No wealth 

Name: Mephistopheles

Human Name: Dierick Clouse 

Nicknames: Scratch, Satan, Mephisto, plasterer of lies, The Deliverer, Malthael King of the Crossroads

Species: Demon 

Titles: Hell Lord. The Keeper of Souls, King of Limbo 'The First Circle of Hell'

Age: Unknown

Affiliation: Hell

Mephistopheles is not the Devil. He’s Mephistopheles or Mephisto. He’s a devil or a demon, but he’s not the Devil. 

He’s not a Biblical creature and didn’t come out of ancient Middle Eastern religions that Christianity (or some earlier religion) might have demonized. He wasn’t a competing tribe’s god and doesn’t appear in the Bible, except perhaps, as Judas. He appears as Faustus is giving in to temptation, using demonic magic to summon him. But it seems Mephistopheles is not summoned; he was just passing by. Faust has no powers over Mephistopheles, but both are gentlemen and each agrees to service under a contract. Mephisto will serve Faust for a time, and then Faust will go to Hell. For Faust, it’s a fair price to pay. Hell can’t be all that bad, and twenty four years of life is invaluable.

Mephisto's realm includes the Arena of Tainted Souls where tainted souls are locked in perpetual combat. Mephisto delights in impersonating the Biblical Satan. Empowered by the souls of the damned, he often strikes deceptive bargains with the living. Mephisto takes particular interest in the souls of extremely powerful or exceptionally pure beings. But mostly he takes personal interest in those who are already corrupt.

Living in many forms, Mephisto would keep wandering around the living collecting corrupted souls and bringing them down to hell. He amuses the corrupted souls letting them do what their hearts desires only to have them fall in the end.  Once a servant of the devil he had gained great knowledge on his own but he doesn't tell anyone. With the many souls he has collected gave him the rank as a Hell-Lord who takes his own rules.

Mephisto was well known for dabbling with dark magic using it for his own advantages over others. Whispers spoke of a demon who came to a woman one night teaching her the powers of witch craft that only she could master. He even told her that she was the most powerful being who could master the power of magic. She was of course a chaotic soul that wanted nothing more than power, so Mephisto told her a way by gather all the wicked people from her home town and make a ritual to gain her and their desires. Shame herself for believing the devil, for in the end she was found out casting spells while the wicked souls would become mad accusing everyone to be a witch until the devil collected his due, Mephisto thought it was cute as they called the tragedy  'The Salem Witch Trials.'

Now Mephisto doesn't like to stick in the crowd for so long; he likes to express himself more as a trickster rather than a ruler. But he manages to do both at times, Some say that he is a master of lies, others say he is evil personified. No one knows for certain, but one thing is certain; He is the deliverer of souls. One tale in particular would be the story of Faust and his first encounter with Mephisto or Mephistopheles giving him a few days to live and when the time came he took him straight to hell. However, not much is still known about Mephisto which the story may still be just that; a story. 


We Fallen Few

Only few know this, other would not believe it; but the truth was, Mephistopheles wasn't always Mephistopheles. Before Lucifer rebelled Mephistopheles was once an Angel, but had a name no one has known but most had prefered to call him  Malthael. He was one who prefers to explore and meet the new children and beasts that god had made.  He would always gaze upon earth and dream of one day becoming an Archangel.  But even if he dreams he still has his duty as a scribe of god.

His duty involved writing down the word of the lord and teaching new angels on defense and the arts of guidance.  He didn't teach order recruits; owe no he had also tuitered the elites as well. His favorite pupils were the main three; Lucifer, Gabriel and Michael.  They may have known how to handle themselves with a sword, but without Malthael the arts of strategy and emotion would be in a uncontrolable state.  Other then teaching, Malthael had a knack for creating artifacts and landmarks. God once told him to build a realm for those that would cause corruption in the world of men. 

That realm was not called hell at the time, but the name fit perfectly for the land that he helped create. After he had done that job he had another, one that involved the souls of those who were deceased. When the time came Lucifer came to Malthael asking him for aid  on the rebellion agaonst God. His fellow scribes believed that he would turn such a thing down but Malthael surprised everyone by accepting Lucifer's request. The rebellion was long, and Malthael was now standing in front of his favorite Pupils; Gabriel.  He knew what was to come and he accepted his fate as Gabriel ripped of Malthael's wings and casted him out of heaven and into the realm he made; That was how Mephistoheles came to be.  

