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Freya felt restless as she took a moment to lay down in their room, the girls shared a room, must to Freya's dismay, and whatever bliss she felt to have a moment truly alone was clouded by a ton of shit when she knew Kimmy had left the base. Kimmy wa

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Day 1

jdvr3rwhja731.jpgFirst day on the job or at least seeing if these Mexican drug mules keep to their end of the bargain. What exactly Freya had negotiated was between her and the leader or alpha as he liked to call himself Javier. As far as deals with the devil go it c

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Mind if I sit here?

"Mind if I sit here?"

It was slightly chilly, just at the beginning of fall, and a few weeks into Malory's first year of college. She didn't know what degree she was planning on getting, since hunting had become a major part of her life over the past

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In that split second, the anticipation was held back by peculiar little ties.  Like the last strip of leaves being pinned between stakes, an already bare tree before the windy months of spring. He paused, stilling the rise and fall of his chest.


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Recruitment Pt.2 (Ft. Noah Benett)

Hesse, Germany

City of Frankfurt

Two months after Mai's service files go public

10:03 AM


"Just yesterday Maigra Lainé was confirmed as the new F.B.I. Director while many in congress are still questioning her loyalty to the constitution. Secretary of Def

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30 Day Dungeon I


The dressing is Inscriptions, the enemy is Defiled- And the reward is Grabbing.

In the first room of the thirty day dungeon, Murkstav and his band of tricksters encountered the library of Esh- Cabal, its fantastic shelves filled with inscriptions of f

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Dungeon Cravings I

  • I've got it again,
    that feeling in my mind of crawling through subterranean promises of treasure.
  • In the mood for the wondrous of snaking mazes and corners lit by torches. Just beyond the mist, minotaurs dwell around the corner.
  • Their axes glistening i
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Recruitment Pt.1

Good morning! I wanted to say a few things before you go onto reading this story. First, I want to thank everyone who has written a story with me from 2004 to now. You are all some of the best people I've known in my life, and writing with you has al
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Need Help Fleshing Out Your Character?

So, I was struggling trying to figure out how to write my profile and figured if I sit down and list all the details of my character, I might be able to figure out what I want to do for his profile. So I set out to find inspiration and tutorials on h

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Take the L: Part 1

On the swampy shoreland of the ancient Lake Texcoco air hung heavy with moisture and mosquitoes, a damp sheet lay atop the buzzing night. The swamp seemed to stiffen with the vibration of insect calls, amphibious cries patching holes in an auditory n

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Trigger Warning: Rape and Sexual Assult

Casey did a lot of things she regretted to get food and money. Theft, obviously, and she wasn't great at not getting caught. She was just a ball of nerves, shaking and eyes darting around to make sure no one wa

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New Beginnings

15 Years from today

New York City, New York

FBI Headquarters

6:47 PM


“And what do you propose I say to her, Creed? That centuries before me, her great grandmother predicted that one of us might be part of some prophecy to prevent an apocalypse?” Mai say

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Enter the Hellriegel Vol. 1


The 4th of Jugust

2477, In the Black Channel

Rimworld: Verus-4 A small planet being invaded by the empire for its unrefined spice resources.

The Maidens were tasked to help a group of rebels run them out of the channel and help secure the trenches.

It w

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