around here? and half of ‘em will be dead in a week. The other half get left in cells for the last parts of their lives or dumped on some college students that’ll have returned them in a month. Think about the things you’re pretending to be, why don’t you.”

    …Where did that come from? Spite? Anger? Was that a flash of fear even, in his eyes? He didn’t quite know himself, but a tightness in his chest and the tension in his jaw proved it was there. Finally- finally, Kei took a breath from the territorial-ness to think. A true one, filling his lungs and exhaling, giving a moment for his train of thought to catch up. “Buildings fall abandoned for a reason. The same reason I might’ve been human right now if I never walked in... You want to know more about this place..? Instead of telling you, how ‘bout I show you.” Kei then paused. Waiting for the queue on whether he’d raise from the floor for better, or for worst.

  • Happy Birthday, my dear friend! 

    You are such an amazing person, writer, and partner in crime for our stories. You inspire me every time we write and I can't think of another Cat I'd rather have by my side. 

    I hope you have a puurrrrrfect day. 

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