No Land



No Silver

The Hell Lord looks like the every  day appearance of the devil, but with out the horns. However, he does hold one look that he uses at times when he is top side. Looking rather strapping with a suit and tie. Brownish hair and around 5 ft 8.  He uses that form almost all the time so expect to have a few glances from people whenever he is around.  But always remember; behind the face is a cold hearted demon that would not flinch when its your time to leave the world.

Demon Blade

Mephistopheles choice of weapon that he keeps by his side at all times. This blade can kill angels, and deities alike, he crafted it on his own; other high level demons have blades such as these when they have gone through the war between Angels and Demons. Mephistopheles was one of the elites, and he keeps his blade within his cane and keeps it sheathed. The blade can cut through anything, even the hardest substance, even magic as well. But he barely uses it and doesn't let anyone know about this since he likes to keep it as a surprise.  


No Gold 




Mephisto is not one to judge when it comes to sharing a bed, he is not shy when it comes to sex. But most of the time he prefers to be single and always mingle.  When he is finished with them however, he does not care of what happens next. 

Lucifer Morningstar- One that Mephistopheles trusts with his very being. He doesn't want to leave the fallen angels side no matter what. When Lucifer left hell He would visit him whenever he could. Mephistopheles tends to be Lucifer's advisor at times.



Faust-  Everyone knows the story about Dr.Faustus and his deal with the devil. How he became far gone in his desires and  did what ever he wanted. How he completed the deal and accepted Mephistopheles hand and went to hell. Well after the whole endeaver Faust had not just been tortured for his sins, but became them; he became a demon and soon enough became Mephistopheles #1 companion and bodyguard, where ever he goes Faust will be there hiding in the shadows.













John Constantine-One that Mephistopheles does not approve of but admires him a little. He can be such a nuisance at times but when it comes to him living with Lucifer Mephistopheles decided to see how it goes by working with him as an ally/ rival when it comes to it. When they are together make sure to steer clear away from the area.


Nothing satisfies me but your soul



Powers & Abilities

  • Immortality: Mephisto is suggested to be immortal because of his self-description that he lived long before the universe existed.
  • Dark Magic: When Mephisto reveals himself to Faust with his dark magic for the first time, he says he is a part of that power that always wants evil, but always makes good, which might mean that Mephisto is part of evil itself.
  • Shape-Shifting: Mephisto came into Faust's lab by disguising himself as a poodle.
  • Controlling Elements: Mephisto said that he tried to destroy the world often with the elementals and if he would not have kept fire for himself, he would never have anything. In "Auerbach's Keller", he creates a small flame to scare the guests.
  • Reality-Warping: In the movie (but not in the book), he is shown to warp reality: in the disguise of a poodle (the poodle's not seen in the movie), he ran behind a shelf in Faust's lab, starting to shift his shape with smoke. When Faust tried to command the being he let come into his house, shouting against the smoke, Mephistopheles is shown to sit already on the floor behind Faust.
  • Compel-  Mephistopheles has the ability to speak to humans and compel them to speak up their burdens that weigh their soul. 


  • Deals/Contracts- Mephistopheles can only  use greater magic by deals and is bound by them.  Without making a deal all he can do is what regular demons with power can do.
  • Holy Blade: An angels blade could kill him and make him cease to exist.
  • Lucifer:  Mephistopheles would always be by his side when he asks of him. He would die for him and would  come back to him even if were to be   betrayed by the fallen angel.
  • Host: Not much of a weakness; more like a need,  No mortal could comprehend his demonic appearance, they could only see what their minds would allow. So in order to fit in he seeks out worthy vessels that could sate his needs and desire





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Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Single (Pansexual)

