Hello and welcome to Writer's Realm. Please keep in mind that we are still a new site and probably have a lot to do/fix.  If you have any questions feel free to comment or inbox me here and I will do my very best to assist you!

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I do not write/plot/roleplay on this account. It is strictly to assist the players of this site. Enjoy your stay at Writer's Realm!

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  • ( AH!! <3 Plz lemme know. I just use tumblr XD )

  • You're a goddess

    THANK YOU <3

  • All CSS issues have been resolved on all browsers! You can now code until your profile fits your desires!

  • Hello all, I wanted to be the first to tell you that I am working hard for an option to thread comments as well as to approve/disapprove them before being posted. IF for some reason I cannot figure it out on my own I wanted to let you know that Ning will be implementing the features (hopefully soon) Meaning we will not be without them forever!  For more info on ning 3.0 features please click here 

  • Thank you so much for doing this! 

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Nov 3
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"Just messaging you since you won our Anniversary raffle! Check your inbox when you can :)"
Oct 15
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"Really happy to hear that! We all just want to write and enjoy ourselves. No need to be hostile for that :) Enjoy and late welcome to the site from us Admins here!"
Oct 12
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Oct 12
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Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read!
We've been around for a year now and going stronger than ever! We're moving in the right direction and plan to continue making big changes throughout our next year. A few of these include:

A Mark…
Oct 12
Marly(Owner) posted a discussion
With the voting unanimous we have removed the photo section from our website. Thank you everyone for the input! We appreciate the feedback. We've also upgraded our website, so no worries on Storage space any longer! With the photo section being remo…
Sep 18
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"I'd like to remind everyone that we are referring to the 'photo album section.' not pictures on profiles will change. you'll still be able to upload as many there as you'd like. - I had a few people ask :) The feed back from everyone is great! We'll…"
Sep 10
Marly(Owner) posted a discussion
The Memory Problem!
No, no, its not really a problem. I would like to let everyone know that we are reaching our memory limit for the website ~ Never fear! We're upgrading once again to make sure that everyone is happy, including us admins that have…
Sep 9
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Sep 7
Marly(Owner) posted a discussion
  It's been a while since updates have rolled out, but we're still here and listening. Sadly a lot of the updates are dependent on our host. We've made a few changes to the blog section, for those of you that enjoy writing blogs. There is now an Aut…
Aug 29
Marly(Owner) posted a discussion
Hello fellow members of Writer's Realm! Following the update of the chat system Wrealms would like to push out an event just for the fun of it! Sadly, we've not done the best of job advertising. (Haven't really done any at all.) Did you know that al…
Apr 20
Marly(Owner) posted a discussion
Hello Wrealms Members!
As you can see, earlier this morning we changed the chat system to one you all may seem pretty familiar with. Now we'd like your opinion! This is the Ning 2.0 Chat system. It was just recently enabled to be used in Ning 3.0 (S…
Apr 17