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Moving Mountains - 2023RE (Collab)

After the passing of a harsh cold front of weather brought warmer weather around the corner and just in time for the upcoming year. Much warmer in fact that Agnes stood on her balcony with a rum and coke in hand, but cold enough that the drink remain

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Promises, Promises [2023RE]




Hey little brother,


I know these letters probably haven’t reached you in a long while. It’s been years now since we talked, but it still feels like the only way I can try and reach out to you. I figured, ‘hey, you never know.’ Whether this re

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What goes bump in the night.


This blog contains adult content - crass / foul language, sexual content, foul play and murder.

Proceed with caution.


10865024698?profile=RESIZE_584xShe sipped at her old fashioned glass of Gin before she finished painting her lips a wine red color. The creamy lipstick glid

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The Blood Huntsmen.

An elite Sect of mercenaries and bounty hunters run by the current leader Dread Prestin.

Whether you need someone executed or  a job handled discreetly they are your people for the job

Below are some of the finest they have to offer

10864198300?profile=RESIZE_710xName: The Brothers T

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Hi! My name is Mouse, I'm Cali's writer. I'm getting back into the groove of things, and I've decided for Cali's account, I will only be writing in direct messages or in discord. Here is one idea for a roleplay, we can adapt the story to fit in your

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An Introduction to Solomon Seymour

Solomon has always been a strange one, but his parents already knew this. For they were strange ones themselves. Sebastian and Cynthia Seymour. Cynthia was a vetrinarian for farm animals and Sebastian a retired three star general and two years older

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The Major Arcana




~4(years of physical manifestations) | Elemental Winds of the Southwest | No Occupation (close associate of Victor Blood) | New York (No home location) | Nonbinary | Demisexual | Single


In Indiginous Pawnee lore, Trawa, The Great Spirit, creat

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31CD | Week 1

( All answers are done in-character )



Monday, August 1st - Sunday, August 7th


(Day 1) August 1st: Seasonal: what sort of changes does your character go through as seasons change? What are their go-to activities during each season? (i.e. do they

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31CD, Week 1: Hidden records

31CD - Week 1

Full prompt list


Day 1: Seasonal

  •  Raiya's activity levels and overall mood seems to elavate around the autumn and springtime seasons. She can get sunburnt, so additional precautions are taken if her activities take place without shad
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31CD Week 1 | Tales of a Ghost


(Day 1) August 1st: Seasonal: what sort of changes does your character go through as seasons change? What are their go-to activities during each season? (i.e. do they garden during spring time, partake in snowball fights during winter, etc.) How doe

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