Character Appearance

Face Claim:Josh Holloway Eye color: Light blue Hair color: dirty blonde

Character Personality

Mischievius Manipulative wicked sense of humor

Character Likes

Power Souls His realm

Character Dislikes

those who try to take his souls Betrayal

Character History/Story

A Class Two Demon or Hell-lord, Mephisto rules a fiery nether realm that he refers to as Hell or Hades, though it is neither the Biblical Hell nor Pluto's Olympian Hades. In the distant past, Mephisto became engaged to the lover of one of his former soldiers, then manipulated that demon into slaying his lover; the demon became Darklove, cursed to always perform the opposite of love. Mephisto's realm includes the Arena of Tainted Souls where tainted souls are locked in perpetual combat. Mephisto delights in impersonating the Biblical Satan. Empowered by the souls of the damned, he often strikes deceptive bargains with the living. Mephisto takes particular interest in the souls of extremely powerful or exceptionally pure beings. Long ago, Mephisto entered a rivalry with the demonic Zarathos and struck a bargain with the young prince who eventually became Centurious, the Soulless Man. Together, they brought down Zarathos, and Mephisto began a long process of tormenting Zarathos by bonding him with mortals. Knowing Zarathos was connected to the ancient Spirits of Vengeance, Mephisto became obsessed with controlling the Medallion of Power, a mystic talisman housing the essences of the Spirits. This led Mephisto to the Kale family, who bore shards of the Medallion within their souls. In the 18th century, Mephisto bargained with the overzealous madman Pastor Kale, hoping to gain the soul of the Pastor's son, Noble. This eventually led to the creation of the Dan Ketch Ghost Rider. Throughout history, Mephisto has exploited the spiritually adrift. In Europe, he granted a group of mystics (the future Mys-Tech) immortality in exchange for a yearly quota of souls. He also corrupted sea captain Joost van Straaten, who became the infamous Flying Dutchman. Benedicto de vica Severtes once dealt with Mephisto to gain the love of Beatriz, and prevented Mephisto from claiming his soul by encasing himself in mystical armor, becoming the Brass Bishop, but after centuries of evading Mephisto, his soul was finally claimed when the hero Puck cracked his armor. Prior to World War II, Mephisto duped a group of German scientists into believing in the Vril, a perfect race that had allegedly ruled Earth before the age of man and had relocated to an extradimensional realm. These scientists developed a portal to the Vril, though their project was shut down at war's end. Surviving project member Thule secretly continued this work in the Rocky Mountain base Schamballah, assisted by a growing band of neo-Nazis. Enlarge Image In recent years, Mephisto has been increasingly fascinated by Earth's super-beings, and has particularly coveted the Silver Surfer's pure spirit. Mephisto tried to tempt the newly Earth-bound Surfer with power and physical pleasure, even offering up the Surfer's beloved Shalla-Bal, but the Surfer resisted. Undeterred by this failure, Mephisto has repeatedly threatened the Surfer, Thor, Daredevil and many other heroes. He sent the ghostly Flying Dutchman back to Earth to attack the Surfer, but the Dutchman renounced Mephisto. When Noble Kale's descendant Naomi Kale sought to undo the Kale family curse, she offered Mephisto her soul in exchange for his promise that the curse would not plague her firstborn son. She hoped this might break the curse forever, but Mephisto taunted her with assurances that even if her son John could not become "the" Ghost Rider, he could certainly become "a" Ghost Rider. Years later, when John Blaze turned to the occult in a futile attempt to save the life of his adopted father, Mephisto appeared to him in the guise of Satan. Claiming Blaze's soul, Mephisto bonded the human with the captured Zarathos as a new Ghost Rider. Mephisto's power over the soul of Doctor Doom's mother led him into several conflicts with the Latverian monarch, battling each other annually on Halloween. Allied with fellow Hell-lords Satannish, Thog and Satan, Mephisto manipulated the demonic Six-Fingered Hand into helping him create Hell on Earth, but the non-team known as the Defenders thwarted their efforts. After Thor freed mortal souls from his Hell, Mephisto attempted to slay Thor's then-human form, Dr. Donald Blake, employing the deceased Darkoth against him, but Darkoth had no love for Mephisto, and had Thor destroy him. Mephisto has menaced the Fantastic Four on several occasions, including one involving the demonologist Elspeth Cromwell who mistakenly invoked him, allowing him to capture Reed and Susan Richards and their son Franklin. Mephisto had gained tremendous power by the evil of the extraterrestrial Dire Wraiths who were invading Earth at the time, but lost this power when the spaceknight Rom banished the Dire Wraiths, and Mephisto was temporarily destroyed by Franklin. Mephisto later re-formed, missing five fragments of his essence. He tricked the villain Master Pandemonium into gathering these fragments, which Pandemonium believed to be pieces of his own lost soul, and Mephisto was eventually restored to full strength. This resulted in the destruction of the Scarlet Witch's twin sons, whom she had mystically created by unwittingly trapping and transforming two of Mephisto's power fragments. A rivalry developed with the Asgardian death goddess Hela, who stole several souls that Mephisto considered his. Scheming to force Thor to oppose Hela, Mephisto temporarily stole the souls of several heroes, including the Invisible Woman, Jean Grey and Rogue, before finally claiming the one he'd sought all along: the Thunder God's. After a series of confrontations with the Fantastic Four, X-Factor, the X-Men and the Avengers, Mephisto freed Thor's soul, but his plot succeeded. Having seen the horrors in store should the realm of death ever expand to engulf the living, Thor vowed to stand against Hela's advances forevermore. Enlarge Image With at least one rival neutralized, Mephisto sought other means of increasing his power. When the godlike Beyonder came to Earth seeking understanding of humanity, Mephisto attempted to sway him by offering his own warped view of mortals, sending Zarathos to test Spider-Man's morality. When Mephisto tricked the herald of Galactus, Nova, into becoming more bloodthirsty in her duties, the Silver Surfer and Galactus both opposed the demon. Galactus and Mephisto engaged in a cosmos-shaking battle that left the Hell-Lord badly beaten. More failed attempts to gain the Medallion of Power followed, as well a brief period in which Mephisto served as an advisor to Thanos, who then held the Infinity Gauntlet. Mephisto lied to Thanos about his origins, linking them to the Infinity Gems, in the hopes of gaining the villain's trust. Thule's Eye of Force eventually achieved its goal, opening a portal to the "Vril," only for them to be revealed as Mephisto's demon elite. Mephisto devoured Thule as payment, but his intended invasion of Earth was thwarted by Cloak and Dagger, Spider-Man, and Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch). Mephisto once stole the soul of Odin while he was in his Odinsleep, and Loki possessed Odin's form, but Odin ultimately reclaimed his body and Mephisto took Loki's soul, his true goal all along. After months in Hell, Loki's spirit eventually escaped. Mephisto empowered suicidal Chris Daniels into the superhuman Suicide, cursing him so that only the Ghost Rider (Ketch) could slay him, hoping that Suicide could force Ketch into committing murder. The demon later attempted to seduce the Silver Surfer by mimicking the form of Nova (Frankie Raye), and Mephisto ruthlessly murdered Avengers member Mockingbird after the Avengers interfered in Mephisto's clash with rival demon Satannish over the souls of the Lethal Legion. Mephisto later helped the hero Hellcat destroy Satannish. Appreciating the strength mortals drew from family and friendships, Mephisto mystically created two children for himself: a son named Blackheart, whom he deemed worthy of being his heir, and a daughter named Mephista. Mephista would wage war upon Doctor Strange, but Blackheart targeted first Daredevil and later the Dan Ketch Ghost Rider. Mephisto sought to teach his son the ways of ruling Hell, but Blackheart's ambition began to rival his own and they turned on each other. Blackheart temporarily overthrew his father and claimed the throne of Hell, but he eventually lost it to Noble Kale, who was in turn cast out by a renewed Mephisto. After reclaiming his throne, Mephisto once more began focusing on acquiring more souls for his realm. His efforts to claim the Black Panther (T'Challa) were thwarted when he was nearly overwhelmed by all of the Black Panther spirits throughout history. The Haazareth demons who granted Doctor Doom magical power against the Fantastic Four are within Mephisto's domain, and tormented Doom for their master when he offended their patronage. Mephisto took advantage of Spider-Man's desperation to save his Aunt May's life, after she was shot by one of the Kingpin's snipers. In exchange for her restored health, Spider-Man had to sacrifice his marriage to Mary Jane Watson, as the demon would revel in the elimination of a sacred and holy bond of love, and Spider-Man's innate suffering (despite losing memory of the event). The couple agreed, and Mephisto altered time such that the Parkers never exchanged wedding vows. As part of the deal, Mephisto removed the knowledge of Spider-Man's secret identity from the world. Through this event, Harry Osborn was somehow restored to life.

Character Inventory

Contracts Demon minions Magical artifacts

Character Abilites

The ability to manipulate fire To grow in size Shapeshift Portals

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adult

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  • From what I heard Lilith was obsessed with having a child and Johnathan was a perfect opportuniti to achieve that goal and look what she turned Johnathan into, as for Magnus I'm sure you know that Asmodeus is his father and he took Magnus in yes but certainly not becuase of the goodness of his demon heart he wanted to use Magnus or rather his power. So what are we talking about here? all the grotesque acts demons committed? -Alec shook his head he was growing tired of this philosophy lesson from a demon-

    -the next statement actually made Alec laught, he was bitter and he wasn't afraid to show it in fact that pretty much the only emotion he allowed himsef to feel for a very long time- probably a little bit of both, I'm not used to get philosophy and life lessons from a demon who just randomly appear in my office -he shrugged as if it was nothing serious- getting along isn't as hard as you might think however making everyone else accept it is...-he thought for a moment- ...challenging. -it wasnt like he was revealing some great secret to Mephistopheles everyone knew how Alec and Magnus struggled to make their comunities accept them as a couple-

    Maybe you are the gray area stutk between good and bad fighting in the endless battle, leaving everything in ruins just because they can -he wasn't quite sure why he said that but it sure didn't stopped him from continuing- when you really think about it we nephilim are nothing compared to angels and demons who are two forces really fighing here, we are stronger than humans but we are still mortal and there is not even nearly enough of us to make a difference in this battle so whats the point...-he met demons sharp gaze- thats one thing I keep asking myself

  • |Hello my apologies for not having spoken in awhile.. Shall we plot? Astarte is the 666 Beast and her place as an Detective in the NYPD is more or less an cover.|

  • With a soft ding, the elevator opened. After the other had taken the lead Nikolas stepped in, turning to face the door with his back leaning against the far back wall. “A contract, then,” He added after the other with a small tilt of his head. Master Nikolas. He could get used to the sound of that. A wayward glance went to Faust. “Do… you regret it at all?”

    He felt the elevator lift briefly as it started to move, counting the floors for a few before he paid no mind and simply waited. The ride was taken in silence until the doors opened to a new hallway that was different from where they had been. “Nineteenth. Got it.” He stated, following along with a frown at the notion of the hounds’ presence in the place. He wasn’t one to consider demons as comforting in any form when they were most often nipping at his feet. But still, he'd been proven wrong before. His nerves were calmed by the fact that his own ‘passenger’ hadn’t cast out alerts to it all.

    As they walked down the hallway on the nineteenth floor he continued his browsing. The door they stopped at was studied momentarily before he glanced at Faust when given the instruction. His brow knitted together skeptically and he looked at the door again. “Ideal… huh?” It took a moment. Maybe several moments, sorting out in his head what he’d ever wanted or didn’t. Maybe some things that he’d missed. Given a minute or so, slowly he reached for the door, turned the handle, and pushed it open.

    As a result, it couldn’t have been more mundane. The bedroom was just that, a bedroom. It could have been out of some old house by the looks of it. A bed with navy blue blankets were thrown over it, a dresser against the wall, a tall desk in one corner, a comfy chair in the other. He didn’t ask for much, after all. As Nik examined it for himself he blinked a few times in surprise.

  • [Yes I would like to.. Keaira could be on the run from the Nine or she could be as Hitgirl?]

  • //Oh dear Gods, many apologies for the late response, I have been busy with work and family things.. If you could start please that would be great, thank you very much. I am looking forward to writing.

  • With his thoughts already rolling on the current events, for once Nikolas’ questions toward the Hell Lord were minimal. He was a mortal in mind after all, and the current took the bulk of his attention. Like the fact that he’d accepted a makeshift job he’d have to feel out from that point on. Or the fact that he wasn’t paying for a cab home that night, opting out for the hotel and club instead.

    “Alright… and thanks, really.” Nik uttered back when the man turned to leave, left to his own devices. Another drink was ordered in the time that he had, his eyes shifted to the club area where the music was still blaring to whatever beat the DJ was mixing. He did so until he felt the sensation of eyes on him that was a little stronger than the rest of the bodies in the room. With a lofty glance toward the direction Mephistopheles had walked, he noticed the man approaching. The rest of his glass was finished hastily, left on the table as he stood. Still-dark hues studied the stranger and gave a nod when addressed. “Yeah. I guess that’s me,” He responded.

    And they were off. Following beside the other, when he couldn’t sense anything wrong right off the bat, his eyes wandered leisurely around the lobby up until they reached the elevator doors. “Nikolas… or Nik. Either,” He nodded his head toward the other and pursed his lips. “You’re his assistant, then?” Nik pried.

  • (Hello, I apologize it has been awhile... Would you be interested in plotting perhaps?)

  • And you don't have choices? you might bot be able to change but greater demons can think for themselves and make their own choices and decisions. You just told me you are one of a rare good demons which technically shouldn't exist so tell me how you came to be like that if not by choice? -he looked at demon meeting his eyes- yes there are some humans who are worth trust but they are rare

    Isn't everything comes with price tag usually the price is our lives not that we can change that,we do our job the best we can and we are willing to pay the price for it -since he was a child he knew his life will be dangerous and most likely short, he was raised to fight and protect- What I feel doesn't matter besides no one caused any pain to my heart so I don't know what you are talking about

    -Alec watched demon frowning, he didn't liked whatever Mephistopheles was doing- rebellion didn't end well for those who participate in it so maybe it is better to be stuck than to fall -the way Mephistopheles spoke reminded him of Magnus in a way- are you always so criptic? a simple yes or no would do -he rubbed his temple as if he was having a headache- did you came here to give me a life leason Mephistopheles or is this just a way you usually talk to people you choose to visit unexpectedly? or did you actually came here to mock me because of my feelings to Magnus?

    -Alec didn't knew what to think about this demon and that frustrated him, absentmindedly he ran his fingers over seraph blade stashed in his weapons belt- is this discussion about good and evil is your way to learn more about nephilim?

  • “You think he trusts me?” He questioned back. “Because all he does is make me tired and sends shades nipping at my heels… and it’s my body. I don’t know what he’d do with it for sure.” Fear was undoubtedly the root of it all, after he’d figured it out for himself. Nikolas’ eyes seemed to light up at the accusation, his mouth falling open. “It’s- not like that. I mean… at least you say something to me, he doesn’t. But- it’s not like that.” He tripped over his words. Was he in denial of that, or had was that not all the demon was for? Who knew, it still sent the kid into a tailspin even as Mephistopheles grinned. He settled down about the time the other laughed.

    Nik’s eyes went back to the Hell Lord when he answered. His brow knitted together as he thought about the offer. Should he even be doing this? He could always prod for extra hours at the record shop. He didn’t specifically want to. Besides, what he did want to do was being offered, right then and there. “Ah… yeah. I’d be game.” He finally answered. Excitement had a way of enveloping apprehension at the thought he could be up and running as soon as tomorrow.

    “I could do it- tomorrow, I mean. I don’t work or anything.” He stammered to get the words out just as quick as he could decide them. “After that, I guess we’ll see. I can get you a schedule.” Nikolas nodded his head. As the demon rose in his seat, his eyes followed briefly. He then took a drink from his glass, aiming to finish it sooner rather than later. “Anything, huh?” His head tilted. Was he bullshitting, or could he pull off something like that? (without passing out, anyway.)

    When the deal was done, and there was nothing else he could do, he watched Mephistopheles leave almost questioningly. The follow-up words kept him in his seat for the time being, and hastily he nodded again. “Alright.” He’d never expected to stay that night, but it wouldn’t matter. He had his foot in the door.

  • (Hello, do you have any ideas for a plot? Jasmine is an Fallen Seraphim, though she does work has an Police Officer and Monster Slayer, however she is steadily growing darker and also beginning to kill and not seem to care)

This reply was deleted.


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